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How to get into the writing mood? · 12:17am Feb 13th, 2018

Hey I was wondering how do most of the writers on this site get themselves into the writing mood. Because when ever I try to writes some stuff I'm either unmotivated or have no idea what to write next. So I ask you what get you into a writing mood?

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Ko your welcome I believe Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is the coolest anime of all time beside DBZ of course.

Your welcome always a fan of hellsing:twilightsmile:

Cool name, Mr. derisgreat. :raritywink::derpytongue2:

Thanks for faving Ridin' Wif Da Boyz. WAAAGH!!! :flutterrage:

FIRST! Thanks for the fav on fall of Equestria!!! :rainbowkiss:

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