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Im a fan of MLP, and enjoy a good fanfic. I'll write some of my own, if I can think of some good ones. I wont get popular, but I will enjoy writing my stories.


Hello again. · 1:48am Oct 17th, 2015

Hey guys. Sorry for being away for a long time again. I know, I never got around to finishing The Bat of Everfree Forest. No one was seeming to like it anyway. But, I do have a new story in the works! This time, it's about Rarity. I hope it'll be more appealing to you guys, and maybe one day I'll get around to finishing The Bat of Everfree Forest. For now, that's being put on hiatus.

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109135 Well thanks! I'll probably get around to reading one of your stories as well. At the moment I have over 50 stories on my read later list, though! So it might be a while.

109098 Your story was cute, and well written, loved it, and Derpy is one of my fav characters :derpytongue2:

Here's one of my stories I think you may like. You say to send you stories on your user page. Now READ:flutterrage:! That is, if you want to...:fluttershysad:

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