Alright, so here's how it's gonna go. This group is dedicated to everypony who doesn't understand why people make such a big deal out of OC's.

And Now The Rules!

1. Posting OC's is allowed.

2. Taking others OC's and using them as your own is not allowed.

3. No harrasing others who comments. If I find any hateful comments toward another, I'll cut your head off.


5. No stories are to be placed in any folders without the use of an OC.

6. Don't break my Fucking rules. Have fun!

Btw, I am a OC creator myself! take a look!

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Flight tells the story of the pegasus rebellion against an oppressive batpony regime that taught them they couldn't fly. It's an allegory with many sub-surface themes, like true empathy and how to combat depression. I hope you enjoy reading it! :pinkiehappy:

Remember SOPA?
Well, it's happening again. We have 6 days to get over 50,000 signatures to stop it. AGAIN.
Tell other people.

Hello everyone! Thought I would join for more exposure to OC's related things to hopefully learn from others and improve mine. Currently the Mane 6 are in all of my stories (which is only like two I'm working on right now) as I am not confident enough to write one with pure OC's, but I hope to maybe get some inspiration from here and have fun at the same time :pinkiehappy:

Finally, my official OC. Everyone, introducing Vicious.

She's not originally version. But she is made that way in this pic. She's vicious looking, no?
Oh well. That's it from me.

Here, have a cookie.

Get your own milk, bytches!!

Would you consider starting a folder for OCs mixed with canon character stories? I think my OC would be happy here, but I write her with the FIM cast.

mine was a fun combination of cynical sarcasm :pinkiehappy:

328779 Hope is a strong priority, which is greater than fear.:rainbowdetermined2:

Well hey there theviciouskiller, nice group you have here!

I have OC's like a bottomless pit... most of which will never see the light of day which is a shame. But hey, maybe if this group builds up enough members that will change!

Lets hope...

I am an OC, therefore do not need an introduction.

I am Viktor Salazar, leader of the V.F.P, the most elite special forces group in the universe, and the leader of the Equestrian Union, the one army you don't want to get in the way of.

As for myself, I am sadistic and violent, yet I have a soft side for loss and sadness.

One nice hint: Sex is the last thing on my mind so don't try to even think about getting down there. Have a nice day comrades!

His user-page is a bit of a fluster-cuck. Can you link the blog post please?

325080 ok,

That should lead you to him. Then check out his blog posts, and there it will be.:pinkiehappy:

That is a better plan. Yeah please:twilightsmile:

325052 Do you think I could give you the link to his page and you'd be able to find it then?

*Grabs thermast of hot chocolate and waits*

325050 Uhh... then this is going to be hard to describe.

324943 do you know hearttortisepigeondog?:trixieshiftright:

Just tried looking for it but found nothing. Got a picture?

324938 Your welcome! I could go on and on about my OC's. Have you seen that one that was created for Hearttortisepigeondog? Yeah... that was me.

  • Viewing 123 - 142 of 142
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