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Shortly before Anonymous is set to operate his food tent during the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight comes to him with an urgent request to temporarily assist in reforming the former Queen of the Changelings. He initially refuses, but eventually begrudgingly gives in, choosing to trust Twilight's judgement in spite of his ill feelings toward Chrysalis, who isn't fond of him either. Can friendship and kindness bloom where none is permitted?

set in a wacko universe where Chrysalis tried to invade again after the Season 6 finale
tags and rating are susceptible to change as the story develops

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Well, this Anon actually sounds like a real, cynical, tired human being, rooted in the reality of the human world, and not a caricature of one, with one of his personality traits turned up to 11. This promises to be interesting.

Curiosity piqued

Loving this. My favorite part is, as another commenter put it, how real Anon seems. Equestria's optimistic idealism clashes with his cynicism, and even the villains are surprised by it. I eagerly await more.

I have to applaud your writing here. Your narration, your prose, your descriptions - itʼs all very well crafted. I like it.

Chrysalis is definitely gonna makes thing inconvenient for Anon and Anon is gonna tolerate 0 shit shutting it down with cold hard cynicism
Shenanigans are about to follow and I'm all for it

Wait, holy shit, that's what's gonna push Chrysalis into actually trying, isn't it? The easiest way to get her to apply herself to the redemption thing is to stick her next to someone that believes with absolute certainty that she will not put any effort in. It's not a matter of if she wants to at that point, she'll do it just to spite him and all his cynicism. Assuming that's true... wow.

Well played, Twilight! :rainbowlaugh:

If you can't make them friendship turn their spite into friendship

A heaping helping of spite, with just a pinch of curiosity :raritywink:

"Don't tell me what I want!"

Yeah, I can see that actually working.

This line:

The ones who changed, anyway.

Is it referring specifically to Pharynx or what is it implying?

Also, I like that little piece about the opinion that two creatures who did not grow up under the banner of Equestria have about Celestia, even if I think the two could have said more than what was presented.

yep, he was specifically referring to Pharynx and the nu-lings after their metamorphosis.
and i'm glad you liked the bit about their outsider viewpoints - i was agonizing over that specific part of their interaction for a day or two to be honest. expect more of that as their relationship develops :twilightsmile:

Well, someone's jaded.

But you can't argue with her results at terror alone.


Nice. Like what you got so far.

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