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Following a superbly successful fashion show, Rarity and her model, Anon, are invited to a night of celebration at a supremely exclusive establishment in the skyline of Manehattan. As it's usually open only to elites and celebrities, the two upstarts feel hopelessly out of depth, but they press on together; after all, no matter how much one's worries may weigh them down, they're bound to drift away in the Cosmos.

Tagged T for profanity, alcohol, and one passing allusion to intimacy.
Originally found here: https://ponepaste.org/8096
Cover image artist unknown, found here: https://derpibooru.org/images/213941

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Cool. I started reading the greentext, but never got around to finishing it.

An Evening Among Stars

Rarity’s heart fluttered with excitement as she stepped into the opulent foyer of the exclusive establishment. The chandeliers overhead sparkled like constellations, casting a soft glow on the marble floors. Anon, her dashing model, stood by her side, equally awestruck.

“Rarity,” Anon whispered, “I feel like an imposter here. These people—they’re legends, icons. And we’re just… newcomers.” maxim healthcare staffing

Rarity squeezed his arm. “Nonsense, darling. We’ve earned our place tonight. Our fashion show was a triumph! Besides, everyone starts somewhere.”

They navigated through the crowd, past elegantly dressed ponies sipping champagne and laughing. Rarity’s eyes lingered on the grand staircase that led to the upper levels—the heart of the Cosmos Club. Only the crème de la crème were allowed up there.

As they ascended, Rarity’s mind raced. What if they discovered she was a simple boutique owner from Ponyville? What if her designs weren’t truly worthy of this celestial gathering?

But then she caught sight of Luna, resplendent in her starry gown, chatting with Celestia. The princesses themselves were here! Rarity straightened her back, remembering her own motto: “Inspiration is everywhere.”

Anon leaned in. “Rarity, look at the ceiling!”

And there it was—a breathtaking mural of the night sky, painted with such precision that the constellations seemed to twinkle. Rarity’s worries melted away. She was part of something grand, something cosmic.

The music swirled around them, and Rarity took Anon’s hoof. “Shall we dance?”

They waltzed under the stars, their steps in sync with the universe. Rarity’s gown billowed, its fabric as ethereal as stardust. She felt weightless, as if the Cosmos Club had lifted her beyond the mundane.

Anon’s eyes sparkled. “You belong here, Rarity. Among the stars.”

And so they danced, their worries forgotten, their hearts soaring. For in this celestial haven, even upstarts could shine like constellations, leaving their worries behind in the vastness of the cosmos.

Great fanfic keep it up :raritywink:

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