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Who knew that reading those books on advanced pony robotics would have such a quick turnaround? He'd sacrificed everything! Weeks of videogames! Weeks of new movies! Weeks of comics! All of it, worth every moment for his new creation.

Written as a collab with a friend.

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Prediction: Sweetie Belle shall attempt to offline Sweetiebot.
Prediction: Sweetiebot shall freeze up due to a logic fail when they first encounter Pinkie Pie.
Prediction: Button Mash and Sweetiebot shall be chased by Twilight, who wants to find out EXACTLY how Button Mash built Sweetiebot.

Sweetiebot is giving me major Baymax vibes right now. :twistnerd:

I have yet to read this, and in fact just randomly stumbled upon it while coming back to my account to do something else, but it makes me happy to see that there are still Button Mash fics being written on this site—and not only that, but one with a Sweetie Bot! I'll have to remember to come back to this :twilightsmile:

Soft beeps and chimed from within her. "Weapon systems A, tests complete. Weapon systems B, test complete," she recited evenly. "Boot complete. Hello --" Her voice changed subtly. "--Button Mash--" As if that one word had been given to her separately. "Permission to fire?"

Oh no.

One of the items that Button, aquired, is one of Crusaders discarded processor cores.

Especially if it was one tat had a deleeted virus on it that corrupted it.

Because that fits the behaviour sooo well.

Especially when getting the weapons working before higher cogence initialises is trademark of BOLOS.

There is also a very small chance that certain metadimentional autoextendable database functions might exist through corrupted ldouble indirect data access meaning if Sweetiebot has all of Buttons games, comic on multiversal storylines as well as Twilights books includng Haycartes, she wont explode on meeting Pinkie.:pinkiecrazy:

Lets just sit back and enjoy the CAOS.:unsuresweetie:

Didn't realize I made my initial comment 9 hours ago lol. Cute so far! Honestly this is the first pony fic I've read in a long time, and it was a good one to come back to. I'll be curious to see where this goes!

Sometimes I find it funny when they write about technology like that, sometimes I feel sad that they write about technology like that


Shouldn't everyone be more concerned that Button's so obsessed with Sweetie he built his own? That's a lot of red flags


"Probably because a certain SOMEPONY knows this is maybe just a liiittle questionable?"

“And from now on, if you are both in the same room, all doors will remain open. And she will recharge at night in the living room, NOT in your room, mister.”

So now Sweetie Belle and Sweetie Bot have met? How long before Sweetie Bot tries to "replace" Sweetie Belle? :twilightoops:

“It’s gear-oil flavor with silicate sprinkles, do you like it?” Pinkie grinned at the little robot expectantly.

I was going to go on about Sweetiebots structuaal materials not being the soft and easy melted stuff the Adeptus Mechanicus declaires divine, but then she eliminated the pants.

Im gonna have to dig real deep in the Vault for that stuff but I think it was finly divided graphite dust to be able to ahave the equivalent to hydraulics that can work in lava, due to Dragons, but it was the coherence problem that was tricky to solve. Plenty of coatings but they tend to melt or vapourise by a couple thousand Celcius. Then theres buckyballs, carbon nanotubes, graphenes and other such ceramic class organics.

Hard is easy. high melting is easy. The trick is hard, high melting, and tough and pliable.

Multigrade ceramics are a pain 8(

Now she used her Windows to make IR supressent fog. Only has to process it a bit further and she could flash bang every window of the boutique accross town. :duck:

It seems to me that only Button Mesh was supplanted

Well at least Sweetie Bot isn't seen as some sort of replacement or romantic rival... yet...
To be honest she seems more like a kid trying to hook up her parents or something.

Button, my guy, you're really playing with fire there! :moustache:

Well, Sweetiebot will easily be able to sing along to Whinny Of The Hills?:trixieshiftright:

Or was it Oaklahoma?:yay:

For anyone wondering Mortal Wormbat is a combination of the two greatest PVP video games of all time: Mortal Kombat and worms...

It is a really good thing that Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle seem to be the only two with some knowledge of more mature topics. The other three have a severe (albeit humorous) deficiency of impulse control. At least until Sweetiebot learns and logs proper parameters.

I cast.

Banana Bomb.

Get Over There. :pinkiecrazy:

Button: Is this, what making out feels like?

*Wheeze* :rainbowlaugh:

Button couldve asked Pinkie. Im sure she has emergancy charging leads stashed around town for robot freind recharging emergancies.:pinkiehappy:

Now SweetieBot gets to play The Ultimate Game.

Survival of power of self against limited reality resources. In this game, you fail, its Game Over. One life only. :rainbowderp:

Ah battery life, the bane of every electronic technological advancement ever. :eeyup:

Pinkie blinked with rapid giggles. "Wow, wait, how'd you know my name?! It's my job to know that before creatures tell me! Who fibbed!" She didn't actually look all that upset about it. Also, Sweetie is going to kill you." She flashed a grin at Button Mash.

I do believe you need an opening quote before "Also".

This continues to be a promising story.
I am thinking the first five paragraphs or so of this chapter could use another grammar and spelling pass.

Fix! Precision is important with Sweetiebot.

"Then, once you master those, we figure out how to get around the contest cheating thing!"

While they might need to pick a different game, I wonder if they will think of TAS (tool assisted speed-running) or similar exhibition matches... or maybe a 2+ vs 2+ team game with, say, Pippsqueak (AKA a very young Pony) as her partner. Unlike other possible handicaps one could use for an exhibition match, that would require her to adapt even more on the fly, to support an erratic partner, rather than simply playing in a pre-determined perfect manner. Reacting to a partner might require more social intelligence than only reacting to one or more opponents, although learning an opponent's play style is a valid application of social analysis...

Just some guesses, or MAYBE even suggestions...

“It’s actually super cool!” Button nodded enthusiastically. “Because the ponies who programmed Pac Mare didn’t make the ending the game itself did! The computer that ran the game only had so much memory so they only used one byte to number all the levels. Each level was just the same maze becoming progressively more challenging, and the programmers didn’t think it was possible for any player to beat two hundred and fifty-five levels. So when some player did, the game itself had to try to make a level two hundred and fifty six. Which is a weird glitch maze, totally unwinnable, but also the ultimate victory screen.”

Not sure if any flesh and blood player has done this IRL... but a Bot almost certainly has... My guess may pay off sooner than I thought... I hope that if losing after reaching the kill-screen does not.restore proper.functionality, unplugging and plugging the cabinet back in is sufficient? It might take years of allowance to pay the arcade owner back otherwise... or perhaps some exhibition matches to draw in customers? :raritywink: ...but I suspect the kill screen doesn't over-write any data that is supposed to be permanent.

"Well it WAS totally just a glitch back then," he explained enthusiastically. "Nopony expected that outcome! So when early players managed it, seeing the weird jumbled up 256th maze was like...'whoa, I triumphed over what even the programmers thought was possible!'"

Ah, not QUITE so impressive.for her to pull off then...

The other ponies didn't seem to notice that Sweetiebot was just that, cheering her on as she played with a methodic precision only a robot could match. Every move she made, perfectly ideal in accordance to the information she could gather.

As an insane guy from the Borderlands series (2 I think?) would think to himself in the remaining sane part of of his brain: "Heh... close enough."

...the ending does not negate anything I said.

Doctor Chandler, will I dream?

Sweetie pawed at Apple Bloom. "Don't be like that. All he did was make a pony to play games with, and we're awful busy. I, in fact, am proud to be the coloration of a robot! Did you even look at it? It's pretty neat."

This whole paragraph is repeated. Also, "the coloration of a robot"?

Fixed, yay the hazards of collab.

I, in fact, am proud to be the coloration of a robot!

The whole sentence. She is proud to be the color palette of a robot.

Ah, gotcha now, it just didn't click when I read it.

Cream Heart looked up as he came in. "Did you already break her I thought she'd at least last the day."

You forgot to add the question mark between "her" and "I".

Additionally, this chapter is all over the place, jumping from location to location abruptly. I suggest you add a divider whenever you change scenes.

There are a few other issues, but they're so minor that I can't really put my finger on most of them. It just feels... off a bit.

Don't let this discourage you; I still liked it and I'm eager for the next one.

I apologize, this is a collaborative fiction, so some friction will crop up. Let me fix that error. Also added dividers.

Silver Spoon's been crushing on Button this whole time? She better not tell Button that, or he'll make a robot version of her as well.

Honestly, Dee Tee, that’s why Spike doesn’t know you like him.”

“YOU READ MY DIARY?!?!” Diamond shouted at her friend.

“Well, yeah.” The silvery filly shrugged. “That’s why you wrote it down, right?”

This had me wheeze laughing :rainbowlaugh:

He imagined his friend's praise of his scientific accomplishment. He imagined the looks on the Crusader’s faces. He imagined the look on the real Sweetie Belle’s face, and his pupils shrunk to pin-pricks.

Yeah, that's serial killer 101. This is hysterical so far.

Sweetibot is picking up on the idea of About Clock very nicely indeed. especially when extrapolated to alternate data forms.

Pinkie might be wondering where her Fuzzy Logic Probodobodyne core got to at this rate? :pinkiegasp:

I think Pinkie will understand that this is a small price

This is just becoming more adorable by the minute! :twilightsmile:

Silver made a robot of her own? What design considreration did it have. Snowflake or Arnold from Tiny Toons? :unsuresweetie:


Not sure if any flesh and blood player has done this IRL... but a Bot almost certainly has...

It has, in fact, been done by a handful of players IRL. The "split screen" has been known since the 1980s. It's just very difficult to do, especially if you're not playing on a machine with the original ROMs. (After several books came out documenting the exact patterns needed to beat each level, Namco and Bally/Midway issued a couple of ROM upgrades to arcade operators which altered the ghosts' behavior to make them less predictable.)

I hope that if losing after reaching the kill-screen does not restore proper functionality, unplugging and plugging the cabinet back in is sufficient?

Not necessary. It doesn't actually "kill" the machine and render it inoperable -- it's just that the level is un-finishable because you can't eat enough dots to make it advance to the next one. (The game doesn't consider the level finished until 244 dots have been eaten, and there are only 114 dots on the intact left-hand side of the maze.) So, all you need to do, once you reach that point, is just let the ghosts keep catching you until you run out of lives, and the game will declare "GAME OVER" and reset itself back to the normal attract mode.

....but I suspect the kill screen doesn't over-write any data that is supposed to be permanent.

It doesn't. In fact, it can't -- the program code is stored in ROM, or Read-Only Memory which, as the name says, can't be written to. An old-school ROM is like a stone tablet; once the data is chiseled into it, you can't "un-chisel" it and put different data in its place.

So sweetiebots main goal is 'making friends'. Why does that sound familiar, lol:twilightblush:.

Friendship routines are active.

Some things are just inevitable! :trollestia:

Little trick for robotics that NASA uses.

Maximum power is 100%.

But Maximum Binary power is 128% for when you really, absolutely, positively need that 20% plus excess power to survive th next few moments. :rainbowwild:

They dashed off together, having a life that was surely free of any noteworthy incidents from then forward.

That is is ASKING for trouble

Murphy is chuckling like a maniac, I'm sure. This can only lead to shenanigans!

At first I thought this fic was gonna be weird! Then it got super cute, then it just got more and more adorable as time went on...

And now it looks ended in the most adorable way it could! I loved every bit of it! :heart:

11809977 And I suspect Silver Spoon will deliver the answer.

Silver Spoon's diary logic is great!

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