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Ok the Battle will begin in 3 2 1 let it rip

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336005 there you go a new opening for this group ok.

would it be alright if this group included Beyblade: Shogun Steel

Comment posted by morrisonmatt32 deleted Apr 22nd, 2013

Hi matt here please help me out i have a beyblade story on my ch i don,t have any idae for what next so please help thank you Matt

Hi there matt here i know there only two story about Beyblade on this saite so please i wood like more beyblade story for my floder ok thank you matt

Hi if you what more beyblade story please make up some story please ok. Form Matt

305769 i know that ok i will but i ask for more Beyblade storys

305767 Because this group is for Beyblades, not anything else, and Dragon Chronicles doesn't have Beyblades in it.

You should remove Dragon Chronicles from this group.

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