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Random things

1) What do I do when I have free time?
Uhh... Does lying in bed all day count??

2) Whats your name and where do you live?
My name is not important... well I don't think it is until otherwise mentioned, also I live in Australia somewhere in Sydney, Good luck finding me!!

3) Whats with the lack of story chapters?
Well... a bit hard to explain, I guess its a mix between a Major Writers Block and life in general...

4) Do you have a life?

5) Doesn't that conflict with '3'?
Yes and no, if anything they co-exist

6) Why do you have no life yet you don't write all the time?
I actually don't know... probably to do with my thing with motivation and commitment... i don't know whatever... also my Brain and life hate me when I write/ am about to write...

7) What story things are you working on?
Well the obvious answer is 'Pony May Cry' but I need to find myself a new life

8) Why are you typing this box of things?
To entertain you? me? Boredom? The fact that this is technically a story?

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Just here for no reason whatsoever. Happy writing! 😁

thanks for the favourite on Moon and Stars, the H&H TwiLuna collab between me and ScratchnTavi. it is highly appriciated! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch

Thanks for the favourite - again

Thanks for favouriting my story

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Its been a while · 9:45am May 26th, 2015

Hey Guys,

If it hasn't been apparent that I haven't been writing or been on Fimfiction... its because I haven't been

Mainly due to Life in general or damn school work (That I don't see the point of) I haven't been able to do much

So Apologies to any of you that are waiting for a new form of story/ chapter from me....

I'm not quitting or giving up!! Let me make that clear, it's just my Brain hates me thats all -.-

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