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The Ponies are gone, and nobody knows how, where, or why.
What they do know, though, is they took the Sun and Moon with them.
But Equestria will not go gently into the night.
Inspired by the description of events in Negotiations. Not part of the same continuity.

Rated Teen and Dark because...well, what do you rate post-apocalyptic scenarios? It's not adventure till I give em a quest, and I'm not entirely sure where or how far I want to take this. We'll see.

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I like this. But for the exclusion of Spike, this could be the other side of The End Of Ponies. Though the letter may not have sent simply because pony magic powered the spell, so Spike may still be around.
But of course this is your story, with its own world. I do you a disservice projecting a different world onto it. I recommend you read EoP anyway because it is quite good (most SS&E stories are) but yours is competent as well. I will be watching patiently to see where this goes.

Liking the story so far. Keep going!

A bit different then how it is in my series, but I like the idea. Let me know if you need any information regarding Negotiations

Okay, this seems like an interesting concept for a story.

Well, that's certainly an interesting thing to write. A lot of the Conversion Bureau fics seem very much pony-specific. Note how it's always _ponification_ serum, with nothing to convert humans into other species like gryphons or buffalo. Since you seem to be deriving specifically from the Negotiationsverse, that means only the ponies with Spike were transported along. Though at least according to Negotiations there's no entity as strong as Celestia or Luna, there's still enough creatures in the rest of the world with their own type of powers for them to make a ragtag grasp at living on. Like the buffalo, too, if the one comic is to be believed.

Now would be a good time to edit this chapter and put in good ol' Gallus!

But...damn, Gilda is actually pretty smart. Moving next to a volcano because of residual heat, and following the path of decreased starlight to do that. If it's near the ocean too they can survive off fish too.

An ancient city buried in a jungle somewhere? Huh. If you ever continue this story, then it sounds like Ember and Ahuizotl are about to team-up to make a new sun. For that matter, I wouldn't be surprised if those ancient dragons were even older than Celestia, and knew things she didn't...like that the sun was made. You know...depending on your headcanon for TCB, perhaps Celestia's spell wasn't strong enough to pick up every pony on the entire planet, but only those within a geographical distance of Canterlot, mostly Equestria itself...what I'm saying is that if Daring Do was off on an archaeological jaunt, you could totally have her around too.


1. Definitely an interesting post-Apocalypse premise. I hope you will continue & finish this story.

2. For some friendly directional advice...
- a.) If this story intends to end with the 'geocide' (since that term is more accurate for the story & the NegotiationsVerse; the extinction of the non-pony races is more of a side-effect/-consequence) of planet Equus, then I would suggest pulling the fan-fiction trigger, communicating with Rated Ponystar, and making this fully integrated into the NegotiationsVerse.

- b.) On the other hand, if this story instead ends on a positive 'light' (pun intended), though obviously not without great loss &/or sacrifice to do so, then you can keep this separate from the NegotiationsVerse.

- c.) Those two points being said, even if this story does end on a positive note, it could STILL be part of the NegotiationsVerse. It would be the highest irony if the non-pony races manage to forge/create/make a new sun, and restore cosmic-Harmony (also need to get the celestial bodies moving again too) to planet Equus without the ponies; again, not without loss &/or great sacrifice, yet done with Unity &/or Friendship (for even more thematic irony). Thus, making NgV-Celestia's abandonment of planet Equus (in Truth) and her (failed) Conversion Bureau invasion of Earth ALL FOR NOTHING, and the remaining ponies on Earth never knowing that terrible irony since they cannot gaze (much less travel) back through the dimensional barriers to planet Equus.

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