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Rainbow Dash unleashes a masterful prank upon Princess Twilight Sparkle.
She takes it very well.
Too well, in fact.

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Rather interesting idea, if a bit too meta for my tastes.

I mean, seriously? The dread changeling Queen Hasbro? :ajbemused:

Still, you caught my interest for where you're going with this.

It's so.. Anticlimactic.

Bring in the meta only to not explain it. Just leaves me and empty feeling.

I dunno, she still seems herself to me. She did have a minor freakout in one episode, then there was 'Three's A Crowd' where she geeked out over a Starswirl the Bearded convention... She's still Twilight. Just with wings.

It was awesome, yeah I do agree that she is perfect pony princess which bugs me a bit but overall I'm not against twilicorn anyway I really liked the story awesome work! !

That's weird. And THAT'S the origin of Rainbow power!!! KILL IT!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!:fluttershbad: :raritycry:

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