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After his defeat and his death, the Storm King's spirit ends up in Tartarus and meets Lord Tirek, who admonishes him for not living up to a standard of evil that Equestria's villains are supposed to live by.

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Tirek has no problem with killing innocents for no reason. You can't be too evil for Tirek and he has no standards except being very evil.

Very interesting!


You DO realize that Storm never actually KILLED any of the Ponies in the movie, right? I love Tirek to bits but he is really one to talk here. :/


He was definitely intending to kill Tempest and Twilight though.

8858342 Furthermore, he probably had ordered his soldiers to kill any ponies that got out of line.

Yes, but it never happened canonically. One is only guilty of a crime if they actually commit it; intentions mean pretty much nothing.

...and Tirek was definitively trying to kill Twilight too. Just saying, I wouldn't think that anyone would fire beams capable of blowing up her treehouse just in order to harmlessly subdue a pony.


You have a Storm King avatar, it's difficult to take what you say in his defense seriously.

Yes, because I have an avatar of a character I in true honestly particularly enjoy; common sense and logic are not to be taken seriously in that regard, oh no!

...Do you even REALIZE how dense you sound right now?


Um, no, if you intend to kill someone, you're kind of a bad person even if you don't actually do it.

Huh, must've missed the part where I was claiming Storm was a complete saint. Oh, well. : P

Also, regardless of what one says, intention =/= actual execution. Attempted murder? Yes. Actually killing someone? No.


I realize jokes may not transfer well over text, but the fact you included a personal attack in there when, even if my post was misunderstood, mine contained none, does not lend any sort of credence towards you or actually taking you seriously.

If it was meant to be a joke, it was in very poor taste, dude. How else would you expect someone to react to that?

It's definitely interesting. Though I am atad off put by the the Storm King killing people, I'm not sure that happened in the movie. And why did Tirek have all that damage to him?

8863268 Check out my story "Lord Tirek Gets Punished" and you'll find out why.

as painful

You mean painless.

Lord Tirek does make a point. Evil does have its standards and the Storm King didn't seem to get it....neither did Sombra. Tirek was about stealing magic and making life a living hell for everypony. He didn't need slaves, he didn't need to torture, what made him evil was the malice and misery he brought upon his victims. Besides, Tirek is the best villain in the history of My Little Pony, both G1 and G4. I will say though that Grogar did give him a run for his money as the best villain in the MLP I grew up watching. The Storm King, well he seemed to lack substance. I honestly think Tempest was better and besides, whoever heard of a villain that had bird pirates hauling MERCHANDISE of his? Perhaps the Storm King simply should have taken up being a businesscreature, he would have been far more successful. He could have simply overcharged for his bobbleheads and been far more evil.

In his most recent appearance, he does ask Cozy Glow if draining all Equestrian magic was excessive.


And of course Cozy Glow thinks big.

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