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Call me Slendy, or Slendermare. I really don't care.


Nobody ever wants the ones closest to them to leave. But if they are leaving, don't forget to say goodbye. The cutie mark crusaders learn this when a crusading event takes a horrible turn, one they would never want.

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First comment!
And a Flutters

4097383 yay! I may have changed a few things but not much.:ajsmug:

4097419 The reaction I was going for. Yay for my first one shot!
Poor Scootaloo

Well ya did great with it I think.

That was a really good fic but I have one question:


That was too many feels

4097689 was it really that good? Wow I think people like this more than my other two fics combined.

By the Nine...

I was listening to "Into the West" - the Peter Hollens rendition - and the last line hit right as I read "Thank you for being my friends..."


4097729 timing.
It can bring out feels.

Woah, you actally made my cry. I avent cryed in 10 years.

4098100 Im surprised people even like this story...

I think my eyes are broken. A little bit of water seems to be leaking from them. I'll have to ask somepony about that; perhaps Fluttershy would know?

Lovely little story, if a bit short.

-Mr. Discord

4098590 thanks, and I know it was short. I am trying harder.

( sniffles) that was an awesome story...with LOTS of feels!!! :applecry::unsuresweetie:

This story made my heart cruble just at the title and I just HAD to read it, your title idea wa a good one, continue with this short stories, they are amazing. :fluttercry::applecry::raritydespair::pinkiesad2:

4098145 its probably the fact she goes out happy in the end, not many other stories do that.

4098710 So many feels. I asked my sisters to pre-preread it before my prereader... I think they got my laptob wet.
4098797 maybe I will.
4099953 I just wrote what came to mind, and I like scootaloo.

Two things, one awesome story

Two, my favorite band inspired this!? Man, they are better than I thought....

Gonna read this later....:derpyderp2:

4107668 they are pretty epic.

Lincoln park, papercut is my number 1 song

4110267 I can't decide between The Catalyst and New Divide.

Catalyst be tween thouse two if my fav

4110325 Today, me and my friend kept quoting music. My otherfriend was so confused...

4115120 that is life for you.

4115496 I was rock, so it sounded like an argument, only in a normal, not angry tone. (Mostly) It was fun.

4115504 let me guess, you are the ultimate at every thing.

Have you memorized multiple songs from multiple bands?

Have you passed the game kingdom hearts?

Have your OCs killed and be killed and somehow stay alive at the same time?

Slendy is epic

Lance you are not suposted to be here the RP ban


4115543 I hate they banned it...

Sadly:ajsleepy:if we do we will be kicked and baned from fimfiction

4115616 I saw a roleplay that hasn't been caught yet, last post was about three minutes ago.
You were saying...?

hey! he always interrupts and forgot about the ban

4115690 roleplay is happiness to most on the site

words to live by


check my friends list on me page:ajsleepy:

4098100 Want to cry more? Read Gutterloo. The feels were soooooooo intense!
Otherwise this was a great one shot! :pinkiehappy:

Dont get the ending what happend to applebloom

4159235 She walked off.

4159255 i mean why leave the bow

4159264 a sign of respect.

4159302 ok i just would like to know where applebloom went
Or what happened to sweetie belle after that.
Sequal? Maybe.

4159366 didn't really consider it.
Maybe, I'll have to think.

4191912 Eh, I'm considering making a sequel, but I'm not sure if enough people actually want one.

4191967 well, it's what you wanna do, not the readers

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