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Loneliness. That's all Crimson feels after Discord reverts back to his old, chaotic ways. Everypony knew this was happened, but Celestia kept telling them nothing was wrong.
Lies, all lies. Celestia was stalling, maybe even trying to convince herself.
Because of this, Crimson Fang, a batpony filly, is all alone. Everypony she knows is gone, and all she can do now is try to save them, or give up. And giving up looks pretty good right now...

Idea, and it came from a photo...
Yes, this is the third second story with her in it.

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Keep it up, this is really good!

Excellent job. If there were any mistakes, I sure didn't catch any. This was simply fantastic, absolutely fantastic! I am actually curious to see what the sequel will be like.

Keep up the good work!

4269011 Thanks, I will.
4270814 Ok, thanks.
4274996 Well, you certainly aren't very subtle, now are you? :rainbowlaugh:
4275218 Give me a minute, I wanna see this a minute longer... :trollestia:

4275272 You are just now realizing this? Have you SEEN my blog posts, one in particular?

4275289 Read the comments of this one: I be trollin you. :trollestia:

I love it! The cover art is awesome! Mind telling me who drew it? I kind of need art help. :P

And those references!

There was that one guy with the cool, flying blue box, but now he wouldn't even leave it.

Anything involving Discord Whooves, I approve of. :pinkiehappy:

Scootaloo was against the entire world, and was certain that nopony cared about her.

:pinkiegasp: By chance is this a reference to the personality of Discorded Scootaloo from my "Ask Discorded Scootloo" story? Or would this just be common knowledge for a Discorded Scoots? If it is the former, than I for one am honored.

Anyway, awesome story. :twilightsmile:

4329679 I based it off your story.
Also, the artist was Jaysixx, she's good. Check her out.

4329729 awww, I feel good having my work referenced. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

4329871 Did you catch the Nyx reference?

4329944 yup. Of course. Of course she'd go back to being the whole reincarnation of Nightmare Moon if Discord got to her. :derpytongue2:

4329995 Curse you, discord!

they don't have the offspring in equestria...

4374897 Yeah, and they shouldn't have ginger batponies either, but does that matter?

4374927 sure you are a brony the answer song is join the herd, always join the herd

4374933 I am thinking about making a faster more aggresive version of that song by the way

4374933 I am a brony. To the core.

4374945 just planning on adding own vocals and screwing with the instrumental, it's a one man job, sorry, though if you do want to do something like that I am trying to learn synth

4374949 I don't think I have that. And I play EVERY instrument 1 handed.
Guitar. (Failed)

4374966 I play guitar but I don't have proper equipment to record

4374970 Me either. I'm looking for a cord to transport videos to my PC

Nice work ya did!

4397538 *Rereads comment* You're gonna go far, kid!

Discord got kicked in the nuts, ouch! :rainbowderp:
I love Discord but you made him seem bad so.... I LAUGHED SO HARD:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

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