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I Find This Amazing And Cool!!! · 3:45am May 25th, 2014

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okay so first off, thank you for favoriting The Stars are not out Friends. secondly i want to congratulate you on your math. i calculated that after speedup humans traveled at .007004856700645781 the speed of light (21 Km/s) this is a speed up from 17Km/s or .005670598281475156 the speed of light. 21Km/s is 46975.7 Mph, very close to your calculation of 46,872 Mph. great job on the math and i hope you continue to enjoy the story as i put new chapters out.

1539538 and of course cinema sins for the win

1300891 Yeah but i'm like a quintuple agent. But hey, now your army has an unregistered nuclear physicist for power and weaponry.
p.s. I'm only unregistered because I'm only 14 but I do have a grasp and near full understanding of nuclear chemistry and physics

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