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When I'm not writing stories, I'm writing essays. My keyboard sees fairly frequent use. University student, high functioning Rainbow Dash enthusiast, and satirical activist.


"I've thrown some pretty super parties in my time, but this one must be off the charts, cause two of my besties are finally trying to hook up! Wait, no, four of them are! Oh my gosh, they're all trying to hook up! ...Maybe this isn't the best party ever after all."

A fun and entertaining party at the Castle of Friendship takes a turn for the awkward (and strange). Rushed, predictable, and very forward romance ensues.

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"Princess Celestia, of course! I mean, she prefers Celly, but--"


I was hoping someone would appreciate my inclusion of this!

Honestly, I hadn't considered writing a side story or sequel, as this is a bit of a departure from my usual writing style, but I'll definitely keep the idea in mind!

Thanks for the comment, mate, hope you enjoyed.


For any who were wondering, two hundred views in the space of less than a day is a very big accomplishment for me, none of my other stories have been this well received. So, to all who have given this story a shot, thank you very much!


Is this a jab at all those romance stories about pony x pony even if the two have ZERO in common?

I'd consider it more of a jab at 'two strangers meet and fall in love instantly in a totally unbelievable manner/two friends that have been only friends for 'x' amount of time suddenly fall madly in love because contrived plot reasons' stories, of which I've seen a great deal lately.

I could have written a blog post and ranted about it, but I thought I'd much rather make my own demonstration of what certain stories begin to look like after a while. Regardless, I had a lot of fun writing it, and actually found myself enjoying the result quite a bit.

I'm not saying all romance has to be taken painfully slowly, there is such thing as love at first sight, but at least pace it a little. Make it a little less predictable, you know?

Anyways, that's part of why I wrote this, apart from finding the idea funny! It's not meant to be taken too seriously, after all!


Fluttershy isn't in this story because I didn't feel comfortable bastardising her.

thats a level of self restraint i've not seen in a long time. a looooong time.


It's a rare commodity these days, but you've gotta try to have some standards, right?

I've never earned a Kenobi before, I'm very grateful!


> Fluttershy isn't in this story because I didn't feel comfortable bastardising her.

*raucous applause*

I didn't expect that bit to be so appreciated. Then again, there's so much Fluttersmut on this site I suppose it must be refreshing seeing something which allows her to retain her innocence.

Thanks for the follow by the way!


I see you everywhere so I figured "sure"

triple clef

It's called a treble clef.

Silly me, I don't know how I missed that. Fixed.

Thanks for pointing it out!


Haha! A story in Third-Person-Perspective! Heil!

Anyway, The story is a jab at the trend of rushed ship fics. But, like Galaxy Quest before it, it's a more affectionate parody than a spiteful one.But, much like Celestia's Tea Conquest, I can't talk about this one too much without spoiling all the best parts. I will say that it does contain best ship. Highly, highly recommended.

Read the rest of the reviews here.

Ok,yeah. This was pretty entertaining.

Glad i finally decided to read this.

Also god fcking damnit now i wanna write a story about party hyped-up twilight, and considering i can't do comedy there is only one direction that would go...

Screw you for these impure thoughts :rainbowlaugh:

I can't breathe.:rainbowlaugh: I applaud you for writing something so hilarious.

Amazing. Needed Fluttershy, though. I mean if you're gonna write this kind of fic why not just go for broke? :)

awesome story though i would love a sequel with pinkie explaining how she started dating Celestia aka Cellie

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