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When I'm not writing stories, I'm writing essays. My keyboard sees fairly frequent use. University student, high functioning Rainbow Dash enthusiast, and satirical activist.

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Comment posted by Eleven deleted Nov 9th, 2017

So you can post a story but can't reply on Discord?


But lemme read this quickly and see what's up...

Pfft, 147? I've got 1044 on my RiL (according to the counter, it's about 45 million words at this point).

What a brilliant story idea! I'm rather thankful I decided to read this now. I can relate to what Rainbow goes through, and it has a great conclusion.
I look forward to reading more of your writing! Great job!

Story Approver

You asked for this. *Adds to RiL*

I've already read this, yet I'ma just add it to my RiL list

Why? Because titles, that's why

Got past the first paragraph. I'll probably read the rest later.

Actually started tackling my RiL last summer. I now stand at 90% completion.

Yeah, something, something, memes.

Added to RiL.

(In all seriousness, though, that was a fun read.)

If you say so. *adds to read it later*

I could so be a total another dick and add this to read it later...but I won't. Because I am a very very nice individual, aaaand done.

Edit: guys I fucked up

Pfft, 1044? I've got 5704 on my RiL (according to the counter, it's about 82.5 million words at this point).


I think this user got a little carried away with the concept. I can't stop laughing when I look at this.


Feels so meta.

I feel personally attacked.

But in all seriousness, good job. This legit made me laugh from the concept alone.

This looks interesting... puts in read later list.

I'm gonna read this later....

this is probably the only story i've ever read on fimfic that has made me feel guilty.

my RiL is up to 1280 now.



I've got 1190 on my read it later!

I find it too ironic to put this on my read later.

I've got over 1300 stories downloaded in general storage + about the same in sub categories. I'd guess I've read about half of them. I feel sort of guilty about that. Having read some of the other comments, I feel a little less guilty about rereading some favorites when there are so many that I haven't read yet.

That is so bucking beautiful

I'm suddenly glad my read it later is rather small....

As for the story, I rater quite enjoyed it and it was nice to see just how seriously Rainbow was taking the whole process. I'm sure Dash from the start of the series would have written it just how AK had expected it to be done, but she's grown over time and really has learned how to take things seriously.

That being said, if AK really liked it she could have give a copy to her agent. A little bit of networking never hurt anyone. :)

And here I am, with my measly 438 stories in read later.

Huh i tend to have my read it later be fore story i like/ want to read but are not liked enough for a spot of the favorite

But seriously, this story is perfect the way it is. It felt like the story was directly speaking to me as a reader and reminded me of all the stories I either haven't finished or started. It really makes you think, especially on a site like this, you as a reader get to read any story on the website's library and actually get a chance to participate in helping authors grow. By commenting, rating, and giving feedback, readers influence an author's work to reach its highest potential.

I wanted to talk more about this but its currently 12:31AM, and I'm way too damn tired. In conclusion, great story and this motivates me to further comment on future stories I read to hopefully give helpful feedback to authors.

Passes out on laptop

Love this story, and glad I'm not falling into procrastination. My list's just past 100, and I'm getting through it pretty quickly. Most of them will only have to wait a few months.
Oh, wait...

Personally, my read it later file is filled with stories I took an interest in, when I was focusing on the concept they wrote about, but never got around to read at the time.
Now I need to wait for that particular interest to emerge again before I work on the revelant part of my backlog.
Soo...yes it might very well mean I will never read some of them...
Shit, now I feel guilty. :twilightoops:

Marked as read later. :trollestia:

My list got so big that I had to pretty much trash it and start a new one.

I've had similar experiences to this, except instead of not reading my stories, people would just give me generic compliments that didn't tell me anything.

And now I never write anything, ever!

This sounds like an interesting plot . Im got to read this later! .......rereads the title (face palms)

lol relatable. i like it

What? You want me to actually read stories on FIMfiction? What do you think I am, some kind of NERD?

I just like to look at the pretty pictures next to the synopsis.

I’ve done that too many times

My read it later is currently holding 576 stories hostage.

*Adds to read later list.

This looks interesting...*adds to read it later*

It's not about how many stories you are gonig to read later, it's about how many days (weeks?) it's going to take you.

This is great! :D
Also, thank you for writing an intelligent Rainbow Dash. The way the majority of the fandom seems to be depicting her (especially when it comes to Dash actually writing something of her own) can be rather frustrating.

I have put this on my Read it Later shelf. :trollestia:

(In all seriousness, I should get to it by the end of the day, but I've gone and intrigued myself over whether or not that will be the case.)

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