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I've been a lover, I've been a fighter, I've been a saint, and I've been a sinner. Got a story to tell, within a million different styles; take your pick, it'll certainly be worth the while...


When a Space Bridge experiment goes horribly wrong, Decepticon Communication Officer Soundwave finds himself warped into the My little Pony Universe. Here, he tries to adapt (sort of) to the inhabitants but finds himself particuarly in the hooves of the most Bass Blasting mare in Equestria; Vinyl Scratch!

Sadly for Soundwave, he doesn't share her interests...

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Hmm... interesting. What continuity is this based off of? :derpyderp1:

And why is Soundwave taking... "normal" ? Oh god, you didn't base him off of Unicron Trilogy SW did you?! :raritydespair:


The mention of Dark Energon makes me think it's the Aligned continuity (War for Cybertron, Prime)


noticed it had the same pic as Double the Bass so i had to check it out.

hopefully it stays good.:eeyup:

902365 Its a mixed continuity: I've used G1 Soundwave but the reason he's talking normal is because i've took some characteristics from the IDW comic books (Spotlight:Soundwave)
902476 That's coming out soon don't worry haha
902495 I'm currently shifting back and forth for each chapter and i tend to be very busy...I'll try to update as much as i can

I Constantly Re-edit my chapters to make them good so if you're ever experiencing any differences or troubles on the page just bare with me

Do you need/want an editor? I'd be willing to help with that (no offence, but your grammer is atrocious)

This version of Soundwave is a little bizarre, he has a bit of G1 but has the attitude of Shattered Glass Sir Soundwave, minus the Sir's love for rock.

904369If it helps the readers read better, by all means, go right ahead.
904489 My Soundwave does not come sraight from any particular universe. He's a combination of most Soundwaves BUT mostly fy from the G1

904596 Where's the party-hardy or the cold and calculating? This guy's just sarcastic and self-concerned.

I'm sorry, did you just chuck one of my favorite transformers into Equestria? Have you thought about the terror you've unleashed?


oh and one last thing..this is his internal thought not his verbal responses...a robotic soundwave is a true soundwave... but it leaves little to work/write with


Not true, he could've learned to understand emotions a la Terminator 2. The terminator is just as cold and calculating as Soundwave (probably even more so because Soundwave indulges in sadistic laughter every now-and-then, whereas the Terminator is always cold and stoic before learning) but through experience with a child, it not only becomes the child's father figure, but starts to understand and possibly even use emotions. If this was the logical Soundwave we know from G1, pairing him with Vinyl Scratch would be a good idea if she figured out some way to control or contain Soundwave.


Stick around. There's a reason i planned this out and wrote his character out like that.

Well, if you send me a PM with a link to the next chapter in a Gdoc, I can edit it for you, just make sure to turn on tracking, so you can see what I changed.

Much fun was had during the reading of this fiction...:twilightsmile:
Keep it up!:trollestia:

i wonder if soundwave talk to viny true her head phones:rainbowderp:

Great chapter! :pinkiehappy: Can't wait for the next one! :twilightsmile:

For some reason, Megatron's whole speech in the arena reminded me a lot of the Bolshevik Revolution. Ah, It's nice to see communism flourish in a fic.

I hope to see more:moustache:

932646 Actually Megatron was a socialist who didn't agree with the way Cybertron ruled its territories. His ideas were actually good, for he evn influenced Optimus Prime (Orion Pax), but only because megatron claimed himself to be a 'Freedom Fighter'.

932313 Thanks I'm really glad you enkoyed it

932973 considering Socialism and Communism are the same thing, It's still a pretty accurate comparison. I'm not gonna argue with you, You seem to know more about transformer's than I do. Still though, Hearing Megatron was a Socialist Made me smile on the inside.

Well i'm going to be putting music into these stories (and alot of music references) so i may put songs to help you out (In the comments)

First song is: The Smiths "Asleep"
Second song is: Heads Will Roll by The Yeah Yeah Yeah's (A-Trak Remix)
Third song is: Transformers Dubstep Mix Feat. Dub-Rex, Cookie Monsta (Only the first minute)

so stick around if you wish :rainbowdetermined2:

Soundwave is going to murder Vinyl if he ever gets out of ALT mode... :pinkiecrazy:

sound wave should hack her com

My two favouritest things in the whole universe EVAH!!! Shall read! :yay:


Like a boss!!:twilightsmile:
Seems that soundwave just got 'scratched':trollestia:

951636 Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:

957494 and more you shall recieve! :rainbowdetermined2:

957671 Buh Dum Tsss :derpyderp1:

Except that the zombie-making Dark Energon came from a different universe than this Soundwave did, and since that Dark Energon is from the Aligned continuity family, it follows that Soundwave isn't from the Aligned continuity.

Going pointlessly pedantic, it'd be something like timestream Primax 712.12 Iota for Soundwave's timestream of origin. Not that you're likely to get any Transtechs involved, and they're the only ones who actually have that sort of thing cataloged.

So, is the new stallion Blaster, or Shattered Glass Soundwave?


I'm glad you caught that :pinkiehappy:

Well i can't answer that without spoiling the story so just hold your horses haha :eeyup:

959134 Yep you are right for the first comment sir, I'm glad you followed along.

As for the transtech continuity, i have no intention of relating my story to Beast Wars/ Beast Machines (although i do make references)

First song by Soundwave is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1BDGqIfm8U
Feed Me - One Click Headshot

Second Song by DJ ROOK13 (Rivers) is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wkz62SCR2A&list=FLjqK0ghqy1ukN4Y6FmX5mvg&index=8&feature=plpp_video

Crawling Dubstep Remix

And sorry if this chapter seems a bit weird...i don't like the way this one came out :fluttercry:

Great chapter! Can't wait for the next chapter. :scootangel:

'Not one in my hands though' dont you mean hoof

So...how does River know about the Decepticons?
And why is he one...and not blasting the slag outta everypony?

Someone should test the minds of fanfic writes see if they can find out why they keep pairing Transformers and MLP :facehoof:

Soundwave is one of the better deceptions brb reading.

Eh not my thing good luck with your writing though.

SLAG! Who the Pit is "River"!?! I know he is definitely from a "mirror universe", a Decepticon, and a friend of Sir Soundwave. I hope it's one of the "cassettes."

963512 "River" is a "Shattered Glass" Decepticon. In Shattered Glass, the Autobots are evil and the Desepticons are good... mostly.

There have been several Transformers named Rook. One was a Minicon partner of Sideways in Armada, and another was an Autobot news anchor (with a Shattered Glass evil twin).

Nice chapter, is River one of soundwaves little buds ravage and the other one.

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