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I've been a lover, I've been a fighter, I've been a saint, and I've been a sinner. Got a story to tell, within a million different styles; take your pick, it'll certainly be worth the while...


This community is awesome! · 1:24am Feb 27th, 2014

Really, it is. I want to thank Turtledude (will link his page), for helping me on a side project with cover art. Honestly he's a great guy and has a ton load of patience.

If you're reading this, thanks man!

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Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Prook's Stories. · 8:56am Jan 10th, 2014

So as many of you know, I have not updated any stories recently. And I first want to give an apology to all those who awaited updates for my stories. I know I let many of you down, and I'm sorry.

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Assstance/help · 3:21pm Jan 15th, 2013

Hey guys, I need help.

Because although I have been on this for a year, I need help on knowing how to turn words of a story into a link. I want to learn to do this so when I post parts of a story with music, I want to have a link so people could hear the music at that exact moment. I tried the Youtube, but it only showed a huge video screen...

Any help would be good thanks

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I'm back... · 9:36pm Jan 5th, 2013

Yes folks, I'm back. After months of keeping you guys waiting, I decided to finally update Music To Our Ears...

You people are probably wondering, "Took you long enough!"

Well I apologize. Life has been a little difficult and Writers Block didn't really help either. My battle with Death and God wasn't so nice either (cue "Illuminati" by Audiomachine).

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