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I've been a lover, I've been a fighter, I've been a saint, and I've been a sinner. Got a story to tell, within a million different styles; take your pick, it'll certainly be worth the while...


As ash and cinder fell from the scorched remains of the heavens, the mare stared onward into a vast wasteland of desolation and misery. A veil of darkness began to consume the sky as the shadows slowly passed over her coat, consuming her glistening frame as it slowly plucked the individual stars that once gleamed with ebullience. As the clouds suffocated, the mare had vanished, leaving only a sullen shell of her former self...

(This is a Fallout: Equestria Side Story I had planned for quite some time. Comments and Constructive Criticism is valued)

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Maybe you should add this story to some Fallout: Equestria groups. I almost missed this. If you weren't going to, I'd suggest Fallout: Equestria, Fallout: Equestria Related Fics, and/or Fallout: Equestria World. I'll give this a read later.


Thank you so much good sir!

I can't believe that they wanted to kill her for being a crystal pony. Though at least Orion saved her and they escaped the Stable :twilightsmile:


You're welcome, Prorook363. When will the next chapter be out?

3865534 I can't provide a definite time, considering school has piled on work. I have it written though, so after a few edits it will be released soon.

3865534 Stables are the equivalent of Vaults, and they were elaborated social experiments used to test human antics...in this case, pony antics hahaha

Orion. Tyrannical Monarchs. The World is Not Your Kingdom, It is Your Grave.
This is giving me some srs Begin Again tingles :twilightblush: And I kinda like it :twilightoops:


Haha excuse me for my ignorance, but what is "Begin Again"?

:pinkiegasp: You don't know!? You're going to love this!
There were points in this chapter where I was sure you had taken inspiration from AwesomeOemosewA the runaway.


Haha I guess great minds think alike.

Uh oh.... It seems she found a Raider nest. Anyways I hope Orion finds her before anything worse happens, good chapter again. :twilightsmile:

You should probably add Fallout Equestria to the title I missed this and that's not normal for me.

Orion saved her :yay:, and Raiders are stupid they thought she was dead but didn't bother to check her chest for breathing or her eyes. Anyways good chapter :twilightsmile:

Orion died :fluttercry:, also she should have shot those slavers. I hope someone saves her good chapter :twilightsmile:


Haha the cannibals had an intelligence of 3, and there was alot of uncanny forces working at the time.

And Starlight didn't know how to fire a weapon, being so new to the wasteland and never thinking about survival.

Oh sweet the Steel Rangers saved her and the other slaves :yay:, she should have killed him though he deserves it. Good chapter again :twilightsmile:

They gave no reason to their sacrifice, only that it was all for a “greater good.”

3914840 NOTE TO SELF: Do not read comments until caught up.

Thanks, Chief... :twilightoops:


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