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To Anyone Still Hoping · 5:14pm Dec 5th, 2012

For all intents and purposes, I am switching all fics from hiatus to cancelled. In light of the fact university has eaten up half my time, and the rest I just can't seem to bring myself to write any more. I know everyone has already pretty much assumed that I'd stopped writing, despite my rather optimistic last blog post which I pretty much instantly failed to deliver on. Anyway, yes this account is still active, but I'm using it solely for reading now. I haven't written anything in months. Now

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So, you used to be called Cainiam... but now there's another Cainiam? Or is it just an alt of yours?

Damn your just canceling all of your stories aren't you. oh well you must have your reasons.

Hey, you still there? Still writing?
I mean, it says you were online recently, but still. You write good stories, and we (well, I) haven't heard from you for quite some time.

PLEASE CONTINUE Priority: Equestria!

Danke for those honest words, Freund.

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