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I love the MLP fandom, and I love all of you! I'm so grateful to have all my followers as we go down a rabbit hole of romance, adventure, and world-building!


It's been ten years since the deaths of the Elements of Harmony. All but one.

Twilight Sparkle does her best to continue her duties as princess of Equestria, but guilt has eaten away at her soul. Can she weather the storm of her own spirit?

( One-shot, miiiight lead into a nice slice-of-life fic. :3 )

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Comments ( 14 )

Makes for a better alicorn story than Twilight's. They give up their lives to save their friend and the world; Twilight nearly ruins her friends lives and just finishes some old spell.

I have to say, this definitely gives off vibes to a certain SFM video...

Also helps that I was listening to the above while reading.

This is probably the first story I have seen with the ramifications of immortality that come with alicornhood... that ends with a wish being granted that effectively reverses said curse. Well done!

I would love to see a spin off of this. Just to see how youd do it.

My gosh, do you guys actually set out to make me blubber like a baby with stories like this?!
(Well, congrats, you succeeded! Again!!!)

Honestly, this is one of the most moving stories that I have ever read. Thank you for it, guys. You're the best.

Consider it double-Faved, and, when I can, upvoted.

6532332 You, my dears, are positive rascals.
You know that, don't you?

EDIT: Aaaaaaand happily upvoted.

...*snuuuffffff*..... More, please....

They died well, saving there friend and she grieved. And she sacrificed willingly (if in agony) to bring them back.

Damn, this was rather well done, and I'll bet anything this was inspired by this.

Damn was it good, this music just gave me the chills.

Well done, and best of luck!

Celestia’s snoot was in her mane;

I assume the diminutive was unintentional, but it somewhat distracts from the scene. :rainbowlaugh:

Very feels-inducing; if this does spawn something more I'll be glad to read it. :twilightsmile:

I really like the story, but I'm kind a curious as to how Celestia Luna would react to the outcome and how her friends will react when they wake up to him trailing curious about the aftermath of where you left off.

That was so beautiful! *cries*

Please make a story to follow this up!

Their revival actually reminds me of this video:

Nice work. :twilightsmile:

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