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Snowflake is many things: an athlete, a hard worker, a friend. He isn't, however, a father. Not a good one, anyway.

A commision for sir Malus Scriptor

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Captain Ardour of the Sky Clipper, a barely airworthy ship, faces a dilemma: he's broke, his ship is busted, his only companion is a silent griffin, and his last hope for work comes straight from the Queen of Whores, with a postmark from Shady.

Hope has brought him this far, but hope has a nasty tendency of leaving a stallion hungry at night. Is this job on the fringe of legality worth it? What’s in the cargo anyway, and will his newly found passengers ever shut up?

Written in the same timeline as: Of Defenestration

[An homage to Joss Whedon's Firefly. Not a crossover]

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This story is a sequel to Of Challenges and Kisses

Fresh out of the Academy, Featherweight's finally got his wings, figuratively, of course. He’s now a first-class Navigator, with no idea of where he’s going with his own life, much less an airship. Fat load of good those classes did.

Much to his dismay, The Sol Aeternus, flagship of Celestia herself, plucked him off the streets as soon as he made it out the door.

The diplomatic mission to the western lands of the Crown runs afoul when the Aeternus meets an angry fleet. With few other options, and none of them good, Celestia, Spitfire, and the worst navigator on the ship escape west, directly into Crown—and maybe enemy—territory.

Written in the same timeline as: Of Solicitude

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Spike never believed that he lived an easy life, but the little rewards he had worked to gain were well worth it.

What is a young dragon to do when, from out of the blue night sky above comes a strange creature, seeking to ruin his life, to steal his family and friends, and to warp the town he dearly loves?

His new adversary, for his part, is more than pleased to find both a new home and new followers..

The sky has opened and out of it comes devastation in its worse form: that of a doge.

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Once upon a time, in a land far far away—oh, who gives a crap.
All you need to know is this: There’s this big school in an equally big city called Academy City. (Original, I know) And in that school students are graded based on a level system. Twelve is good—Like, “Celestia on a good day” good—one is bad.
I’m level one.
But that’s not the worst of it, nope. I have to deal with a math-crazed freak, a nihilist that’s far too happy for her own good, a time manipulator who can’t manipulate her way out of a cardboard box, and, to put the cherry on the cow patty, high school life.
Well, shit.

Warning: Some mildly impolite things are said on occasion.

Cover-Art by: F4celessart
Chapter Header Art by: Gurumane

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A pair of mares stepped into Ponyville with only two things on their minds.

The first was revenge.

The other was alcohol.

A co-operation between the awesome DiveBomb and some fellow by the name of RavensDagger

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Some think that love is complicated.

Others fall in and out of it with ease.

Snails does a lot of falling, and he’s far from complicated.

Apple Bloom learns that complicated things are easy to fall for.

A commission for: Piquo Pie, who, for the record, is planning a number of commissions over the coming months!

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Rainbow Dash finally builds up enough courage to face Twilight and confess.

Things don't go exactly as planned, and soon the athletic mare faces a real storm as her heart and mind try to cope with the winds of rejection.

An experiment in metaphor and simile.

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Scootaloo: the orange filly that everypony knows, either for her heartfelt devotion to her idol, or for the slightly disastrous happenings that occur around her and her fellow Crusaders.

But what if the filly is hiding something? A secret that might, maybe, explain all the bizarre events that occur in Ponyville? Only one knows, and he is intent upon recruiting her.

In the darkest pits of his being, Discord laughs at his fortunes.

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Dinky Hooves is excited. For the first time in her young life she’s about to go to school. Her goal? To learn, have fun and above all else: make some friends.

But the path isn’t always so cleanly cut. Bullies, her own overwhelming shyness and a slightly (Read: very) over-protective mom stand between her and the life she wishes to lead.

And maybe there’s a little something about that cool colt...

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