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Once upon a time, in a land far far away—oh, who gives a crap.
All you need to know is this: There’s this big school in an equally big city called Academy City. (Original, I know) And in that school students are graded based on a level system. Twelve is good—Like, “Celestia on a good day” good—one is bad.
I’m level one.
But that’s not the worst of it, nope. I have to deal with a math-crazed freak, a nihilist that’s far too happy for her own good, a time manipulator who can’t manipulate her way out of a cardboard box, and, to put the cherry on the cow patty, high school life.
Well, shit.

Warning: Some mildly impolite things are said on occasion.

Cover-Art by: F4celessart
Chapter Header Art by: Gurumane

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 166 )

Heh, I'm going to like this one...

If I feel like nerding out and making references to my favourite sci-fi shows that only three other people in existence have seen: I will.

What's wrong with Sci-fi? (asked whilst watching SG-1 Dvd's and wearing an SGC t shirt...)

People took a wide berth around her,

People or ponies?

Okay, I don't like Black Ruby, and don't think I ever will,

And that was a very stupid thing to do!

Well, this was a short one.

swimming, but I ran into tha

How did you run through the water?

Wait... pegasi can fly.

I think Omni is... an idiot. Great.

Is this based off of 'A Certain Magical Index'?

Actually, A Certain Scientific Railgun, the better of the two.

First time I read a story with no views, I regret NOTHING :pinkiesmile:
(well, you're a great author so actually it couldn't have been bad ... anyway :derpytongue2:)

1. Great start. Really looking forward to it.
2. LOVE the Meta symbol on the green and brown pony. Maine is a badass.

Okay, but what's the link between that symbol and chapter one?

...I feel so incredibly concerned. ONWARDS!

...Well that's interesting so far. I'm feeling somewhat sympathetic for Wedge, but... he's just such a cynic. Part of me wants to hug him, the rest wants to smack him. >_<

Danke schoen :moustache: But your thoughts on the story, these are what we are interested in hearing. Inquiring minds demand to know, and I swear to the dirty Blues I will hunt your mind as relentlessly as Caboose would Church's

nothing, it's in the Misfits splash art. sixth character from the left has it as his cutie mark.

Shiny! My attention is snatched immediately, I'm excited to read!

I tried watching Index a while back.


I tried watching Railgun a while back.


Sorry, broski.

Poor guy just cannot catch a break. The shipper in me is already trying to find a pairing for Tight, and this isn't even a romance. I think... Tight and Omni would make a good pair. I shall call them Tomni, and I will go down with this ship.

Okay... so how many other colts does Ruby bug is she can't even get the right one that asked her out?

I loved Railgun, but couldn't quite get into Index; can I still read this fiction?:rainbowhuh:

That confirms why I was feeling a certain deja vu. Although the fic borrows some element from Index with the level one protagonist thing.

I agree, they are pretty terrible. A shame because the setting has some great concepts.

It's based on Railgun, not Index. I couldn't get into Index much either.

The reasons that she's confused will become clearer as we progress.

And once it makes sense, she will be everyone's favorite character.

"Well, shit." This is now the motto for this story. And I love it.

Ponies AND Railgun? :raritystarry: Count me in!

I love the sarcastic narrator. He's funny.

And I remember you, RavensDagger. You may not remember me, but I most certainly remember you. Care to guess where from?

3218578I remember you profile picture. But it wasn't that image... It was the same pokemon though.

Heh. If the name Sweetie Belle means anything to you aside from the character, then I'm sure you know me.

I'm currently thinking of Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts...

I'm actually wondering, will there ever be a level 0 for this? Just out of curiosity that is since the precursor Majutsu No Index had one guy. I know this is based off Railgun cause read comments before the story!:pinkiecrazy:amirite?

3214859 They meant that they stumbled into that situation be it through day dreaming and not noticing where they were going. That or they wanted to cut through quickly but ended up getting walloped.

Sorta. But I only took some aspects of the two Certain series. It's not really a full crossover.

They k’awwed

Suddenly mares became crows:pinkiecrazy: (Though honestly, I never heard this kind of expression before)

packed myself a stallionwich


and why in the name of all things shapely and soft did I even come here

:pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy: Suddenly Teen ratings got transformed into Everyone.

“If, to grow stronger, you need to change, then I will be your evolution.

Forgot your closing quotation mark.

When she brought it backup

Forgot your spacing.

Everypony lives cliffhangers, right

Lives? Cliffhangers are alive?! OH GOD NO:raritydespair:


and why in the name of all things shapely and soft did I even come here

:pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy: Suddenly Teen ratings got transformed into Everyone.

Actually, you don't need a quote (It'd be wrong to use one, in fact) is the next line is spoken by the same character. One of those weird rules.

3221443 Alright then, I'll go back to my numbering format instead:pinkiehappy:

Oh, and your other edits were (and still are) muchly appreciated!

Who wants to bet that the protagonist is somehow related to twilight? Purple horn. Lots of magic.....

Anyways, good chapter. It seems these are coming out rather quickly so hopefully this cliffhanger wont last all that long.

When I was reading the Protagonist's dialogue, I read it in Stevin Bloom's Amon voice.

Great, Black Ruby's a schizophrenic... yep, time to turn around and head home...

Is who a boy or girl?


Nah, she's not.

Give her another chapter.

3222103 If you're talking about the protagonist, it's a guy. Clarified in the later chapters where he emntions of being the opposite sex of Ruby who is a mare.

3222843 If I would have to guess, time traveller? What with your intro and all. That or she blows up stuff but forgets about it due to some kind of aftershock from saidnstuff blowing up? That or could be following with Index's idea of sisters... Wo knows.

Ow! Now I feel sad for the protagonist!

Why being made of Titanium would make it easier for them to fly? It is light by metal standards, but a Titanium Pony would be a lot heavier than a regular one.

Liking the story so far, as strange as it is. Take what you want from the fact that the first thing that made me comment was a throwaway line about how pegasi can't fly.

This is getting better and worse and better and I'm not sure I can tell the difference reliably anymore. o_o

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