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Hello · 9:19pm Feb 20th, 2016

Hey guys!

I had this strange, nostalgic urge to run back over here and look around. Damn this site has changed a fair bit in the last... 43 weeks since I last popped in.

So, what's up?

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I Cavd In · 11:11pm Feb 14th, 2014

So, I finally got a phone.


Also, Gameloft pony game is best game ever. Add me? Name's RavenDagger sans the S

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How to Make YOUR Blurb/Description Better · 2:30am Jan 23rd, 2014

So, I've been spending a fair bit of time here. It's a site for writers, similar to Fimfiction, but a tad more... general.

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Infatuation · 4:25am Jan 20th, 2014

So, My friend Malus did a thing.

You're not obliged to, but if you feel like it, take a gander. It's a letter, of sorts.


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How You Go About It - The Editing Process · 5:07am Jan 16th, 2014

I've been writing for a little over two years now, both as a terribly time-consuming hobby, and for work. When I started, I thought that rereading, editing and drafting were sins. They were wastes of my precious time. Now, after many a mistake, my views have changed.

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Hey Folks · 11:16pm Jan 13th, 2014

I have a story that I've written.

Short, about 7K. And I've no idea how to end it.

I was wondering if any of you felt suisidal enough to give it a read and your opinion on what sort of ending this fic would need? It's for a contest outseide the pony fandom, which means no pony. But plenty of Cyberpunk and the likes!


It's going around, and someone's going to link you to it eventually. Might as well be me, eh?

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Twisting Stagnation on Wattpad · 8:43pm Jan 11th, 2014

I just recently added my one completed piece of original fiction, Twisting Stagnation, on Wattpad for the masses to read, critique, and butcher/enjoy.

Here's a link.

Feel free to peruse it. I'll add another three chapters next week!

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Envy · 6:17pm Jan 9th, 2014

I won't bother explaining what envy is, but I will go into the side effects.

When we see something we want, we'll often ruminate on it, or spend time dreaming of owning it. It's a rather normal thought process in a consumerist world like the one we live in. When applied to pony, and this site in particular, we'll sometimes see people with a lot of followers. Writers whose stories have tons of views and faves and comments.

But is it a bad thing?

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What Did MLP FIM Do For YOU? · 5:55am Jan 5th, 2014

I mean that in the best way.

What has My Little Pony done for you? Whether you're a new fan or an "old-timer" like me, the show must have had some meaning in your life. Using myself as an example, I can say with little doubt that, were it not for this silly kid's show and a few well-meaning bronies, I would never have lifted the figurative pen to write a story. I would have spent many more a year dreaming of becoming an author, without ever actually working towards said dream.

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What Would You Do? · 4:18am Jan 3rd, 2014

What would you do if the internet went down, for good?

I've been writing a little short story for something, and the premise has the main character "break" the internet in a major city. All the landline servers at once. I'm not sure how most would react to being disconnected all of a sudden. How about you?

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