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Discord has watched Twilight from afar for as long as he has known her, and now he has written a letter in order to describe how he honestly feels about his one true love.

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Twilight's eyes in your story art. XD OH GOD! XD

Comment posted by Skeeter The Lurker deleted Jan 20th, 2014


That was quite the tale, man.

Er... Would letter be the better word...?

Whatever. This was fantastic.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Holy smokes... Creepercord. That was... disturbing.

Very well done!


Yeah yeah yeah.

Goddamn internet... Had to refresh it 5 times just to delete and post THIS comment...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yay it made it! :yay:

I've always found this ship really creepy

Just in case anyone is wondering, I'm not the one who whored my fic out to every group in the fandom. Thank you, though, whoever did it.

I wrote this over the course of 2 hours after reading "Feminine Endings" by Neil Gaiman. My writing is awful and ugly compared to his, but I just had to get this idea down.

And then I realized that I read the entire thing in Neil Gaiman's voice.:pinkiegasp:

:facehoof: Yeah, tell her you ruined her chances with the perfect colt, that'll endear you to her, idiot. Seriously, Discord expects this to work!?

Twilights response to this would be something like running to her friends cottage screaming FLUTTERSHY SAVE ME!!!!!

3815380 what the fuck does his voice sound like


That middle part was creeepy. And seriously, making it so she never got together with the one who would've been perfect? If he really loved her, he'd want her to be happy.

Neil Gaiman is awesome. To make him awesomer, add Terry Pratchett. The result is a dinorobotic viking with a double-bladed lightsaber and laser eyes.

This is by far... the creepiest fucking thing I've ever read.
Discord. Calm down, dude.:rainbowderp:

That letter was giving me chills . . . Very we'll done! You should continue, I really want to see Twilight's reaction to this! It would probably be something along these lines:

Aww discord is so sweet.

I gotta admit that there was a bit of creepy going on but then again some people would appreciate how much work someone is willing to go through to make a relationship work. Is Twilight one of them? maby ... :applejackunsure:

Oh, well that explains that. And considering that Skeeter and Regidar showed up, I'm willing to bet that JustAnotherTimeLord played a part, too.

Seems that discord went a little stalker crazy on Twi there! But over all a sweet story! Well done! :twilightsmile:

Make a part 2 damn you!

You know, people keep telling me this, but I'm not really sure where to take it effectively. Adding anything might make the story lose what little punch it has. I do have a couple ideas, though...

Aaaw, it's a creepy-sweet story,
and considering Discord's probably never
been in love with anypony, this is
kinda something I'd expect from him.

Suitably creepy given the Dark tag. What I didn't get here was a feeling that it was Discord's work. It didn't sound like the God of Chaos, the universal anarchist, delver into disharmony. Ignoring the mention of "draconequus", it could have been Nightmare Moon or Tirek or any random and suitably powerful villain - even TyrantLestia. Re-reading it in John De Lancie's voice didn't help. It does leave open the possibility that some other dark power is attempting to frame Discord here.

As creepy infatuated stalker letters go, though, this one's nicely done.

all of my feels
please please please continue this, this was beautiful, a bit creepy, but nonetheless wonderful, and I loved reading the whole thing.
Well done, I love it. :raritystarry:

I don't really feel inspired to write much about this story.

What it is is a decently written loveletter from an OC to one "Twilight." By decent I mean that it had no glaring grammatical flaws though as usual I'm not especially looking for those.

It is a letter, and as such it is entirely one-sided; it isn't a story as there is no plot, no interaction, technically contains no dialogue (instead it is actually 100% monologue), and contains no actions. It doesn't even have any events.

Also, I did not misspeak when I labeled the writer of the letter as an OC. While the author implies the writer is Discord, it contains nothing of his character, and none of his theme or style. For all I can tell this letter was actually written by Screw Loose.


Fair enough, and thanks for the criticism. I was already considering writing two more chapters to expand on this, but now I'm definitely going to. While I can't make any promises on adding more story elements to this (though I'll certainly try), there will absolutely be at the very least an explanation on why his character voice is off.

Author Interviewer

Good job writing a damned creepy fic. c.c (Did you know there's a reading?)

Holy damn, that's awesome. And thanks for the read. I'm not too proud of this story (it could have been sooooo much better), but people seem to like it. Maybe I'll get back into ponies soon. Lots of ideas, a tiny bit of motivation, and a desire to make something.

I love this it is so sweet in a creepy way. Which kinda makes me feel weird because if I was twilight I would love to receive this letter. That makes me creepy doesn't it, darn it.:pinkiecrazy:

I like it as is! This was amazing. I would love to receive something like this!!! I like how it ends on an up note. Full of potential and wonder!

So, what happened to that other chapter?

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