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Malus Scriptor

I am an editor. I copyedit words that people write. These words may be good or bad, but once I'm done, they are usually good.


Spreading the Word · 9:37pm Jun 17th, 2014

There's this group that a friend and I have been working pretty hard on lately, and I think it's come time to share with you fine folks. Warning, it is NSFW, so if you're not one for that sort of stuff, it'd probably be wise to avoid it.

Introducing Booty Lovers Anonymous, the center for stories featuring a love for butts. I know it doesn't sound very classy, but class is overrated these days.

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I wrote a thing! · 6:27am Jan 20th, 2014

I'm not all that great with words, so let me just be frank:

Thank you for following me.

I have plans in the works for future stories, but to be completely upfront about it, I'm not sure if they will be written anytime soon, though I promise to do my best. Both, if they get written, will be long fics, and both will be dark. Not in a cupcakes way, though. More along the lines of Infatuation..

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