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Though Twilight Sparkle managed to pass Discord's friendship test, he still remains unconvinced of their friendship.

Fortunately, he's come up with the perfect idea for a new test...

Set after Three's a Crowd.

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I can't read right now, but I'm favoriting on faith that this'll be as good as your others.

Is This like a DiscoLight fic?

Still waiting on an update :pinkiesmile:

4265887 It's coming either today or tomorrow. :scootangel:

I'm really enjoying this story and I hope that you keep updating it despite it's apparent lack of exposure (which is a shame since this story is great so far) and I suggest you submit this story to the Followers of Discord group.

I wonder if Discord wants to be friends her, or if it's just a trick. :unsuresweetie:

Awesome story! Love Discord and Twilight is being so rude. LOL! Keep up the good work. Discord is awesome!:derpytongue2:

I'm not entirely sure if a discord genuinely wants to be Twilight's friend, or if he's having some fun at her expense. I suspect both, he does want to be her friend, but messing with ponies is always hope he has done things, it's literally all he knows, and he is Chaos, if he didn't cause a bit of it now and then, he would go mad.

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