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Twilight Sparkle has always been a friend and supporter of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. However, Scootaloo doesn't seem to come by the library anymore...

She just needs time...

Prequel to Twilight Time, set shortly after Flight to the Finish.

Vector by liamwhite1

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 16 )

This is why I love Scootaloo stories!:ajsmug:

MAH FEELS!!!:pinkiesad2:

Would it be too mean to mention to Scoots that Pumpkin Cake can fly and she doesn't have any wings and is a baby? :trollestia:


The first thing that flashes through my mind:

The second thing that flashes through my mind:

The third thing that flashes through my mind:

I was into scooting,

Huh me too.... At least, before I crashed into my table and spend 3 months with a cane....

4348855 Indoor scooting? :applejackconfused:
sounds dangerous

An excellent story about my favorite little pegasus :scootangel:

I really enjoyed how this could totally be an episode. I think you completely nailed everyone's personalities perfectly.

Great job :ajsmug:

4420020 Well, I just found that scooter and I don't have anything to do at the time so I think 'what the hell' and that was like 5 years ago?

Sweet chapter, but I will not be surprised if the Enchanted Comic Shop is one of those shops that appears and disappears magically. It's interesting to see how you're incorporating the episodes and making believable filler for what happened between them.


Agreed..I could honestly see this working exactly in that manner, and it seems plausible.

>Twilight is told about Diamond teasing Scootaloo
>Does nothing about it afterwards

4348855 You obviously have no skill

6087875 If you think for a second that I have the slightest skill then you have no brain ;)

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