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Captain Ardour of the Sky Clipper, a barely airworthy ship, faces a dilemma: he's broke, his ship is busted, his only companion is a silent griffin, and his last hope for work comes straight from the Queen of Whores, with a postmark from Shady.

Hope has brought him this far, but hope has a nasty tendency of leaving a stallion hungry at night. Is this job on the fringe of legality worth it? What’s in the cargo anyway, and will his newly found passengers ever shut up?

Written in the same timeline as: Of Defenestration

[An homage to Joss Whedon's Firefly. Not a crossover]

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Oh shit they're heeere!!! :pinkiehappy:
Happy Opus Day, Raven! (?)

...well, this is a pleasant surprise. I very much look forward to my favorite show influencing my favorite Fic! This is when I'm glad you and I have the same taste in TV ^.^

Definitely reading, always upvote Firefly.

Were the holes in The Sky Clipper caused by Celestia? I know that she turned that one ship into swiss cheese in the sister story.


Nah. The Sky Clipper is still in Rook while the first chapter of this story is going on. I litterally wrote them in the same, exact, timeframe.

Characters will meet. It will be... weird.

This and Of Defenestration have been hyped up since you first announced it to today. I am glad to see that you lived up to it Ravens.

I am highly looking forward to seeing where this is going and I am very pleased with what I have read so far.

Oh screw it, I can't hold it in any more...


Oh, finally! A firefly ish fic!

I know what I'm doing! Re-watching the show before I read the fic is what!

Imma need a lot of popcorn!

Great start! I'm glad that Ardour isn't just a blatant copy of the captain from Firefly.

“Well, damn,” Archer said aloud in a boisterous, carrying voice.

Wait... Archer?

Otherwise, great job! This story is fantastic, and I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

It is nice to hear a mention of Firefly. I've watched (and own) every episode , None of my friends have even heard of it before. It's nice to see someone who does.

Stories like these make me think about what kind of character I'd have in that universe and how awesome my own ship would be.
Sadly, not my story.

Can't wait for the next installment!

3624874 so I'm not the only one who does that..... good to know


I do that too.

I mean, with other people's stories. And mine too, I guess.


At least with your own stories you can actually do something about it, I gave up on trying to write fanfiction awhile ago.:rainbowwild: When they're not yours it's just like "AUGH" and you silently hope the author reads your mind and randomly has you walking around in the backround of the story so you can get some kind of minor validation.


Glad to help!

Raven, you are a great writer. Clean and simple. You definitely should write tons more Of Rumbling Dinks, Of Defenstration, andOf Solicitude. I am more eager for these than new episodes of MLP (which I do jump up and down and hyperventilate over). Please write more, it was just getting good!

I absolutely love this. The tone, style, and worldbuilding are fantastic: gritty and cynical but not alienating-ly so. It's a fantastic homage to Firefly without feeling like a rip-off, and I'd love to see more homaging like this in the fandom.

Are you going to continue this? I've got a hunch where this is headed, but I don't need this cancelled as well.

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