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Anypony would have laughed if you'd told them that Discord was flirting with Twilight Sparkle a few weeks ago. She'd never give him a chance, right?
Well, once his spectacularly obvious advances on her commence, Equestria is shocked; she isn't out right rejecting him. In fact, she may even be interested.

WARNING: The dark tag is for a reason. Ye be warned. :pinkiecrazy:
[Other] tag is to accommodate additional characters.

EDIT: Featured 10/22/14! Thank you so much! I didn't expect this to happen at all.

The wonderful people who edit and proofread my story ^^

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You should put that A/N at the top.


Oh, whoops, I actually meant to do that. :pinkiegasp:

Thanks for pointing that out!

You accidently centered the story from the second half onward.


Error with Google Docs import, and it's fixed now.

1 Unread story :twilightsmile:
"but you can't be interested in HIM" :pinkiehappy:
... (Revised) :ajbemused:
*Reads* :rainbowhuh:

What's different and why couldn't this be chapter two? I'm excited for chapter two! :pinkiesmile:


Should be coming soon, I'm sorry! I'm nearly done with it, so maybe later tonight or some time tomorrow.

I'm a busy little pony!

5229691 I had that exact same reaction :derpytongue2:

I cant find anything changed... maybe a spelling error fixed but nothing i could find...:rainbowhuh:

What's the eta on chapter 2?


Minor things were changed, but like I said, the story is exactly the same. Just some re-wording and the like.

I may release an un-edited chapter tonight.

if the story is the same and no major plot points are changed why the hell did you bump me with a "unread" chapter. I have a large list of added stories I have to go through(been away for a while with 170+ adds) and I get a basically same chapter? next time just edit your chapter invisibly

5229835 well that's fine then. I just had over "33" unread chapters over all my libraries. Having to read a remarkably similar chapter is a delay from new ponywords

she better pay for that window with that little stunt she pulled.

Awww man, And there I was thinking I was gonna get an update...

Is an early release chapter still a possibility?

Honestly, re-uploading a chapter when all you did was minor edits is a fairly obvious play for views. Some respect was lost, here.

5229927 33 unread chapters, I can't remember the last time I was that low on chapters to catch up on. I can't remember the last time I had less than 90 chapters to read. Currently I have 103.
However I like have many different options. I don't always feel like reading certain things. Or I want to read something specific, and I quite often have some chapters of it to read.

WHAT? How can you have 877 likes with only 50 followers and no previous stories AND only with ONE chapter!??
Are you the new god of FimFiction? Or i dont understand something?

5230813 I have a ton of followed stories, but they are all in multiple libraries, inflating that number. What kept that number at zero everytime I went to sleep was that I would always keep up to date those stories. My internet was terrible this past week, so I couldn't access this site. I probably only had 20-26 favs to read, the most I have ever had, even at my peak when I had over 250+ stories followed back in 2012

5230915 It is a big hit concept, stories come along like this occasionally. The last one I can remember was Cultural Artifacts, back when it was amazing and not a crack wreck(a train wreck on crack)

EDIT: a couple probably passed me by though

I now wait with bated breath...

A grey pegasus fell out of his chair and began to wail. "But I wanted to ask her out!"

I love this line, don't know why :twilightsmile:

can you please just get the content out and then revise all of it? I barely noticed any difference and I'm sure you could have put out the newest chapter by now:rainbowwild:

EDIT: also let it be known that I have been on this site for more than 2 years and I still don't know what that emote means but it felt appropriate


Cliffhanger cliffhanger cliffhanger...! I simply MUST get back to this story. This is juicier than... well juice. IT'S JUICY!

This could be interesting...

per say

I think you mean 'per se'


Or maybe just unfamiliarity with chapter editing, there are easier way to get pageviews if you really value such a thing...

When I saw this was updated I was excited then came disappointment when it was the same chapter "revised"

But there were already DiscoLight fanfics earlier. Why is this so popular? Is it ship itself or the fact that Applejack is against it?




Not a play for views, I thought that it was a better quality chapter and there were actually a lot of revisions. I still have the old copy. It's just that the story itself wasn't changed, so it's hard to notice.



Shouldn't I post what my editors worked hard on? No one would have noticed if I hadn't uploaded it as a new chapter! I don't care how many views I get, I just thought that it wouldn't be fair not to update this silly gosh darn chapter.



I didn't want my editor's work to go unnoticed, and I also thought it was the best idea at the time... I didn't even think of just pasting it over the old one, honestly. :twilightsheepish: The old one is just unpublished now...

Except you don't need to re-upload a chapter to edit. And we aren't informed that it's a revision when the site tells us there's been an update.

If you truly want the chapter to be re-read, you should make a note in the next chapter informing readers that there have been updates, or make a blog post. That's just author etiquette.

If it truly wasn't a play for views (Even though immediately after you said it wasn't you argued that the editors' work should be shown), then I would apologize if I came off as confrontational. But regardless it was still unnecessary. Simply going into the old chapter and making edits as necessary is by far the better option.

5231511 It's likely because it's a romance, involving two fandom favorite characters. Not to detract from the story by saying that, though.


It says "revised" in the title, and the author's note is at the top. You didn't have to read it, it was made clear that it was a revised chapter. I already said I didn't even think of pasting it over the old version, and I would never, ever be as shallow as to fish for views.

5231511 Like I said, it is one in a million. It was probably somewhere along the lines of initial views, combined with the fact that Twilight is working under the assumption that people would object(something that doesn't happen TOO often or heavily). the writing style is a decent one for this premise, and not too shabby either.

after this point I have re-written few times. Suffice to say, this story is both half-decent(which is all you need on this site) and lucky.
I am not going to give any examples for this site, because it will likely lead to needless drama from author fans or story fans. Instead, Etho(possibly BdoubleO100), a million+ let's player was once asked how to become a successful let's player. He said, be lucky and go back in time about three years. This mostly holds over on this site too.


That's fine, like I said, not trying to be confrontational. I've just seen a lot of people do this for views, and I'd gotten tired of it.
Apologies if my comment upset you in any way.


I'm also going to have to apologize; I've let outside conflict affect my response to your comment. I know that your suspicions are not unfounded, and I will certainly just update the chapters without creating a new one from now on.

I've never really published a fanfiction before, so you'll have to forgive me :twilightsheepish:

6ix and Thornwing are helping a LOT


New chapter should be up today! Just working a few kinks out, I promise

"...A diamond dog?"
"NO!" Twilight shouted. "Ew, Rarity! No way would I ever go out with a diamond dog!"

Yep. Still racist. :ajbemused:

Uhhmm.. Twilight... You might not wanna make an enemy out of a being that can transform you into a rubberduck and give you to your own father to bath with

In an attempt to get the story out faster, I'll try releasing un-edited chapters first.

No. Don't you dare. Release completed chapters, or don't release them at all. :twilightangry2:

5234467 I personally don't mind, as longs as s/he goes over the chapters at least once looking for errors.

Discord should also make exceptions for zoot suits. "A killer-diller coat with a drape shape, reet pleats and shoulders padded like a lunatic's cell"

It's perfect for him! I mean, it worked for Jim Carry in the Mask!

5234515 Might as well play "Hey Pachuco!" for music accompanyment :moustache:

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