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She's an ally of justice!
With powers of the sun, she smites villains that plague this world and rescue those who fell victim to their evil ploy!
She is

Magical Girl Sunny!

No matter how much she denies it, she is Sunset Shimmer.

...unless, it's not her? But then, who is she?
Set in between Friendship Games and Legends of Everfree.
Edited by the ever helpful docontra.

The chapter titles do not reflect the content- it's not an anthology of anime parodies (no, really, it isn't).

Chapters (22)
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*proceeds to laugh myself to death*

Because my thoughts from half an hour ago are mostly unchanged, copy-paste comment, go!

Applejack swallowed at the gun being pointed at her. Evil she-demons, sirens and other magical dangers: she saw it all. A human with a weapon made for killing other humans, without the power of friendship on her side? That wasn't worth the risk. She complied with the robbers orders and held her hands up.

Sorry, AJ, but your world-saving powers only work on threats specifically vulnerable to those world-saving powers. Almost makes a joke of the whole 'all-powerful magic' thing.

You'll be feeling really bad when this goes viral and you'll be all beaten by a little gi-- holy shmoly!" She interrupted herself, as her eyes caught something on the side. She leaned over a lone, unbroken display with a certain, oversized necklace inside. "How many zeroes are there? You call this a sale? You could buy a house with that baby! With a family inside!"
"Not now!"
"I heard diamonds are girls best friends and all, but wasn't friendship supposed to be priceless?"
"Told'ya that, too!"
"Not! Now!"

I giggled, and not just because these two are kind of sounding like an old married couple.

note to self- try to avoid collateral damage. Even if they're insured and it looks cooler that way."

I may not care for superheroes, but the main reason for that is that they tend to be psychotic, sociopathic wrecking balls without a thought spared for the damage they cause while stopping the arguably-not-as-bad crooks. That in mind, it's nice to see that she at least makes a note of this. She's even thoughtful enough to call an ambulance for them!

Already liking Sunny and Coco's interactions, and not just because I'm well-versed in the fun a timid-and-tease couple can be. :pinkiehappy:

I think I'm going to enjoy this.

Rarity rolled her eyes. "I assure you, they're more than worth their price. Haven't you heard that diamonds are girls best friends?"

But a kiss on the hand is quite continental. Also, girl's.

"Wasn't friendship priceless?"

Good line.

All three guns were now pointed at the newcomer. She was a tall, young girl, around the high school age. She was dressed in an overproduced frilly dress of shades of reds, yellows and oranges which only Rarity could name or even count. And despite wearing a wide, glittering orange domino mask, everyone could see the dark orange of her skin, as well as a fiery red and yellow hair tied with golden ribbons into symmetrical, twin tails. She struck a heroic pose, with one leg slightly forward, left arm on her waist, right hand extended at the robbers, pointing at the leader with a finger.

Now then, which magical girl joke to go with? Hm, a more modern one that might be more fitting? Maybe a song from Friendship Games, for fittingness, or, Oh! I know just the thing, an old classic, recognizable to all.

"I tried! First thing I saw you five I was about to go 'hey girls did you see Sunset Shimmer in a magical girl outfit thing that was going all over MyStable that's super adorbs', but then Rarity was like 'you'd never guess what happened to us yesterday' and all I could think of was 'Rarity installed a chocolate fountain in her bathroom', but then I remembered she was on a diet, so I was out of ideas and you wanted to talk first so I thought my news could wait." Then she smiled widely.

... It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it.

"Sunny..." she quietly murmured, as a faint, cyan aura gathered around her hand, then shouted "...BLAST!" Then shot at the man, sending him flying several feet back, colliding with a big display case, shattering itself on impact.

... OK I'm in.

She shrugged. "Like I said, magic. Deal with it. Aaaand now I wish I had sunglasses... such wasted opportunity!"

SO very in.


I am now thoroughly amused.

It used to be just a shortcut. It saved a minute of walking at most, whenever she went shopping. It wasn't anything special: trees, grass and large open areas were plenty even in big cities. But somehow, it felt different and it's been like this past few days, every day. The bright green leaves danced on the wind, trying to escape their respective trees way before their time. The aroma of freshly trimmed grass emanated in the air . Somewhere in the distance a few boys played soccer, using their jackets as provisional goals. There was even a lovely young couple, holding each others hand, using the other hand to guide a stroller with their sleeping baby inside. As if the whimsical tone wasn't sugary enough, a tiny dog ran towards her, at first yapping loudly like small dogs do, but eventually settled on just looking at her, happily wagging it's tail.

Any more saccharine and I'm going to get diabetes.

A female mannequin was dressed in what would soon become a fancy dress. But right now it was just a few hastily stitched fabrics, some frills here and there and a sketch of what it was potentially aiming to become taped to its face.


Life become worth living since Sunset Shimmer became a part of it.

Another Sunset, how very interesting...

Seeing the summary at first: Very Interesting.
After reading the first chapter: More there is a need for more. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome first chapter. The banter was hilarious, the idea makes me wonder why nobody thought of this before, and Coco (second time I see Coco in a Sunset fic, and she's awesome in both) and human Sunset were amazing. There were a few things that bugged me, mainly pony Sunset's dialogue. I'm hoping that at least Sunset figures out what's going on, as that kind of humor tends to get old quick. Then again, pony Sunset getting powers and the two having to cover for each other would be hilarious, especially with human Sunset going to Cryastal Prep.

This looks like it'll be a lot of fun. Loving the story so far.

If this doesn't end with Coco being a second magical girl, I'm gonna be real disappointed...

you had me intrigued with the premises now you have my attention.:yay:

Yup, a cape would fit, she thought to herself, sketching that little detail... then erased and redrew parts of it, except half as long. I need to make it more maneuverable.


So Faving this right now!


Coc's. It's your new nickname,

In her defense, I read it as "Cokes" with the way Coco's name is pronounced. The spelling is indeed unfortunate, however.

“whose opinion do you trust more? Some purple bitch that can’t run a fashion club without your help, or the most magical superhero ever that can’t run around fighting crime without your help?”
The seamstress managed a giggle and couldn’t help but smile at her friend.

Sunny's self-awareness continues to make this precious. :raritystarry:

Oh boy, I knew it, it had to be Human Sunset, so what is Pony Sunset going to do now, maybe even go on the net and post a video while she is in her Daydream Shimmer form to call out on Magical Girl Sunny to see just who this "Faker" is and to see how she stands up against the original Magical Sunset?

Aw, that was hilarious, and adorable. Although things will sure get awkward whenever pony Sunset catches up with them. Although not sure how she'll catch up, considering the teleporting and all that. Coco is always adorable. The setup slightly reminds me a bit of Cardcaptor Sakura, just that Coco's the (slightly) saner one in this relationship, but she's got the fashion down. Now just need to get her a camera too, so she can set up her collection of Magical Girl Sunny in action.

I caught that reference in the title!

It's a lot easier to explain a new outfit on a magical girl then on a western superhero. They changed them every season and public was in awe

I think part of that is that magical girl costume changes tend to be limited only to a) Sailor Moon-style new accessories or b) super/goddess modes. There's still something of an iconic costume. Unless you go the Cardcaptor Sakura route in which there's a new costume every episode (and judging from how Coco is taking several, several pages out of Tomoyo's book, this is probably how this fic is going to go). That gimmick can be loads of fun, too.

And then there's Winx Club, which basically just goes "F--- it" and introduces random powerups and new costumes out of the blue and suddenly the new upgrade you got at the beginning of the season is already moot by midseason. Notably, the "2 fairy forms per season" requirement didn't really show up until Nick got the rights to it, which is basically some of the least subtle "buy our toys" ever pulled.

I am enjoying the SunsetxCoco himself, can't wait for and the seeing the Sunsets meet. So if you recommending Magical Girl series I take it a certain series featuring a contract-offering alien will be among them.

7787151 7787141 Guilty as charged- I take a lot of inspiration from Card Captor Sakura. It's among my recommendations for later chapters.

7787251 That series might be referenced in a chapter title at some point, yes. Even though I like more lighthearted stories, that one was quite good at what it did and I enjoyed it immensely. Even if I had not idea what was going on half the time.

Sees the words 'magical girl' and immediately start singing Connect from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

And now I remember back all those witches. Thank you very much.

Funny scenes are funny! :rainbowlaugh:

I get that one of the mysteries of this story is how human!Sunset got magical powers; discovering that will bring fun times. :pinkiehappy: But, what about pony!Sunset's powers in this world, does she have her canon powers (Pony up, reading minds)? Is she going to have control over her Daydream form, or even her demon form?

Thanks for writing this. :twilightsmile:

She stolen Equestrian !magic! To the dungeon!

So, wait. Why is this world's Sunset Shimmer magical?

7787759 No problem. Shall I also remind you of the ironic one named Charlotte?


I'm actually cool with how this story lines up with CCS. Mainly because Sunset is very not-Sakuraesque, but stays likable. And yes, also because I love Coco, find the ship cute, and the idea of her acting as a Tomoyo figure is so very adorably in-character for her.

Okay, I'm going to say it.

7787905 Oh, whoops, I forgot to mention it takes place between Friendship Games and Legends of Everfree. They don't have their own powers.

And next the Suns shall meet.

7789238 Thanks for the heads up. :twilightsmile: You should mention that timeline in the description, or the author's note after the first chapter, since LoE basically made them all magical girls.

I hope we get to see more magical girls besides human!Sunset though! :yay:

7789672 I was going to, but it slipped my mind (It was 5AM when I submitted it). Now it's fixed.

Okay that whole end up naked in the streets things sounds like something from experience.

Oh god. Now knowing your love for Nanoha I'm betting at some point were going to see a "Sunlight Breaker".

Silly Cocs. You can still be a bride.
... you just can't wear white anymore...

7794875 :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: <revises his notes discreetly>

I started reading for the Sunset Shimmers, but I will definitely stay for the comedy.
Seriously, this is hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Reading again just in case anything was changed, aaaand...

What kind of priorities have I developed?!

Self-awareness is such a beautiful trait, especially for comedy! :pinkiehappy:

Sunset doubled her speed and clenched her fists as she approached the last corner. "HANG IN THERE, TWILIGHT! I'M COMING TO THE RESCUE!" She yelled just as she appeared back in their alley and saw...
"I attack with all my monsters!"
"Not so fast, I cast a reaction spell!"

Sci-Twi is Best Dork. :raritystarry:

Twilight's face got covered in blush. "Uhm... let's just say that I'm glad I took my competetive deck."

An odd side-effect of writing SFaCF has been Adagio's maniacal laughter in my head after hearing/reading certain things.

"Oh will you stop that already? I wasn't that thorough!"
"I can't be a bride anymore..."

This included. :moustache:

(which she bookmarked for later)

...Deep breaths, Dagi.

One thing I just thought of, with MGS going to Crystal Prep and Twilight not knowing her, seems like just another similarity between universes :rainbowlaugh:

Just take the earrings, Sunset, consider them payment in advance for the inconvenience of having a magical girl doppelganger running around.

Ahh, Nanoha, now there's a classic.

This thing is making me reconsider watching the "Magical Girl" anime genre, if you make it look that good...

7795632 Hey, isn't this where the girl always kill the male lead, and somehow, the guy keeps coming back for more?


Yep! Sorta magical girl angel sent back in time to stop this guy from perving up the world, mutilates him constantly and kills him regularly... and then brings him back each time.

... I might have a thing for absolutely ridiculous story concepts.

7795605 There are definitely a few titles that you might enjoy. Next few chapters will highlight some really good ones. Of course be warned- they are still about very girly stuff, made for girls and touching incredibly childish themes at times, with exceptions of course.

I give Nanoha my stamp of approval- as long as you watch more than 4 episodes, it is worth the hassle.

Just her saying 'Sun-ya' makes me hope best Sunset punches her in the face. There is really no excuse for mangling the English language that way.

7796131 ok, thanks... nahona was (from what I've heard) pretty flipped up, oh and while on the topic of magical girls, do said magical girl in magical girl genre have "self-proclaimed rivals"?...

7796185 She has a few people she's rivals with, but it's a very friendly one and their personalities are defined by more than that one thing. Strong, well written characters are one of the things I like most about Nanoha. And holy crap, by third season there are A TON of characters. And all of them are awesome.

Except Quatro. I enjoyed her demise, so, very, much!

I gotta say, that this is an adorable fic. The idea of Sunset as a Magical Girl, being all cutsy and kickass, is just really nice lol


Well, that was much better than I expected. I usually can't get into anime since it tends to be too full of pointless stupidity (the "stand there and get hit technique" is a common offender) so I was wary of this since I was worried you would bring that stuff into this, but it looks like you are not only avoiding that but also delivering a killer character dynamic with human Sunny and Coco. Sunset in particular is absolutely fantastic with her strong strong goofy and quirky trends well balanced with sense, self-awareness, and empathy which makes her feel far deeper and more real than most comedic characters along those lines. You also do a great job of playing her off the shy and reserved Coco Pommel for a great character dynamic, and you manage to do it without compromising either of them or making the relationship feel abusive which is not an easy thing to do. All in all, you took something that could have easily been very stupid and delivered a fantastic story that easily stands on its own merits and I'm very glad I took the risk to read it.

Oh, we're going THERE are we?

Whelp, considering MGLN is one of the extremely few anime I actually was intruged by enough I went out and watched it (first time even SUBBED, no less), I really can't complain.

I think the major problem will be the lack of starships to ridicously shatter through...

(That was the best part of the whole series. The look of terrified panic of Quattro's face makes me laugh every time.)

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