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Freelance writing is hard when you're limited to working offline with wordpad. I like to think I manage.

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  • 292 weeks

    I haven't gotten the feedback I've needed from the needed people yet, but that's not stopping me. Truth be told, this is a bad day for me coming online - my mood's shot, and I submitted the story for review like... yesterday; it's a little too early for me to think thing's go through like...

    *looks down at his claws and the fact he can't snap them*

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  • 305 weeks
    Behold: Pokémon Headcanon, Part 1?

    Or rather, little bits and pieces of it that I'm copying over from my offline Wordpad thing because- okay, fine, I'll be honest: I'm getting internet soon, but as I'm used to going to and from the public library for my free internet access, I'm still going to do so in order to stay in shape. To that end, I carry around a little 6GB flash drive around my neck, and on it I have a Windows Briefcase. It's clever, because it's sorta like an offline version of Google Docs: I can write things on the

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  • 307 weeks
    Plans! I have them.

    This might actually come as a shock, but now that I'm sure I can reach goals I set for myself (25,000 words in 5 chapters in the case of the first story I've ever submitted here); I have... well, plans.

    Very, very ambitious plans.

    1.) Finish An Old World, A New Regime

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No problem, broski!

Thanks for the watch Phenos!

Of course! As a lover of crossovers, you're one of what I'm almost surprised to find is a large number of amazing writers, making amazing things that combine and test the limits of... well, entire series. Genres. Canons.

It's hard to put into words, beyond a simple 'you're great, keep it up.' So please, do that.

Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

2148965 Zangoose for best Normal-type, yes. I'd have a cooler floatzel icon, but that's round and I wanted to use my fancy square one.

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