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This page is for the lewd and depraved writing concocted by Septia. Naturally, only the pony related gets posted here. For the rest of my work, head to my Eka's or FurAffinity.


Remember your steps? · 11:44pm Last Friday

We move in unison. Each taking our own steps at our own pace, yet all striking the ground at the same time. We perceive otherwise, we see others, notice how their pace differs, how ours matches our heartbeat, how theirs goes off track. We judge without seeing from their perspective, and miss out on a lot we would understand if we were walking their pace.
However, most of the time, people do not notice.

Happy Clean Filthy Friday~.

Current Events

Here is where my pony related stories are uploaded.

At my other Accounts on
Eka's Portal and
there are new stories uploaded weekly, every Friday.

When a pony story is done, it gets uploaded here at the same time, which does mean new ones will come more sporadically, since I do not only write pony content.

A majority of my work is NSFW and has strange or filthy themes.

For more Stories [NSFW Warning].

Most of my work can be found at the Eka's and Affinity accounts.

At the moment I am pretty sure I can not link to these since it would not be safe for work.

However, I can tell you that heading over to Eka's Portal or FurAffinity and searching for "Septia" might just lead you to my accounts, and more stories.

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What are your commission prices?

Comment posted by Goldenstrings deleted Dec 24th, 2018

I will send you a message with information.

How much is a commission?

2417809 I know you don't usually visit this site as much. So, forgive me for even asking something like this. That said: Might I ask what inspired you to create your own brand of fanfiction, but with ponies as the main characters in them?

By the way, I'm the same person who had left a few comments on most of your straw polls: http://www.strawpoll.me/Septiawriter

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