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This page is for the lewd and depraved writing concocted by Septia. Naturally, only the pony related gets posted here. For the rest of my work, head to my Eka's or FurAffinity.


Sweet nothings · 9:16pm Last Friday

Is it not odd that rot can smell sweet? After years of deteriorating and building rust, a saccharine nature blossoms? Is it a sign to consider what rot represents, what it means to sink into the ground? Or perhaps to make one reconsider what sweetness truly is?
Leave a spoon in sugar, give it time, and it will tarnish into a tattered shadow of metal.

Happy Filthy Friday~.

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Here is where my pony related stories are uploaded.

At my other Accounts on
Eka's Portal and
there are new stories uploaded weekly, every Friday.

When a pony story is done, it gets uploaded here at the same time, which does mean new ones will come more sporadically, since I do not only write pony content.

A majority of my work is NSFW and has strange or filthy themes.

For more Stories [NSFW Warning].

Most of my work can be found at the Eka's and Affinity accounts.

At the moment I am pretty sure I can not link to these since it would not be safe for work.

However, I can tell you that heading over to Eka's Portal or FurAffinity and searching for "Septia" might just lead you to my accounts, and more stories.

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What are your commission prices?

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I will send you a message with information.

How much is a commission?

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