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Carpinus Caroliniana


Chong, an ancient and powerful mage seeks his revenge on those who defeated and imprisoned him at the Battle of Surf Point. Commandeering the commercial starship, Phoenix, he flees into space, hoping to escape recapture and imprisonment.

But another mage, Stripetail, seeks to bring him to justice. Forming a ragtag posse from veterans from the Battle of Surf Point, he has redoubled his efforts to capture the rogue mage. Finding themselves aboard the long-range colony/exploration starship RICMS Spire of Winter, they set out in pursuit.

Alas, things are never that easy. The two ships clash in deep space with the Phoenix as the victor. With no other options, the RICMS Spire of Winter is forced to land on this nameless planet for repairs.

But this planet is not uninhabited. It is inhabited by myriad sapient species. The most numerous of which are known as the Equestrinians.

How will the explorers, expecting humanoids or rocky silicon-based organisms, react to pastel-colored quadrupeds? And how will said quadrupeds react to the arrivals from deep space?

Based off the Insane Cafe universe created by Nick22.

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