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Anthem of the Lightning Riders - A Song From A Dark in the Light · 5:35am Oct 8th, 2014

We’re a company of drivers.
The Barrier’s closing in.
We’re few in number,
but fearless on the road.

The war is all around!
All around!
There can be no fight without us!

Drive fast! For we are brave!
No matter how rough the road gets,
we shall ride!

For when the potions fly, we stand strong!
We were told to bring the goods,
and that is what we did!

Carrying supplies in spite of our foes!
Honored by the soldiers,
and despised by the foe!

Few ride into the night,

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A Rant About Two Stories · 12:24am Mar 9th, 2014

XCOM: Enemy Unthreatening - Doctor Moira Vahlen arrives in Equestria after a teleporter accident and then she has a banquet with Celestia and Luna. During which, she warns them about the XCOM aliens potentially invading Equestria. She emphasizes how dangerous they are by stating that the aliens nearly killed all of Humanity. The response from them: mocking laughter and then derision and

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The Conversion Bureau: A Dark In the Light - A TCB War Story · 8:42pm Jul 4th, 2012

I'm still doing some serious brainstorming on it but all I will say is that it is a war story that stars Luna forming a multiple species army to overthrow a corrupted Celestia.

Thanks to Restless Coyote from Space Battles for the name!

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Story idea (Cyberpunk Ponies) · 4:18am May 1st, 2012

Okay hear me out on this.

I'm a fan of cyberpunk works and I ran a pony RP on a forum that was set in the future and in a dark, dystopian, cyberpunk Ponyville (now a huge metropolis). Magic and technology were hybridized (magic was not a substitute for technology).

So what I want to do is create a vast universe for myself (and hopefully others) to play with. I have't thought of a name yet but the old defunct RP provides a great name: Cyberpunk is Magic.

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MLP Crack Fic? · 4:43am Feb 11th, 2012

After reading TwilightPsycho's story, Spike's Sexual Misadventures, I was struck by the idea to write a MLP:FiM crack fic with the premise "if you act like a foal, you will be treated like a foal". This will star Celestia as the "mother" and all of her "little ponies" as the "foals" (adult in body and mind but treated and dressed up like foals).

Note that while diapers (and the usage of) will be part of the story, this is intended to be a 75/25 comedy/fetish mix.

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