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Mirror just wants to have some fun. She thinks moving to Manehattan is just the thing, lots of new ponies to meet, good food, great nightlife scene, random interdemensional portals opening in the middle of the street, the works!

At first she thinks it's a bit strange having a human embassy crop up a few blocks away from her apartment, but when she's one of the select few invited to be the first ponies to visit the planet Earth, it's hard to refuse.

When she does get to the other side however, she finds the roles have been reversed. She's the strange one, and even a little famous as the first extraterrestrial ever encountered by humanity.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 25 )

Neat, I always enjoy a first-contact story.

Looks promising. I'll fav this now and give it a good read once class is over :twilightsmile:

I'll give this a go in awhile since I'm gunna read another story but this looks good :D

You know, this makes 22 stories on my "read later" list. WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE TIME TO READ TWENTY TWO STORIES?:flutterrage:

An interesting take on second person fics.

Really, thats nothing. I, on the other hand, now have 681!
681! And 191 chapters to read from stories that have been updated!:twilightoops:
...I think I may have a problem...:twilightsheepish::facehoof:

I surely hope you will be updating often, this is good!
(By often, I mean more than once a month like some stories...)

Edit: why do you write pony like p0ny? it's very distracting.

I once read 43, sucka. Beat that. :trollestia:

I'm keeping an eye on this.

huh a first contact fic? and not badly done neither tho im no "critique" i can suggest you indent the beginning of your paragraphs and when you put words like anypony or everpony i notice you replace o with a zero so that can be spell corrected mirror seems like an interesting character so far this has my attention now for the next ch.

now its gettin to the good stuff :3 im assuming this was days after mirror first met the humans hope this updates soon :D for now ill give an upvote keep up the good work


2nd person First Contact fic? I'm keeping an eye on this!

On a side note, watch your apostrophes. You're missing a few with regards to contractions and added some with regards to plurals.

Regardless, have a fave and a thumbs up!

Well, I must say that Jake Armstrong makes a better first impression than Tau Niem. Then again, completely different circumstances...
Chapter two, Allons-y!

Alright Mirror, Allons-y!

You just couldn't resist using that picture for the title pic eh? (It's so dern'd cute!)
Write more of something, I love them all! :heart:

I like it!

Not often a First Contact story is told from a second person perspective - let alone from a pony.

Keep it up!

I really liked this. Too bad it's like, dead.

For now, pretty much. I'll come back to it someday I'm sure.

1495310 I have on my list... Let's see... 150! :pinkiecrazy: I can't wait to find when to do all of them. :rainbowlaugh:

Why u no update?

They came to serve ponies... :pinkiecrazy: Also Daniel Jackson stargate reference with Daniel Johnson? if so :yay:

is this story dead hasn't updated in a while

nuu! this was last updated two years ago. This story looks so go tho.


Make that four years. Kinda sad.

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