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Sometimes, very rarely, I'll start something I'll probably never finish.


Your body is alien. Your instincts are alien. Your surroundings are dark, and damp. From murderous siblings to mysterious rituals of love; the life of a newly hatched changeling queen is confusing and dangerous. Chrysalis does not even bother to tell you exactly what you are before she sends you into the world. Thrust directly into the fire; you must learn the way mother did, or not at all.

Your instincts guide the way, but sometimes they are as much obstacles as anything else. Time ticks by, and you begin to wonder just who you really are. Are you Mint Leaf; adopted daughter of Lyra and Bon Bon? Or are you Chrysalis's spawn; heir to the changeling throne and yet to earn her name? To make matters even more confusing; old memories from a life before this one linger in the back of your head. They refuse to be forgotten.

You mustn't be caught. They will kill you if you are caught.

Mother said so.

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I have been following this story for a while now. OOTN delivers the goods, and I look forward to more.

I shall read this!:moustache:

Well to be fair,
When i was caught by the ponies,
I still dont know how they saw past my mustache disguise...,
They didnt kill me:twilightsmile:
They simply beat me violently,
Broke my wings horn and one of my legs,
And threw me into the everfree where i was almost eaten.
But they did say sorry,
Err well they will at some point im sure.

step 1: take crisilys to mirror pool
step 2:???
step 3: changlings... changlings everywhere...

Hmm that has me thinking,
Why not take Celestia to mirror pool,
More sun goddesses,
Equals more good stuff right?

This story is executed very well. It really makes you feel as if you are actually there.
That being said, I noticed a couple grammar/spelling mistakes. For example, "can't" is written without an apostrophe a couple times throughout the story.


Your comfortable bunble of covers are not covers at all.

It's supposed to be "bundle", not "bunble".

Really looking forward to reading more.

3407009 NO
just no
ONE trollestia or molestia is enough...
can you imagian an army of them

Whats a molestia?
And can i eat it?

3407703 no you cant eat it
basicly molestia is a sex crazed celestia that will molest anything that moves...
even discord

*Ponders this for a second*
Oh i know how to defeat her!
We simply tell her that we Want to have umm....
"Special muffin time" with her, because if ponies agree to it,
Then she cant possibly molest them:pinkiehappy:

3407857 I tried that...
it did not end well
*remembers crushed pelvis*

Well, only a couple are actually talking about the story, but thanks for the feedback anyway everyone.

Oooh, this looks very interesting! I like.

Start the story: Hmmmm. Looks interesting. meh. have to go do stuff. will come back later.

Now: Ok. now I will read this......Wow, this is good.

Have a mustache :moustache:
no, wait, have three :moustache::moustache::moustache:

Hmm good point,
Time for actual feedback!
*Puts on his reading muffins*
Well now...
I can honestly say, having read the entire story,
That this story is incredibly......
However i do like the exposition on the thoughts of a newborn changeling,
And i suspect given the introductory nature of this chapter,
That the next chapter will be far more attention grabbing.

VERY good story.

But one question, is she (assuming she) transformed, because I think that they would notice something different, no holes in legs, different coat color, ect.

good:derpytongue2: also my first second person story with a female lead:rainbowkiss: hope nothing bad happens~

This is creepy. Could use some justification why Bonbon adopted a changeling. Or more aptly, could use a rousing adventure in which the rfilly Chrysalis kidnapped in order to put you in her place is rescued from certain death and returned to her mother, who then attempts to raise you not kill you, because FiM, thus bringing about what may be the most awkward sisterhood rivalry since Luna and Celestia.

"She took my dolly!"
"She tried to replace me so no one would know I was kidnapped and killed!"
"...you can have the dolly."

Let's not even get into the teenage years.
"God mom you are so unreasonable!"
"You filled the refrigerator with your eggs!"
"You just don't understand me!"

Been waiting forever for more.

Great, but you can't just let a gem like this die...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Stumble across this story while looking for new changeling fics. Read it, find it well written, intriguing and full of potential, feel excited.
See that the author hasn't posted anything for about a year, feel disappointment instead.

October 2013.
So much for 'updated. In time'

I hope you keep your promise.

Comment posted by Goffee deleted Apr 25th, 2022

One chapter. One insanely well-done chapter... ten years ago. RIP.

Has it really been ten years? Wow. I really should update something.

Very nearly! And woah, that would be so nice tbh

Such an amazing premise. I'll keep watching, just in case.

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