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Hey I write things. Like litterally all the time. Sometimes it is pony related and that ends up here. Funny how things change this used to be a sometimes thing but now its all the time.


This story is a sequel to Broken then Healed

Despite still being plagued by nightmares, Lilac has adapted well and spends their time in the idyllic Ponyvile. When pains of the past resurface, Lilac has to help shoulder those pains, and help heal that which was broken.

Sequel to Broken then Healed

Cover art by Gaylilmuffinboi
Was featured on November 5 2015 at 8:10 ish.

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The sequel is out! And we are working towards a wedding. Lilac has adjusted well, and that's always a good thing. Twilight's approach is an interesting one. And it seems that she hasn't entirely left her male origins behind, though girls are allowed to love comics too, so it could go either way.

Bon Bon's having twins! That's awesome! How far along is she anyway?

You should make a blog post tagging the first story. Then everyone who has BtH1 on one of their bookshelves will get a notification, in their feed.

I only noticed this was up, by chance, while I was checking the new stories list for something else.

6158697 Did so hopefully it works, I was thinking about adding the prologue from this one to the end of the previous one with a link in the authors notes leading to this one but I don't know how kosher that is to do.

6158089 To directly answer you she got pregnant shortly before the start of the first book so about five months along. Horse pregnancies last longer than human gestation periods at 340 days, so she is about a month into the second trimester. I should probably mention that she is showing at this point, that is inside the book. I am not making promises because the last book ended earlier than I had originally intended but I do want to include the birth of the twins in one of the books, weather that be this one or the next one I don't know, which yes I have plans.

I enjoyed the last story and look forward to enjoying this one as well.

Her mama isn't in Equestria either, but she still needs to go there just so ALL THE PONIES CAN HUG HER :fluttercry:

Man you sure ended the prequel rather bluntly. Glad to see that the sequel is finally out!

Needs editing... :rainbowderp:

I think I'm gonna have to read the first again since I don't remember it enough...

6159721 Thanks I hope you like this one too.

6160482 Hugs would help things I would think. But I guess we will have to wait and see. Also HI!!!!

6167557 Yep that I did. I hope you like the story this time around, also I hope to not end this one so harshly.

6169086 Yeah editing is the bane of my existence, or at least my writing. I am trying to work on that.

First ;P

Another excellent chapter, can't wait for the next one.

sooooo chapter update please :fluttershysad:

Please tell me you're going to continue this? I don't think my poor heart could handle the heartbreak!

“Eh, still in the Faceless Murderer arc,” Spike said. “I wish the Clowner was in this arc. He is a much better villain than Owlman.”

Owlman? Owl-MAN?

Unless you have some explanation as to why 'humans' are well enough known in the MLP universe to become comic villains - then this name was not very well thought out.

Of course humans do exist - one former human is the main character of this story. However, if humans are presented in the popular culture (ie: comics) as a mythical villain - then that presents severe problems for our human as his origin leaks out.

Twilight set her papper aside, neatly folded.

What is a papper, and why is it able to be folded?
hashtagspelling because # is overused.

Loving the story, one thing that I'm not sure of, is why does loud noise in general seem to affect Lilac? I understand the sudden base drop startling her, but a wedding crowds cheering is a bit odd, unless I missed something?

6173198 6323825 6345573 6506747 Sorry for the long break went through a bad patch there but Nanowrimo is coming up and I intend to continue this for that so expect updates in the next month or after.

6530750 I am writing her as having PTSD and as an extention of that is Phonophobia, or loud noises causing fear and anxiety, not certian as to how well I am portraying that though, and can only really run it off my own issues in that area.

6574681 Ahh that makes sense, perhaps setting up a scene or something to show this being told to someone? perhaps even just Lilac going through some introspection?

6574681 thanks for the update can't wait to see more chapters to this great story:pinkiehappy:

6368685 So sorry for the late reply to this but I finally have an answer that makes sense to me that isn't just oops I made a mistake, which by the way was what happened. (I haven't watched season 5 so yeah... this might be outdated viewpoint) But I am gonna say that minotaurs will use the words man and woman, which at this point may or may not be in Equis's version of English/common, but more importantly I like the idea of a minotaur dressed up as an owl off doing comicbook things.

Huh. So Lilac has unknowingly had gender issues? So in a way the spell might not have actually gone wrong when it made her a new body.

No Lilac... do not set in motion events that will drag Annabelle into Equestria...

a fact I appropriated allot.

I think that should be appreciated, not appropriated. Also, allot is the wrong word. You've been using it when you should be using 'a lot'

6586707 Lilac set that in motion at least in part a long time ago. The next chapter will see more info on this also hurrah girl from intro finally introduced. Also will fix when at comp.
Edit: fixed

Glad to see it isn't dead, Keep up the good work

6587449 chapter four needs one paragraph to be added to but is likely done beyond that and shall be up today or tomarrow

Well, Bon Bon and Lyra are going to surprise when they get back, "look at what I made, it followed me home, can I keep it?"

Small spelling mistake: "I am going to take us all to the hospitable and I will explain to you girls why this was a bad idea there.”
Seems more like it should be Hospital

6596564 Why yes that is in fact what Twilight meant there. I fixed it... on the upside I didn't misspell it...this time...

6595284 Bigger surprises are in store still.

6596581 Never outright tell an author they're wrong, they may have intended that and only made it seem like a mistake XD

Good to see the story updating. However there is one issue. In the first story you say lilacs mom died and dad was never the same. In this one they had a divorce. You might wanna go back and fix one. (What ever one you wanted to keep)

6596696 See I knew I had some amount of continuity error I just couldn't remember which, also this is easy enough to fix, just make mom in book two be step mom, also explains the split of the kids better.
Edit: Also this sorta does explain my writing style, in so far as the way I go about writing way to easily...I need to reread my own work more often...Sorry about this and thanks for the catch. Hopefully I don't mess more of that up in the future...also does my fix flow right? I really hadn't set a time for Lilac's mom's death yet and this just makes it much earlier that I sorta had intended initially.


Meh I catch all sorts of errors in story's and I don't always point them out but you did improve writing style from first book so I might as well point out the error

Magicing yourself to death probably not a good thing.

Lilac Splash:little sister
Rock golem: big daddy

6609967 I want a bioshock 3/4

Same here, but for me I just don't care about grammar mistakes as long as the story itself is entertainign.

So it's now a Human (actual) in Equestria, huh? On top of taking care of a mute changeling nymph.

Its a nice continuation of the first story, but 6758606 kinda has a good point.

Bon-Bon, Lyra, and Twilight are being extremely overwhelmed with kids. Not only do they have lilac, and the twins Bon-Bon is carrying, but you just slapped them with a mute changeling, and a human child all in less than a 24hr time frame.

Oh, and a puppy dog golem. I kinda have to ask... is a partridge coming next? maybe with a tree?

6774335 well now that you mention it....no. I can understand how this is allot all at once but it's suposed ro be one of those when it rains it pours moments.

Life is going to be a bit hectic for a while now, though less so than is implied by this chapter.

6774366 The extreme stress of just one child is enough, and they are doing really good with it. But the stress of twins on the way (though still really happy and planned to have a kid, just not two) is pretty huge. Not to mention they have had to dip into their savings a little after the house burned down, which you mentioned. Sure Twilight is covering some stuff with Lilac, and helped buy the major furnishings of the new home, but she doesn't have the ability to really be there. And the being there is a big thing.

How is Bon Bon supposed to be able to keep making her candies and run her stand when she is going to soon have five children running around? Plus she will be homebound for her third trimester you said. Lyra has been shown in this story to not be able to help in that regards at all, and from how you have written it... Bon Bon seems to be the bigger bread winner.

I like the story, I really do, but this just seems like its going to be a really shitty situation for everyone, and Bon Bon and Lyra won't be able to support five really young children, two of them 100% unplanned for, financially or emotionally. I already figured they were going to be stretched thin with just the twins being added once they were born. Proper child care, especially babies (foals I guess in this case), is an extremely tiring and time consuming thing.

That being said, don't just go and change things because I said something. I am only giving my opinion and thoughts on the story.

6774387 You are very correct, five children, two of them being foals is going to take allot of effort, effort that Bon Bon and Lyra are not prepared for. Sure Lilac herself is a very low maintenance child, who would definitely be picking up some of the slack for them, five is just two much. I have not shown a week in the life of Lilac, where stuff doesn't go horribly wrong in some fashion, or has major life changing events say a wedding, and I want to do that at some point.

With all that said, the twins are about seven months away at this point, and not all of the current three are going to be sticking around long enough to see them.

Well at least Annabelle is safe sort of probably in an life critical state though and look at that they managed to pull her through without having to create an new body! Would be nice to not have cliffhangers at the end of an chapter that was just starting to get good but what's done is done!

This is a really good story and I can't wait for more chapters, and hooray there is a changeling in it now, that's a favorite if I haven't done so already

Honestly I'd like to see her reaction to encountering Blueblood.


Yeah editing is the bane of my existence, or at least my writing. I am trying to work on that.

A lot of the issues I'm seeing would be fixed with little effort by a spell checker. Where do you write this? Do you use a word processor like Microsoft Word, or are you just putting it straight into the 'site?

If you don't have a word processor like Word, and/or can't afford one, two effective and free alternatives are Jarte and Open Office.


Is it wrong that I want to see Lilac reshape the golem into a Big Daddy now? Complete with working, enchanted drill?

AHHHHH!!! IM HANGING ON A CLIFF!!!:trollestia:

Rereading this chapter so I can work on next chapter, I am struck with just how much of an evil person I am...Sorry guys.

6931393 I personally use Google Docs. It helps that I don't have to copy past everything onto the site after I've written it.

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