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Hey I write things. Like litterally all the time. Sometimes it is pony related and that ends up here. Funny how things change this used to be a sometimes thing but now its all the time.


Every Saturday a group of six friends would join to play a rousing game of Wizards and Whelps.With a frequent visitor to the game store they are transported to a land of ponies. Finding themselves lost far from the center of Equestria and changed into Pokemon the group must learn to adapt to their new home. Finding new friends may be easy in a land of technicolor ponies but keeping them safe may prove far more difficult.

Set in the same universe as Equestrian Eeveelution (with permision) though you don't have to read that if you don't want to. I do however recomend it highly.

Cover art is made by me using some hand drawn things (in gimp using a mouse) and some line art from Scuterr

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My only problem with this is the fact that the characters stutter WAY to much

I could drag that back cause so far those characters have a lot of screen time but it is only two of the town folks (out of 22) that really have all that bad of a stuter. To be fair one of them much more than the rest. I could tone it down a bit though.

Yes please because I had a bit of a hard time reading through the stuttering

you think you had a hard time with this one. you should see chapter two as it is so far. there are two characters that have stutters and they talk to eachother. gonna cut it back a lot but you probably are going to not like it as much but I promise that soon there will be a wider variety of ponies and as such less stuttering on screen

So I went to go trim it down and it is a good thing you did because damn that was a bit overboard even for me. Oops. Thanks.

“Yeah, um, harvest. Here, take this to the big group,” said Moonlight.

I could be mistaken, but that seems like Gentle speaking, not Moonlight.

Anyway, seems interesting enough. Hopefully you'll get to just using the pokemon names rather than descriptions to identify them, as that'll read much more easily.

Yeah the main character doesn't know the pokemon names but she will learn soon. because yeah even I would like that. Way easier to just right the vulpix instead of red fox creature.

I do however recomend it highly.

do you mean it is just that good or that you believe it will make more sense this way?

I think it is good. Not that it will make more sense at least as of now. None of the plot elements of that story are far reaching enough to effect this story. That is of course yet. Things are ramping up in that story and so they might. But as of now you don't have to read that to understand this. Just that it is good is all. Also Hi.

So summoners are like rangers.
The pokemon help them but since it is just a temporary partnership they are much less effective than a pokemon and a trainer.

I haven't played the pokemon ranger games so I wouldn't know. But I would say that yes a dedicated trainer would be better for battle than a summoner would be with one exception that a properly prepared summoner could type advantage against any team.

precautions against this going array.



reagents (multiple times)

Thankfully a the cloud coverage hadn’t fully disapated

unnecessary 'a', dissipated

she ducked lower to the grown


Or is it diner


right way.


fixed all of those. Thanks for pointing them out. Still not the best at editing.

Well, you certainly don't waste time getting to the plot. I'm interested to learn of Goomy's backstory, now.

I have a feeling that what she's trying is very dangerous for the area and it's inhabitants

S'okay. If you would like me to edit chapters before you post them, I'd be glad to. Drop me a PM if you're interested.

Only time will tell. Or well I might but not yet.

I am always game for help on the editing.


Except experienced trainers keep a well balanced mix of types, and can change more or less at will. If my understanding of these summons from here and Equestrian Eeveelution are correct, summoners can only do so if they have the right materials and complete a ritual, therefore a trainer has the advantage in switch out, as I bet most summoners would only bring the materials they believed they would need.

Uhh, a slightly mistake I noticed, one of the Pokemon mentioned something about summon before any pony could mention that.

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