• Published 1st Jul 2015
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Broken then Healed 2 - Tohshi

Despite still being plagued by nightmares, Lilac has adapt well and spends their time in the idyllic Ponyvile. When pains of the past resurface, Lilac has to help shoulder those pains, and help heal that which was broken.

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Part 1: Chapter 7

Twilight’s return was heralded by a large pop. Three shapes took shape as light faded from Twilight’s spell. The solar and lunar diarch stood with a strange mix of regal composure and panic. The fog in my brain obfuscated any other details.

“Twilight,” Said Princess Celestia. “You look after Lilac. She isn’t looking well. Luna and I shall help this one.”

“Yes,” Princess Luna said. She stepped forward and surveyed Annabelle, her horn engulfed in her midnight blue aura. “We will have to change her, Sister. It is the only way. I can see Twilight’s healing spell still trying to work. The small one seems to be resisting the magic.”

“Agreed,” Princess Celestia stated. Her horn glowed pale golden as a small orb of her magic formed above Annabelle. The light grew brighter and brighter and my vision faded into the light of Celestia’s magic.

I awoke in a darkened room that smelt of a familiar crispness. From my warm bed the stars could be seen stretched across my view. A pair of glowing eyes looked down at me from the mass of stars.

“Welcome to the world of the living, Lilac,” Princess Luna said. Her voice was soothing and calming. Her smile revealed her white teeth which shone like the moon in the darkness. “You are a lucky filly, well that or a very unlucky one. Annabelle will be fine in time, so fret not.”

“Where’s Twilight or Lyra? Where am I?” I asked. My voice came out feeble and cracked. Talking brought spasms of pain through my body.

“Worry not,” Princess Luna commanded softly. “They are safe and nearby. We are in the Canterlot Castle Hospital Wing. Please try to get rest. Twilight has asked me to watch over you till your final guardian, Bon Bon, arrives from Ponyville.”

Princess Luna took her job very seriously. I could hardly keep track of time as I sat there watching the stars in her mane. They twinkled like the real sky did and every once and while a shooting star would streak down her mane as it billowed over my head.

Some amount of time, when my vision had hazily landed on an interesting constellation that would shift form from time to time, the door to the room was opened with a loud click. I jolted upwards trying to see the door that was half obscured by Princess Luna’s mane. A grey coated stallion who was wearing dark armor had entered the room. His eyes glowed in a similar fashion to Princess Luna’s

“The little one’s guardian is here, my Princess,” stated the guard. His form remained rigid and stoic.

“Let her in please,” Princess Luna asked of the guard. Her long flowing mane shifted to behind her head mostly tucked behind her head.

Bon Bon came into the room. Her hair frazzled with worry. Her eyes were red with tears shed. A small and timid form followed her in stayed glued to the walls far from Princess Luna. Nympha's maroon hair hid her eyes from me.

Bon Bon approached slowly but purposefully as she approached me her eyes shifted and a fire seemed to burn in them. A fire I had only seen when she yelled at Lyra for her numerous “accidents”. She paused at the edge of my bed for a second before scooping me up into a hug, making the iv in my arm to tug tightly. The hug was painful, but I beared through the pain.

“Never worry me like that again,” Bon Bon said anger and sadness having a strange battle in her voice. After a long awkward moment of silence, she released me from her grip. “I am so happy you are alright. Well as well as to be expected. Look at you you’re skin and bones.”

I took stock of myself. She was right. I looked worse than I had ever before. My legs were strangely gaunt and I could feel the tightness of my skin now that I thought about it. My fur had lost its color and was almost pale white.

“Lilac’s recover shall be swift for one in her position,” Princess Luna assured us. “Her physical state is more attuned with her mana-spring than is usual thanks to Sombra’s magic. Within the week she should be back to normal.”

Nympha had inched her way around the room during Bon bon’s embrace. Her worried eyes shot back and forth from myself and Princess Luna. Princess Luna nodded her head slightly towards Nympha. Tentatively Nympha approached the edge of the bed and then scrambled up next to me. Her deep stare was captivating for a second and a slight fog came over me. Nympha curled up next to me.

“Why don’t we leave them to get some rest,” Princess Luna stated. “My night guard will stay watch just outside the door.”

Bon Bon nodded and nuzzled my head gently. Her touch wasn’t as painful this time. She said, “Get some sleep, okay. I’ll be back in just a bit after I check on Lyra.”

I nodded my head slowly. I almost missed the click of the door closing as I slipped into sleep.
I awoke to the bright rays of the morning sun. The vaulted ceilings of my room seemed to reflect the light beyond what they seemed capable of. A bookshelf filled with a collection of interesting covers sat in the corner farthest from myself. Bon Bon slept in a cot set up next to the bookshelf and under one of the windows that were inlaid into the same wall as my bed was pushed up against.

Nympha was still a curled up ball sleeping peacefully next to me. I felt much better than I had expected, and color had started to return to my fur. My muscles seemed somewhat rejuvenated as well.

To my right there was a small stand with a book waiting for me. A book of stars. I wondered if Princess Luna left this but was thankful all the same. As used to waking up in hospitals early with nothing do I had become, it still wasn’t the most pleasant of mornings. I grabbed the book with my hooves, moving as slowly as I could to not disturb Nympha and flipped to the first page.

I was on page sixty-seven when the door opened. It made a sizable bang as it bounced against the wall. The shock of it seemed to dissipate the sense of dread that had slowly been building in me. Twilight’s face was scrunched up in the doorway. Calmly she entered, doing her utmost to ignore the door that was wobbling back and forth next to her. Lyra followed behind Twilight. They both looked worse for wear though Lyra was much worse off than Twilight. She had her horn wrapped up with thick bandages.

Nympha pressed had jolted up and pressed her form into my side as far as it would go. She glanced my way once, her eyes filled with fright, but otherwise stared at Twilight as if she were some sort of monster. She shook terribly.

“Morning,” Twilight said abashedly. “Sorry about that. My control is always wonky for a few days after a major drain.”

“At least you don’t have the splitting headache that I do,” Lyra complained. “That was very loud.”

“Yes it was,” Bon Bon said angrily. “Some of were sleeping and had no need of such a startle. Look at poor Nympha. She’s shaking.”

Nympha was still shaking and cowering into my side. I pulled my arm around her and sat up in bed, righting myself. A nuzzle of affection chased away Nympha’s shakes.

“Sorry,” Twilight said. “How are you all doing this morning?”

“Tired,” Bon Bon said flatly. “In need of coffee.”

Twilight’s horn glowed for a second before a cup of steaming coffee appeared in her aura next to her. She handed to Bon Bon who started to sip slowly from the cup.

“I feel better,” I said. The dread from earlier started to “The pain is gone. Is this -” lifting my arm with the IV “- pain medication?”

“Not that I am aware,” Bon Bon stated. “You look much better. More so than you should. We should ask the doctor about that when they come by.”

“Yeah we were pretty worried about you there,” Lyra stated. “You do seem to have a predilection for ending up in the hospital.”

“Are you joking?” Bon Bon chided. “The only pony more prone to hospitalization because of magical ‘accidents’ is standing next to you, Lyra.”

“She has a point,” Twilight stated. “We should be more careful.”

“How is Annabelle?” I asked. Images of her tattered body swam in my head and my stomach went for quiet to boiling in a second. “Di-did she make it?”

“Annabelle will live,” Twilight said solemnly.

“That doesn’t sound good,” I replied. My nausea and fear roared on. “What happened to her?”

“You aren’t stressing my patient, are you?” asked a deep voice from the doorway. A brown coated stallion with dark brown hair and a stethoscope around his neck filled the frame of the door.

“No of course not , Dr Remedies,” Twilight sated. Her face had scrunched up again.

The unicorn doctor entered the room. His cutie mark stood out from the many I had seen before. A skull and crossbones over a medical cross. My eyes darted back and forth from his flank to his eyes. The disconnection between his kind eyes and the mark on his flank startled me.

“Don’t worry,” the stallion said. “My cutie mark is for treating deadly injuries and the like. My full name is Deathly Remedies. I am the royal physician.”

“You’re in good hooves,” Twilight stated. “Dr Remedies is the best doctor in Equestria.”

“I don’t know if I would agree with you, Princess,” Dr Remedies said joyfully. He had come over to my bedside. “But I am a very good doctor. You are looking amazing for what you have gone through recently. Much better than expected.”

He gave Nympha a little rub on the head. “Is this one Proto-Queen Nympha?” -Twilight nodded an affirmation- “Hmm. My guesses about Changelings being able to heal seems to be accurate.”

“Doctor Remedies is also a studied Xenobiologist,” Twilight said. “He knows more about changelings than another pony.”

“Now, I don’t know if I would say that,” the doctor said. “Still I think Little Nympha may have reduced Lilac’s recovery time considerable. I want her to take the next few days lightly. Use a wheelchair or carry her, and I want her to stay here for at least another night for observation.”

“Will do,” Lyra said. She seemed overly eager to follow the doctor's orders. She glanced at the others and then at Nympha. “Nympha why don’t we go get some breakfast for everyone?”

Nympha happily nodded her head. She hopped down from the bed and followed Lyra out the door. Lyra stated as she crossed the threshold, “We will be back in a bit?”

“While they are gone why don’t we go see Annabelle?” Twilight said. She rubbed her right hoof across her other foreleg. SHe did that when ever she was trying to hide something.

“Okay,” I said. I looked at Twilight shrewdly as I tried to guess what she could be hiding. Coming up blank, I shook my head and climbed into the wheelchair Bon Bon had pulled over.

Our journey down the hallway was unusually quiet. As with my last visit the doors seemed to have no markers as to which was which but Twilight seemed confident in her way. There were a number of pleasant paintings along the way. A large number of them being of flowers.

We came up to a door which had four guards in front of, one on either side of the door and two on the other side of the hall. The lot saluted Twilight as we came up between them. Twilight opened the door and ushered us inside.

On the bed lay a black haired form which faced away from us. She was much smaller than I had expected. Her hair ran down the entire length of her body and then some. It was straight and well combed save for a few errant strands. Something feathery stuck out from her hair, but only one. There were several magical machines hooked up to her as well as an iv. Princess Luna seemed to be dozing in the back

We came around the side of the bed which took up much of the center of the room. Annabelle had been transformed into a pony. She had a dark grey coat. Her hair had the starting of light grey streaks in its roots. What stood out most though was she clearly had both wings and a horn. It was clear to see why Twilight had said she would survive instead of saying she was fine. Both of her left legs were missing and a small stump could be seen where a wing could have been. Scars shone through her short coat. Maybe in time they would be hidden but the shone pink against her coat.

“The Princess’s did all they could to save her. Sadly she may this all they could do,” Twilight stated.

“How did she turn out like this? An alicorn?” I asked.

“The young one had sustained too much damage,” Princess Luna explained. Shaking the last vestiges of sleep from her head she walked over to the side of the bed with the rest of us. “Our healing spells would have been useless. It seems your manaless forms started to soak up the mana before letting the magic do its work. We had no time to wait for her form to saturate, instead we transformed her. This required much beyond normal amounts of mana. We, my sister and I, have not been so challenged in a long while.”

“Oh,” I said. “Thank you for saving her. When might she wake up?”

“We expect it to take her a few days while her mind becomes settled in her new form,” Princess Luna stated. “Her transition shall not be as smooth as yours was.”

“You know how to transform creatures into ponies?” Twilight asked. “That is some impressive magic.”

“Yes from time to time we have been asked to help a interracial couple be more compatible,” Princess Luna mused. “Though it has been well over a thousand years since the last time my sister and I performed that spell. It takes both of us to do it.”

“Could you teach me?” Twilight asked enthusiastically.

“Yes,” Princess Luna said. “Though it may be best to not tell Spike of this spell. It has poor results on dragons.”

“For the time being please withhold this information from Nympha,” Princess Luna commanded. “We know not whether her mother is spying through her form.”

“Is that why she can’t speak?” I asked. “She is very smart for her age. It seems weird, her not being able to talk.”

“We believe that her mother, Queen Chrysalis, has put some sort of enchantment on her preventing her from speaking or acting out of turn,” Princess Luna explained. “Proto-queens are not as tightly tied to the hive as drones and should be able to resist any commands from their mother if they chose to. Still Nympha may be fine with just being a spy for her mother.”

“I know it has only been a couple of days, but she seems...I don’t know just something tells me she doesn’t want to hurt us,” I said. The weight of the last couple of days sat heavy on my shoulders. “We at least have to give her a chance.”

“Everyone deserves a chance,” Twilight stated. “I’ll make sure she has hers.”

Bon Bon had remained frozen in thought since we had entered the room. She had been staring at Annabelle this entire time.

“We can’t take on another little one right now,” Bon Bon stated. She seemed torn by what she was saying. “I don’t want her to go alone but with the twins coming and Nympha our hooves are too full.”

I looked at Bon Bon. We couldn’t put Annabelle out on the streets. I wouldn’t stand for it. Tension and heart fluttering, my breathing increased in pace.

“Wory not, little one,” Luna said gently in my ear. “Annabelle shall not go without. Celestia and myself intend on taking on Annabelle personally. A young alicorn will cause such a stir in the noble houses. Possibly more than you did yourself, Twilight.”

“I can see that,” Twilight said. “I bet Blue Blood will be livid at this. Lilac, I would never let you or any filly be homeless. No need to worry hunny.”

I scooched over in the wheelchair as much as I could and laid my head against Twilight’s neck. She nuzzled my head. Bon Bon rubbed my back with her hoof. The tension slowly leaked away.

“We wouldn’t either,” Bon Bon begin. “But Annabelle is going to need extra help. Help we can’t give right now. She deserves to have that help, and I know the Princesses will make sure she gets it.”

“Bon Bon, We would like you and your family to stay in Canterlot till we can get Annabelle settled. Possibly for a while after. You’ll be compensated for your time,” Princess Luna asked. Her regal pose had changed little since we had entered the room.

“If that is what you wish of us, Princess,” Bon Bon stated.

“Good,” Princess Luna said. “I must go attend to some matters. Annabelle will be safe here. She needs her rest.”

“Yes, princess,” the three of us said in unison.

The group of us left following Princess Luna for a bit, before returning to my room as she continued down the hallway. Shortly after I had been transferred back into my bed Lyra and nympha came into the room. Nympha had an excited prance to her steps. A cart was dragged behind them filled with food for all.

I was served a bowl of oatmeal with fine grain crystallized mana mixed into it. Twilight had once explained that due to Sombra’s spell I had the ability to digest solid form mana, similar to dragons. Still the oatmeal was filling and tasteful, so I had no complaints.

Nympha also had a bowl of oatmeal sans the mana crystals. As with last time her face was covered with nearly as much oatmeal as she managed to swallow. I rubbed her head affectionately. I was looking forward to the twins, but would enjoy my temporary little sibling.

Breakfast was cleared away after some small talk about chocolates and other work which would be on hold as they stayed in Canterlot. Small worries were exchanged and soothed. The peace seemed contagious for I found myself nearly dozing away.

A click and a soft voice herald the entrance of another. She said, “Good morning.”

Princess Cadence brightened the room with her soft pastel tones and brilliant smile as she entered the room. Her belly noticeably bulged with pregnancy. Her presence seemed to stun twilight for a second before she bounced into song.

“Sunshine, Sunshine, Ladybug awake, clap your hooves and do a little shake,” sang both Twilight and Princess Cadence. Twilight performed a little dance while Cadence only pantomimed the dance.

“Sorry with the baby coming I can’t do the dance as well,” Cadence explained to Twilight. “Only a few more months now. How are you doing this morning?”

“Better now that you’re here,” Twilight said excitedly. “We just had breakfast or we would invite you.”

“Oh, thank you but I had already eaten,” Cadence replied earnestly.

“What brings you to grace our presence, Princess?” asked Bon Bon. She hastily wiped the oatmeal from Nympha’s muzzle. “Not that it is an unwelcome surprise.”

“Well, I am here to perform the cleansing on Nympha,” Cadence replied. “That is if she wants it.”

Nympha looked at her with her head tilted to the side eyes scrunched slightly with concentration. I could help but giggle a little at her cute expression. Nympha looked up at me happily.

“Nympha,” Lyra began. Her eyes were filled with worry. “We are a bit worried for you. We think your mom has put an enchantment on you that is preventing you from talking and possibly a number of other things.”

Nympha had started shaking at my side. Her eyes started darting around the room catching the adults eyes each at least once. She pushed herself into my side.

“We would check but the emotion you eat clouds our ability to see,” Twilight explained. “So we were hoping to dispel all magic on you for a second then fill you back up with some replacement magic. So you don’t go into shock or something worse.”

Nympha’s form crumpled at Twilight’s words. She pushed herself further into my side. I wrapped my leg around her back protectively. Nympha leaned into my arm her shaking subsided slightly. I leaned my head against the top of her head, careful to not bang our horns together.

“Twilight,” Bon Bon Chided. She rubbed what little of Nympha’s back was exposed. “Please don’t scare her.”

“Sorry,” Twilight stated abashedly. “Didn’t mean to. Cadence, you’re the one doing the cleanse? Why? I should be able to do it no problem. No need to have wasted your time coming down here while you’re pregnant.”

“Aunty thought that since I am the Alicorn of Love that I may be more gentle to Nympha’s system,” Cadence explained. Confidence oozed off of her voice. “That and we think that my magic being love based may be better for Nympha afterwards.”

Twilight nodded her head. She asked, “Nympha, are you alright with us performing this cleanse on you? You should be able to talk after this. I also will bet you will feel better afterwards as well. I can tell you aren’t feeling all that well but are trying to hide it. If you want this take off your amulet so that doesn’t interfere with the process. We will take that as a yes.”

Nympha nodded slowly. Her shaking started up again. Slowly she removed the amulet from her neck her form shifting back to her natural one. Cadence engulfed Nympha in her magic and levitated her to the center of the room. Cadence closed her eyes and when she reopened them they shone with power. A beam of light shot at Nympha and Nympha started to shake as wisps of green magic flew off her and dissipated into the air. A particularly large one which exited from her entire form blasted the bookshelf sending a puff of papers into the air. Twilight erected a shield around herself, Nympha and Cadence. Several more big burst shot out but dissipated after they hit Twilight’s shield.

Cadence’s magic changed from a beam to a wave which washed over Nympha seeping into her form. She started to glow pink after a while. Cadence Set Nympha down on the edge of my bed. Nympha was shaking badly and the pink glow, while subdued, still shone out her eyes and body. She started to look green and ending up depositing breakfast all over poor mr. Floor. She shakily looked at me before closing her eyes and dropping into a deep sleep. The glow didn’t seem to fade but her shell lost it’s black hue.

“Don’t worry, Lilac, Nympha is just molting,” Twilight sated. “Cadence’s magic must have been a bit much at once.”