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Broken then Healed 2 - Tohshi

Despite still being plagued by nightmares, Lilac has adapt well and spends their time in the idyllic Ponyvile. When pains of the past resurface, Lilac has to help shoulder those pains, and help heal that which was broken.

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Part 1: Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Cracks and Leaks

“I need to go have a talk with Pinkie Pie,” said Twilight. She was quite angry and it showed in her voice. “She should know better than this. I can’t believe she did this to Lilac.”

“Calm,” Luna said. “I have already had a talk to her and she is currently sleeping. She hadn’t slept in over a week and was also intoxicated. It was a poor decision but she will make up for it. Just not now.”

“Don’t tell me to be calm,” Twilight snapped. “What if Lilac hadn’t have thought to get out of town? What would have we done then? A second alicorn going on a rampage in a town. What then? You don’t have any other answers than I do.”

“Twilight, I know things are hard right now but we will get through this,” said Luna. “Please trust me.”

“Don’t be deluded. We have a week till everything changes in ways that we don’t even know how. What will a merger look like? THe world may be coming to an end in a week for all we know and the one pony who does know won’t bucking show his face. But yes let’s just pretend that everything is going to be alright. I am a mother and I can’t even be there to stop my daughter from making a mistake that will change her life forever. That is proof that we are failing,” said Twilight pointing at Midnight. Twilight turned to me. “And you. What the buck were you thinking? No let me guess you weren’t thinking again. Do you have any value for life? And you just make them out of thin air. One of which will never be accepted by ponies because she is different and another that can’t fend for itself and you are clearly not able to do that. I’m done. Buck this. Have fun dealing with this crap show.”

Twilight charged her horn and disappeared in a flash of light and a pop. I was just lost for words. Twilight had never snapped like that before and thoughts of her being under some sort of enchantment ran through my head. I didn’t want to think of having to fight her and Luna would need help if it came to that. Luna looked undisturbed though by this all.

“Do not fret, Lilac,” Luna said. “Twilight has just been bottling up some problems that she hasn’t dealt with. She can stop me from entering her dreams but I am still able to get the gist of their content. I’m sure that she loves you and I suspect that in a few hours she will be more understanding.”

There was a slight flash of light and Discord popped into existence at the end of my bed. He was slumped over it and a literal rain cloud was pouring down on him. Even the colors in his mismatched body seemed drained and dull. Belle patted him on his right leg trying to be comforting. Hope was just bewildered by Discord and had surprise all over her face.

“Nice to see you,” said Luna. “We have so many questions that only you can answer. But something tells me that you aren’t here to answer them.”

“Lets see the world isn’t going to end it is going to change in ways even I can’t understand. That might end your world as in bring about a doom for ponykind but likely not. It will happen in a week from today. That one I can say for certain. At 11:45 am,” said Discord. “However right this moment there is something more pressing. There has been a dimensional breach. Like the one that brought Lilac and Armored to this world. This time was a bit different. It came from your homeworld without our intervention. I think that the god of chaos from that world has added a bit of a present for our world. This breach though is a bit slower than the previous attempts. So in a few minutes they are all gonna crash into Equis. Won’t that be fun.”

“Do you know who it is?” I asked.

“Nope. Not a clue. But I can tell you where they will be,” said Discord. “I know so amazing. Save your applause. There is a big group that is going to land just outside of Las Pegasus and another group that is gonna land about forty kilometers outside of Manehattan. Another group is going to land in between Bellingneigh and Seaddle. One group in Gryphonhelm. Like that one is gonna land in the middle of the whole thing. Oh and a group A bit outside of the Crystal Empire’s borders. Oh and one just inside the Everfree near the Apple farm.”

“How many people is that?” Luna asked. “Are we talking small groups of large ones? Can you send them back?”

“Send them home no idea. As for how many, some of them are going to be small numbers. Like the one in Gryphonhelm is probably gonna be like 2 or three at most. But Manehattan gets the biggest by at least one hundred. The others are in between in sizes,” said Discord. “Lilac any insights to share about your former people.”

“They are going to be scared and some of them might be violent. If they have any guns that could be bad,” I said. “Let me draw you what those look like.”

I pulled a piece of paper over to me from my supplies along with a pencil. It was a crude sketch but it would do for our needs. I drew a few basic version, including a rifle and a handgun. I drew some pictures of what I thought were heavily armed military types.

“So that is a gun. If they have it pointed at you it can hurt you and maybe kill you. I don’t know how tough Alicorns are. The thing fires a small slug of metal at eight hundred meters per second. I think a shield spell should prevent them from hitting you but you would need the shield up before the gun is fired. If one of the humans look like this then you can trust them with their weapons. That is a soldier and they are trained to understand how to deal with hostile environments and won’t loose their cool as much as a civilian. Civilians, so people in any assortment of clothes, with guns are the ones you have to watch. They will be a lot more twitchy. If you destroy the end of the gun it can’t fire safely. Like it will explode when fired. So you can disable the guns that way. Probably best to not try to just rip it out of their hands though,” I explained.

“Thank you for the information. Well we need to spring into action. Lilac I need you to be there for the one nearby. You are strong enough that any fight does occur you can at least teleport all of the group out of there. Belle I want you to stay in the castle. You are going to be in charge of keeping everypony here safe. You know what sort of things these people are going to need I need you to make up a list and get it to the guards. Further still you will be getting messages through Spike on numbers. We are going to have to figure out housing for them. I know logistics are not the most fun thing but it is what these people need of you. Discord I want you to go to the second largest group and keep them safe. If you think that your presence will help calm them then do so but right now calm is what we need,” said Luna. “I will be heading to Manehattan to deal with that group. We have no idea how being here in Equis will affect them so be prepared for anything. Good luck.”

Luna’s horn lit up and she popped out of existence. Discord faded from reality in just a few moments. Leaving the three of us here to our own devices. This was a lot. I had no idea how many would be here but I had to do my best. The everfree was not a place to be trifled with and my magical reserves were not to full yet. They had replenished far more than I had expected though. It must have been part of being an alicorn.

“Belle, take care of Midnight for me while I am gone. Hope, you coming might help but it will be dangerous. I will try to protect you but I don’t hold any illusions on my abilities right now. I am going to leave this too you,” I said.

“I think I want to stay here,” said Hope. “I’ll help Belle and make sure that Midnight is well taken care of.”

“Okay,” I said. There was a sense of relief that ran through it. At least they would be safe. “I”ll be back as soon as I can.”

I charged my horn and popped into existence near the Apple farm. I didn’t have a precise image of where I had wanted to go and I ended up a bit of a distance to the area Discord described. No I was near Fluttershy’s cabin. I must have been out of my mind but I was about to walk into the Everfree forest by myself.

There was a brilliant flash that ran through the sky. It was like a meteor. I hoped it was just the magic of the transfer and not the actual people. None of them were going to survive that impact. I teleported towards the light and pulled up a shield around me. The impact sent a burst of shrapnel and dust rushing towards me but none of it pierced my shield. I charged one more teleport and found myself just inside the devastation.

There in the center of the blast there was a number of black sphere. Each cracked with a bright light spilling out of them. Soon the spheres started to dissolve into a strange smoke that was quickly dissipated. Left behind out of the seven spheres were a scrambled collection of humans. They each seemed unharmed and were in various states of dress and readiness for such an excursion. One guy had nothing more than a pair of boxers but another was in a fancy business outfit. One was a child in a school uniform. Each of them though looked frightened. I slowly approached one of them. My horn was glowing with my magic ready to be unleashed if needed.

“Was ist los? Wo sind wir?” said one of them near me. They were ambiguously dressed in a hoodie and had pale skin and green eyes. They were staring at me with all the wonder in the world. I was pretty certain they were speaking German. “Das ist ein Einhorn. Ein echtes Einhorn. Warte, es hat auch Flügel.”

“Hello,” I said. “Please I know it is confusing but we have to get out of here soon. There are all sorts of monsters that live in this area of the forest and we really don’t want to be here when they show up.”

“Es spricht. Jungs, dieses Einhorn versucht, mit mir zu sprechen,” continued the one wearing a hoodie. They started to walk up to me. They were much bigger than I was and taller than many ponies but smaller than Hope was. There was nothing but joy covering their face. “Alles ist gut. Ich möchte dich streicheln. Ist das gut?”

They reached out and touched my head. It was a bit awkward but I let them feel my hair. I wasn’t certain how I was going to get them to all follow me out of this forest. I tried to mime as best I could that they should follow.

“No hablo alemán. ¿Habla usted Inglés? ¿O español?” said the guy in his underwear. “<<Do you speak english?>>”

“<<Not good.>>” said the person still petting me. The words they spoke were so familiar and yet I didn’t understand them. “<<I am better at reading it.>>

“<<Hey everybody,>>” shouted the dark skinned man in his underwear. “<<We probably should start thinking about trying to get out of here. THis forest doesn’t look like anywhere I know of and I don’t think i want to know what lives in it.>>”

“<<This one is trying to show us something.>> said the person who was still petting my head. “<<It speaks. Not that I understand it.>>”

Noises started to lift out of the forest. Something was about to jump out of the forest. I didn’t want to think of what sort of animals, magical or not, that would be brave enough to come here. We needed to leave now. I went behind the human who was looking at me very confused and their eyes kept darting back towards the sounds that were growing louder and louder. I pushed them in the direction of town and out of the Everfree. It wasn’t enough to push them over but it was enough to get my message across.

“<<The unicorn is trying to get us to leave. I think we should.>>” said the hoodie wearing person. “<<I for one don’t want to find out what is making that much noise.>>”

We were too late. A large snake like snout burst into the clearing left by the impact. It had to be a lyndwurm. It pounced forward on its two legs attempting to catch one of the humans in its mouth. The young child screamed. I blasted the wurm sending it off course just enough to save the human from being eaten. It didn’t take any more encouraging for the group of humans to start running. Most of them went in the same direction towards the relative safety of the edge of the forest. The child was just frozen and one had ran off in the wrong direction. I lifted the child with my magic and felt a strange drain in doing so. It was as if the child was sucking at my magic pulling it away from me. I should have figured as much considering Belle’s arrival in Equis. Still I had enough energy to at least push the kid into running away. The other straggler however was much bigger and was much quicker. Having them run further into the forest wouldn’t do well so I summoned a golem which blocked their path. They screamed as the golem lifted from the ground. I didn’t have time to make sure they got to safety as the Lyndwurm struck at me. Its massive tail slammed down where I had been just a moment earlier. Thankfully my teleportation at short range had gotten quite quick.

Lyndwurms were not common around this part of the forest and Twilight had warned me that they were quite aggressive in their hunting. If one was out here then running wasn’t much of an option. At least not till I scared it off. I summoned a large amount of my magic and called forth another golem. The Lyndwurm ignored my alley and snapped at me again. I wasn’t ready for another teleport and only managed to dodge ever so slightly. The creature's arm was much quicker than my reflexes and it grabbed me and started to squeeze. The pain was not the worse that I had ever felt but it was enough that I couldn’t concentrate on my magic at all. Thankfully my golem came to my rescue and punched the Lyndwurm in the face. The wurm’s grip loosened enough that I was able to focus on my magic and I teleported to the far end of the clearing.

The golem’s punch gave the lyndwurm a pause for a moment. With its mouth gaping, fire shot out of the Lyndwurm melting my golem into a pool of molten rock. This was not a fight I was going to win. Not without resorting to much more powerful magic. I called to the life surrounding us. I asked for its help. The vines and trees responded. The very Everfree itself responded to my call and my magic. Vines wrapped around the Lyndwurm and tree roots grew around its feet. Soon the thing was held down by so many vines and plants that it barely looked like a creature at all.

The drain of that magic was immense. I could barely keep myself upright let alone walk back to town just yet. A pair of arms wrapped around my midsection and lifted me into the air. It was quite awkward to say the least but I didn’t fight the help. The German speaking hoodie wearing human was hurrying as fast as they could through the thick brush away from the clearing. Hopefully the two stranglers had made it out. I wasn’t in any condition to go find out. We broke through the edge of the forest out into a clear field that separated the orchard from the forest. All seven of the humans were huddled near each other. We weren’t alone though. Rainbow Dash was hovering above the group. She seemed concerned about the way I was being held but that she didn’t want to cause a scene. In the distance I could see Applejack and Big Mac headed this way.

“It is alright Rainbow Dash,” I said loudly. “This one just helped me get out of the forest. There is a Lyndwurm nearby that I restrained but I don’t trust that to hold them we need to get out of here.”

“Alright let's get moving. Come on. Move it,” shouted Rainbow Dash. Most of the humans just looked up at her dumbfounded. She dashed over to me and the human who was still holding me. “Do they understand Equish? Or anything?”

“No not Equish but they do understand some languages. None that I can speak but yeah. We need to take them to the castle. I don’t have the energy to teleport them even if I could. Rainbow can you go get a few guards. Like four of them that shouldn’t scare the humans too much,” I asked. “We need to make sure that Lyndwurm doesn’t decide to come to Ponyville. Luna isn’t here right now and I don’t know where Twilight is.”

“You can count on me, but are you going to be alright here by yourself,” said Rainbow.

“Applejack is on her way with Big Mac,” I said. “I’ll be fine till they get here.”

“Okay one group of guards coming right up,” said Rainbow Dash before she flew away at a speed that almost knocked over the human holding me from the wind.

Most of the humans were seemingly in a shock. The child who had to have been no older than eight was crying into another’s arms and everyone looked more than a bit scared. I didn’t even know where to begin on getting them up and ready to go. I pointed at Applejack with an arm that I had to pry out from the German human’s grip. They seemed to get what I wanted and started to walk towards Applejack. A couple of the other humans followed us towards AJ. But four of them were still sitting near the edge of the forest.

“Whoa, are them what you used to be?” asked Applejack as she came into talking range. “Weird creatures. Where did they all come from?”

“We don’t know,” I said. “We have to get out of here though. I left a Lyndwurm tied up a hundred meters into the forest.”

It was as if I had spoke of the devil and he showed up for the Lyndwurm roared and a gout of fire spewed into the air above where the clearing was. That got the humans running again though this time towards us. Applejack and Big Mac lead us into the orchard and towards their home. It wasn’t the best solution but at least we would be safe there. The humans followed. The one who had been comforting the kid, had them riding on their shoulders. I could only imagine what was going on in their minds. We didn’t make it to the farmhouse before one of them collapsed.

We crowded around the one that had fallen. It was the middle aged man in a business suit. There was a faint glow to his body and I didn’t know could be affecting him. But it was clear he was in pain. I hopped out of the German person’s arms and walked up to the one on the ground. There was a heat to the air that was abnormal and magical. I looked around at the other humans and I noticed that the kid was also out and glowing. Great this was going to happen to all of them. It must have been magical overload of some sort though how that was going to manifest when it kept building was beyond me.

Another one collapsed and everyone started to panic. I erected a large field around us preventing them from running away. Two more fainted leaving only underwear guy and German person left awake. The two of them huddled near each other eyeing their fellow humans. The underwear man dropped too.

“Was ist los? Ich fühle mich sehr warm,” said the German person. They fell to their knees and were clutching their head. “Es schmerzt. Hör auf. Bitte.”

I walked over to them and placed my horn against their head. I reached out with my magic trying to stop the outburst. All this did was increase the reaction as they ate greedily from my magic. It grew worse and worse but I gained some insight on what was happening. Their souls had sucked up as much of the ambient magic in the area replenishing their empty wellsprings but that magic didn’t flow like it would in a native of Equis. The magic was fixing that. It was changing them. I wasn’t certain how but I was pretty certain they were growing ley lines so that their magic could properly flow through them.

“Lilac, what is happening to them?” asked Applejack. “This is hard to watch.”

“We need to get them to the hospital or to the castle and medical staff to them. I wish Twilight was here she would have a solution but right now I don’t have one,” I said. “I am pretty certain that their bodies are adapting to magic but what that is going to mean is beyond me.”

“Okay,” said Applejack. “I won’t sit by idly while a pony is in pain. Big Mac run and grab the cart. We can hall the lot of them to the hospital that way. Be easier and probably safer than trying to carry them ourselves.”

Big Mac only nodded and galloped away with an urgency I had only seen in him once before. It was maybe five minutes before he returned. We loaded them up in the cart as nicely as possible but some of them had to be piled ontop of eachother so that they would all fit. I made sure that was legs only. I wasn’t much use in getting them into the cart though as every time I tried to levitate them I found my magic being sucked into them and the spell would fail. The roars of the Lyndwurm were getting louder and I didn’t want to stay here anymore.

Somehow the German person had stayed awake despite the magical overload and I could tell that their magic was still building in them. The other humans had remained at a semi constant rate of magic flow. I wish I knew how to help them but it seemed beyond me. So instead I leaned up against them in the car and tried to comfort them as much as possible. It seemed to work as they were petting me. Again it was a bit weird but if that made them more comfortable it would work for now.

The trip to town was a bit bumpy as Big Mac was hurrying more than usual. We made it to the hospital some ten minutes later and the glow around each of the humans had yet to stop. I could feel that even without casting any spells the German was pulling on my magic slowly draining it. It wasn’t enough to be a problem in the least but I was worried for the build up in them that was growing more and more likely. They were sweating profusely and had stopped petting me by the time we made it to the hospital.

Applejack went in to acquire help and with it the Humans were loaded on stretchers and wheeled into the Hospital. The staff didn’t seem to even notice that I followed them in. I was the only source of information on the humans that was available for any of them and knew I need to be available to help.

“Princess,” said a brown coated doctor. “What are these creatures? I can tell there is something wrong with them but none of the scanning spells are working on them.”

“They are humans,” I explained. I wasn’t certain how much information I should give out but I had to make sure they survived. “They are from another world. Magic is the problem right now. Their systems are trying to adapt to magic as the world they are from didn’t have any magic. Their souls have gathered a glut of mana trying to fill their wellspring but their bodies are able to process the mana and I think it is changing them to be able to do so.”

“Is there anything that you can think of to help them through this,” asked the doctor. “I don’t even know where to start with that.”

“Monitor their heart rate and maybe get an IV with saline in them. I don’t know maybe a bit of pain meds would help. I have no medical knowledge of their species,” I said. “I’m sorry I don’t have any other answers.”

“You did what you would, your highness,” said the doctor. “No one can ask for more. Do you want to stay with them? It might be a good idea to have a princess on hand just in case.”

“I do want to stay,” I said. “It is my responsibility to see them safe.”

“I am going to go try a few tests to see if we can get some results. It would be nice if we had a baseline to go with but for now we will work with what we have,” said the doctor.

“What kind of tests? Sorry to keep you but I might have some basic knowledge I guess it is just sort of hard for me to remember it without prompting,” I said. “Like the Human body is supposed to be around thirty seven degrees. If it gets higher than four degrees more it can kill the human. I know they give them ice baths if they get too hot. I know that their heartbeat shouldn’t be above one fifty while exercising or something around there.”

“Thanks,” said the doctor. “At least it gives us something to go on.”

The doctor lead the way into a big open room. It was an overflow room and nurses were busily trying to set up equipment. I hoped that it would work as much of it was based on magic. I wasn’t certain if the human’s would siphon off even that magic. I sat in the corner near the child trying to stay out of the way. None of the humans were looking good and I wasn’t certain what I could do to help them or if anything could be done.

The doctor got to work trying every method he had that was non-magical in nature. I focused on my own magic and pushed that to open my secondary senses. They were confusing to me but I could see the magic running through the humans. It was weird to see the stuff slowly flowing through them disappointing as it did. I wish I knew more of what this did or meant though. There seemed to be pulses of magic as the mana was sucked out of the air by the humans and then sent through their system. Patterns had started to form but just so. Each pulse got a small amount further before dissipating.

In time this would stop but the question was how soon would that be and would they survive the process if it took too long. I was pretty certain I could speed up the process by intentionally pushing magic through their system. I had much more than was available from the ambient mana sphere. Would such an action further endanger them though. I needed more data.

I walked over to one of the nurses who had been visiting each of the humans with a stethoscope and thermometer. He was taking notes on what was collected. He had two more on his list as he walked from one to another.

“Can I see your data?” I asked. “I can tell you if there are any problems with them.”

“Oh uh sure,” said the nurse.

I glanced over the numbers all of them had temperatures around forty degrees and a few were at forty one degrees. This needed to end now or they would fry their brains. The German had the worse at nearly forty two degrees.

I rushed over to them. Another nurse was packing ice packs around them. It wasn’t going to be enough. They needed to be cooled down now. I started to pack on the ice packs as well.

“We need a tub of icy water for this one,” I said. “Also we should get them out of these clothes so that this works better. Do you have scizzors?”

The nurse handed me a pair and I started to cut their clothing off of them. Rarity was going to have some more work for her after all. What I found underneath confused me a little but I didn’t want to make any concern to the pony doctors and nurses. That and it was none of my business.

The nurse had run off and found the largest bin they could find. It would have fit a pony but humans were a bit too long so we. The only problem was that the tub was empty. I focused on my magic. Twilight had taught me to summon water though it had proved too difficult for practical purposes before my transformation. Now that I had so much more mana hopefully this wasn’t going to be a waste. I poured my mana into the spell matrix. From my horn shot a stream of water that was quite cold. It took me a minute or so to fill the tub and I was feeling somewhat drained from that. I would need to practice this spell more. Well that and maybe an actual rest today would be a good idea. I had less than a tenth of my magic left. Still it would have to do for what I needed. The nurse who was an earth pony stallion had no trouble lifting our patient into the water. I held their head up above the water while I waited for it to work. It would take ten minutes at least. I kept checking their temperature with the crystal that the nurse had left me. It was decreasing but by very small amounts less than a tenth of a degree every minute or so.

The magical reaction was taking too long. This would be deadly if something wasn’t done to speed it up. I flagged down the doctor as he walked by. A few of the others were being prepped for ice baths.

“Doctor, I think I have a way to hurry their magical reaction and in doing so hopefully get them through this tricky part faster,” I said. “But you are the doctor and honestly my idea might just be dumb.”

“At this point I don’t have any answers but I agree that something needs to be done now. Their pulses are getting well beyond what you suggested and I can tell that the stress to their bodies is causing damage,” said the Doctor. “You are the most knowledgeable of these creatures here. If you have a plan it is worth at least listening to. What is your plan?”

“I want to accelerate the process by providing the mana to them directly instead of them sapping it fromt the manasphere. I know that this will speed the magics effects and I don’t think there is a stopping this without killing them. I think the best we can do is either wait it out or make it happen quicker in hopes that it being faster helps them survive,” I said. “But I don’t know. I am not a doctor and in no way am an expert on these creatures.”

“I don’t like waiting. Not when they seem to be getting worse. We should at least try this but on the most stable,” said the doctor. “That way we reduce the risk of this going badly.”

“Okay, which one is that?” I asked.

The doctor lead me over to a twenty looking woman. She was being wrapped in ice packs as we came up. The doctor took her heartrate again.

“She has the most stable sounding heartrate,” said the doctor. “Her temperature is still rising but I think that this one is the most likely to survive this attempt. If this works the unicorn staff can replicate what you are about to attempt.”

“Okay,” I said. “That is good I am sort of running on empty here.”

“Don’t push yourself too much. And start small. We want to observe this as much as possible,” said the doctor.

I channeled my magic once more triggering my magical senses. I the lifted their hand to my horn and poured my magic into them. I could see the process of them growing leylines speed up. It was working. I pushed more mana into them and watched as the ley lines started to flesh out and head away from her core. It was a good sign. Her wellspring was smaller than I was expecting but it was growing with the magic that I poured into her at a steady rate. I pushed even more and soon they had complete leylines. Returning to my normal sight I saw the glow around them fade and they seemed to relax.

“It worked,” said the doctor. “Their temperature went up in that time but only just. How much mana did it take to finish the spell?”

“Four to five kilolites,” I said. “Too much for most ponies to provide. I think I can do this for most of them. I have the energy but if the unicorn staff work together on some of the more stable patients that would save us a lot of time. Ten minutes each would take a lot out of me.”

“Yeah that would cause magical burnout in all of our staff except for maybe two of them. But if we work together we should be able to take care of some of the load from you. I want to make sure you aren’t suffering from burn out though before we continue,” said the doctor. “Just let me do a quick scan of you and we can get to work on this solution.”

The doctor’s horn lit up and I could feel the tingle of being scanned. I was not feeling up to snuff but it would have to work. I didn’t have much of a choice right now. The doctor however was not looking happy at me when he came out of his scan.

“You are already burn out. Any further of this and you might risk horn blowout. I can’t in good consciousness let you do any more. We will figure out something,” said the doctor. “Don’t make me confine you to bed for the next day.”

“Doctor we don’t have time for that,” I said. “I have to do this. I’m the only one here who can.”

“You can rely on others for stuff. We will go and ask a few of the more magically gifted in town to help out. We can have them all here in twenty minutes. This isn’t a thing that you need to do,” said the doctor. “We need our princesses right now more than ever. You have to take care of yourself first.”

“You go gather the unicorns for that,” I said. “I know I have at least one more in me so let me take care of the one in worst condition and you can handle the rest. I don’t know if they will survive otherwise.”

“Fine, but you have my complaints and a promise of a told you so afterwards,” said the doctor.

I walked over to the German patient. They were still in the icy water bath. It had barely reduced their temperature. This needed to end as soon as possible. I focused on my magic again and turned to my other senses. They had the least amount of progress out of the humans I had looked at. I touched my horn to their head and started channeling. I poured more magic in at a time than I had for the other human and still their progress was slower. My horn started to hurt and I was having trouble concentrating over the pain. I was at most half way through when I had to stop. I had done what I could and anymore the doctor would be right. I stumbled up onto the bed that the human had been on and passed out.

Author's Note:

So yeah. My German and Spanish is well quite horrible. most of the time the humans are going to be speaking english marked by the <<arrow brackets>> but not always. I took three years of German in Highschool but that was ten plus years ago now so yeah relied on a dictionary and google translate more than I wanted too. I have no experience with Spanish so that was all google translate. so yeah if I butchered a language that you speak please let me know so I can fix it.

Also as some of you are going to be like even more characters WTF? Most of this is set up for Part 2 which is coming soonish. At this rate it might be a bit due to it being a day is all in story...yeah this may take a number of chapters yet.