• Published 1st Jul 2015
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Broken then Healed 2 - Tohshi

Despite still being plagued by nightmares, Lilac has adapt well and spends their time in the idyllic Ponyvile. When pains of the past resurface, Lilac has to help shoulder those pains, and help heal that which was broken.

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Part 1: Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Panic. Images of Annabelle jumping off of buildings or bridges, of her being ran over by cars, of her being taken by bad men. All the while I would be forced to watch and not be able to intervene. We had to figure a way to interact through this portal.

I finally realized that Twilight was holding me in a hug. She softly sang into my ear, “Ssssh, its alright. Don't worry, everything will be alright. Maybe she is just out having fun.”

I could feel my muscles relax as I let myself listen to Twilight's words. I couldn't get the tears to stop and I just buried my head in twilight's side. We sat there for ages, Twilight whispering soft words to me, trying to calm my storm.

Her efforts finally made head way. I looked at the screen again. The autumn sun was nearing the horizon and the large shadows had nearly engulfed Annabelle. Why was she out on the streets alone? What happened to Mrs Smith? Did she have a place to go to that night? Why?

“Mrs Smith wouldn't let her play on the street like this,” I whispered. “Something is wrong.”

“We can turn off the spell if it is too much,” Twilight offered. “You don't have to go through this.”

“No,” I nearly yelled. “I need to know more, we have to help her if things don't get better for her.”

“Our methods last time, weren't the most reproducible,” Twilight explained. “I am uncertain as to how we could help yet. Don't worry I will have a solution this time.”

With a loud pop a large number of books appeared in the room, along with an assortment of journals. Twilight began reading from four of them at once her horn glowing along with the books. She seemed lost to the world already.

“Lilac, can you go get Spike please?” Twilight mumbled. Her focus barely shifting from the books she smiled at me. “Don't worry I got this.”

I nodded and headed out the door. Spike would likely be in his room around now or having lunch. The thought of lunch made my stomach growl, so to the kitchens I went first. The walk to the kitchen was long enough for me to gather my composure as much as possible. My eyes were probably bloodshot but little could be done for that with out magic, magic I didn't know.

Spike was having his usual chit chat with the head chief over their lunch. The increase in castle staff had been a good thing for the young dragon, as he found a number of new friends.

Swallowing a large bite of what appeared to be ruby meatballs, Spike cleared his throat. Spike said, “So what's the plan for dinner?”

“Eh, not certain yet,” said Flaam Bay. “I have a bunch of lettuce that needs using though so expect some sort of salad. I was thinking a festive one, it is almost Fall solstice.”

“Yeah and then winter,” Spike said excitedly. “I love making snowmen with the Apple Bloom and her friends.”

“Sorry to interrupt,” I said quietly. “Twilight needs you, Spike. She likely wants to send a letter to the Princesses.”

“Sorry Flaam, gotta go,” Spike stated enthusiastically. “Number One Assistant duties call.”

“Its fine,” Flaam Bay said gingerly. “Lilac, I figure that means she is neck deep in some sort of research then?”

I nodded my head as an answer. Flaam Bay was a kind pony and the castle was much warmer with him in it. He was a dark blue Earth pony with dark black hair cut short and held back by a hair net. His apron was perpetually dirty with the days food. He had a nice smile and it did warm me to see it.

With my foul mood ruining any conversation we would have otherwise had, Flaam Bay asked, “Would you mind delivering a sandwich to Twilight then? Why don't you take a lunch for yourself as well.”

“Okay,” I mumbled. I grabbed the two bags he handed me with my magic. My endurance had increased dramatically, much to my delight.

“Oh and Lilac, if you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here,” Flaam Bay said gently. “With a cup of cocoa, too.”

“Thanks,” I said quietly. I gave a little bow, and then retreated from the kitchen. I passed Spike on the way back to the viewing room. He had a skip in his step. He truly did love helping out and I don't think Twilight would manage with out him.

Twilight was busy still reading a letter, seemingly a response from her mentor. A few papers floated in her grip, with the most complex arcane marks I had ever seen drawn on them. Her brow was crinkled in concern. She seemingly read the letter three times.

“I brought lunch,” I said quietly.

Twilight looked down at me a gentle smile on her face. She took the out held back from me and nuzzled a thanks across my head. Twilight said, “Thanks. A meal is just what I need, I think I might be able to do something but it will take some time for me to prepare it. I have to add this matrix into the current spell with out disrupting the spell. Then we should be able to interact at least a bit. Also it should make travel possible. Well only in one direction and only with a huge amount of energy expended.”

She paused her explanation to take a bite out of her daisy sandwich. Mine was of similar variety and we munched on them in quiet. Twilight busy with thoughts, and myself observing the screen.

Annabelle had gotten up and was wandering the streets. For hours I watched, my heart pained with my inaction. The long shadows cast by the setting sun made those streets look more and more menacing. She had found a pile of cardboard and had climbed into it. She must have fallen asleep there for the view had become motionless. The smears of city life littered the alleyway. It was no place for a child. I kept fighting my own tiredness, though it won in the end, as always.

I ran down a dark street. Lamps flickered with the faintest of glows. My heavy breathing was joined by two others. To my right Melody ran her face full of freight. Annabelle to my left. Both of their hands being pulled in my magic. A large thunderous boom crashed behind us. Followed by the slight shudder of the ground at measured paces. Gaining on us I could hear it crush through cars and lamp posts causing sparks and sirens to fill the air.

It's large hand struck out like lightning. Melody screamed as the teeth filled monstrosity ate her. Blood dribbled down its chin as it chuckled lightly. It was still gaining and I knew it would catch us. Pushing Annabelle ahead of me, I turned and faced my monster.

Beams of magic fired from my head as I futilely attempted to delay it. It batted me with it's large hand, sending me flying into a nearby car. Then with an evil glint of joy in it's black abyss like eyes it grabbed Annabelle. Her scream was ear piercing as it squeezed her.

The world shifted and we were on top of my old building. It chuckled as it pushed me from the building. I watch as I speed towards the ground as he dropped Annabelle's lifeless form into its gaping maw.

Crash. Lightning from outside woke me. The dark of my room did little to help keep at bay my darker emotions. I wish Lyra or Bon Bon were here. I wanted a hug. I got out of bed dragging my fuzzy blanket with me, it still wrapped around my shoulders. I walked down the hall to Twilight's bedroom Where she was sitting with a light on reading. Owliscious hooted gently when I entered the room.

Looking up from her book Twilight smiled gently. She asked, “A nightmare?”

I nodded my head as I climbed up onto the bed next to her. I shook back and forth searching for the the best place to lay, eventually settling on a nice place next to Twilight. She slowly petted my head. Soon sleep found me again.

I woke the next morning as the last bits of the morning shadows were just being chased away. Twilight had already gotten up and a plate with my morning muffin sat on the night stand. My belly full and my mind more focused I headed back to the viewing room.

A message had been taped to the door. It indicated that Twilight was in the middle of heavy spell casting and needed to not be interrupted till she was done. A second smaller note was addressed to me. It read:

Lilac, I know that you are worried about Annabelle but I need some time alone with this problem to be able to fix it. I also think you could use some fresh air, so why don't you go over to Sweet Apple Acres, and play with the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Love Twilight
Grumbling about my exile, I slithered off towards outside. I got a block or two away from the castle and my mood had started to brighten already. There wasn't anything but pout that I could do in the castle. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo would all be in school at this point so I headed to the school house. With no hurry I meandered in my path, taking a scenic route and just enjoying the pleasant weather. Jumping around puddles and frolicking in the last bits of fall weather. I let go of my worries for a while.

I spent a couple hours making a very roundabout way to the school house and managed to line up my visist with lunch break. The noises of playground joy filtered through the air. The Crusaders were off sitting at one of the benches chatting amongst themselves. The day must have been going well because Cheerilee was also outside enjoying the weather. She waved at me as I approached the school gate.

“Good day,” I chirped at Cheerilee. “I have some free time and was well told to go outside today...”
Cheerilee smile lit up in laughter. She said mirthfully, “Fresh air is good for a young pony. Did you want to join us today? We are actually a bit a head of schedule so we are having a play day for the rest of the day.”

“That would be awesome,” I said.

The small rumble of an approaching storm heralded the Crusader's arrival. Sweetie Belle gave me a quick hug.

“Come to play today?” She asked joyfully. “You picked a good day. We were just planing a crusade just now. Why don't you join in?”

“Yeah come help us,” Scootaloo stated. “You always have ways of spicing up our ideas.”

“With warnings,” I retorted. “Those were things not to do, not suggestions.”

“Eh, Pretty much the same thing,” Apple Bloom joked. “Besides we the stuff we have been doing recently has been going pretty well. At least in the safely coming home department. No luck on our Cutie Marks yet.”

“So what is the plan this time?” I asked with dread in my voice.

“Well,” Sweetie Belle started. I could tell already this was not going to go well. “What do you know of magic plants?”

“That they exist,” I replied dryly. “We haven't really gone over them much yet.”

“Zecora came to class early this week and did a presentation for us,” Apple Bloom said. “Talked about Zap Apples.”

“Yeah, and this really cool and really rare flower,” Scootaloo said excitedly. “Apparently it can give you a great idea.”

“It's called the Epiphany Blossom,” Sweetie Belle explained. “Yeah if you make a tea out of it then drink it, it will give you an amazing idea.”

“And seeing as we have been sorta running dry on ideas now for a while,” Apple Bloom continued.

“We figured it was some time for tea. The flower kind not making it we already tried that one. So boring,” Scootaloo stated.

“So let me guess the flower grows atop a mountain where a dragon makes their home and is guarded by a large fire breathing bird,” I asked sarcastically.

“No silly,” Sweetie Belle said. “It supposedly grows out in the center of the Everfree forest.”

“You mean the monster infested, dark and spooky forest, that we have all been told to stay out of?” I asked.

“Well yeah, but this time it is really important to go,” Scootaloo stated. “Besides as long as we get back before diner we won't get into trouble.”

I faced hoofed. Looking at the excited faces in front of me, I asked, “And let me guess you want me to come with you?”

“Yeah, we could use to have some one as good as you at magic along,” Sweetie Belle said. “My light spells aren't the best still and you are pretty awesome with telekinesis, too.”

“And you lot will go, even if I don't come with?” I asked. Nods were the answer I received from the three fillies. “Well I guess me with you will help your likelihood of not getting eaten.”

“I told you we only got eaten once and that was an accident, the whale didn't mean to,” Scootaloo explained.

That didn't comfort me for some reason. I sighed heavily. I asked, “When do we leave?”

“As soon as class is out,” Apple Bloom said. “We need to stop by the club house and grab our adventuring packs.”

“I am gonna go do some refresher on a spell I learned about recently,” I said quietly. “Something tells me we may need a flare before this is done.”

I left the trio to go ask Cheerilee to borrow the book I wanted. Flare spells were fairly basic stuff and Twilight said all young unicorns are taught it. It was a single form matrix which had thankfully been fairly easy to grasp.

Thankfully Cheerilee did have the book I needed. A Beginner's Guide to Essential Spells. I flipped to the page of the spell, and reviewed it. With a quick glow of my horn shot off a small flare of sparkles and amber color which went about twice as high as the school building. A passing pegasus swung over the school checking for alarm, but I just waved at them as they passed. They smiled and passed on.

Deeper into the book were a few more difficult spells. The one that intrigued me allot but I had not managed to perform yet was a shield spell. Apparently Twilight's brother was very good at them, though my talents seemed to lie else where. I had yet to make any progress on the spell, and I was starting to wish I had been more stubborn on this spell.

A spent awhile going over the spell, though I didn't try any casting. I didn't want to drain myself before our tromp off into the forest. I flipped through the book looking for anything that struck my fancy. Finding nothing I returned the book to the shelf it belonged on and returned to my friends.

“So yeah the flower must be around this part of the forest,” Apple Bloom stated excitedly. She was pointing towards a spot on a crudely drawn map in the dirt. “I mean we have ruled out all other possibilities.”

“Yeah there or over here,” Sweet Belle stated as she pointed to a spot on their map. “I hope it isn't there though. I really don't want to have to wade through a swamp again.”

“Me neither,” Scootaloo said disgusted. “I don't think I will ever feel clean after the last time we did that.”

“What it's just mud?” Apple Bloom retorted.

“Swamp mud takes it to a new level,” I stated mater of factually. “So how are we getting there?”

Taking a stick Apple bloom started to trace a route through the forest. She explained, “So we will start on the trail to Zecora's hut, less cross country that way. Then we will cut across the river here, there was a fallen log there last time we were there. After that its just a hike through the forest to where we want to go. Oh and its a bit up hill to, well we think.”

“Sounds like a plan, I guess,” I stated.

“Class dismissed,” Yelled Cheerilee from near the school house. “See you all tomorrow.”

“Bye Miss Cheerilee,” shouted the trio as we speed off towards the club house. Scootaloo made short work of the distance and after exchanging their school packs for their adventuring packs, mine in tow, we headed off towards the forest. We left the wagon near the edge of the path and started down the darken trail.

The trees of the Everfree always sent shivers up my back. I swore they had eyes and were watching us as we passed. Half way there we passed a large field of blue flowers that made the forest almost seem idyllic for a moment. But as fast as we had come upon the clear, it was also gone. Replace by more of the menacing trees. Chirps and calls of unknown birds filled the air but other than that there were no signs of fauna.

About twenty minutes into our walk we diverged off the trail down a much less used one. Branches started to drag down in our backs and catch in our hair, as if the trees were reaching out to grab us. The small rumble of a rough river started to be heard over the forest sounds. In ten more minutes we had made it to a fallen log which bridge the river nicely.

Scootaloo went first followed by myself. I stared at the log beneath me as I slowly inched my away across our makeshift bridge. The white rapids of the water hung below me by feet, and for a second I swear I saw a huge eye looking up out of the water at me. But the eye disappeared in a flash of purple. Safely on the other side Apple Bloom and Sweetie followed suit though at a much more relaxed pace than my crawl across the log.

“See that wasn't that bad,” Sweetie Belle whispered at me after she crossed. “I knew you could do it.”

I smiled at her encouragement.

Our trek slowed considerably as our path took us away from any trails. As far as I could tell we were headed in the right direction but with the sky almost completely blocked by the over head branches it was hard to tell. My light spell light our way forward. Menacing was no longer the right word for the trees, which at this point were downright terrifying. Though I was the only one who seemed to have such thoughts, I stilled tried to stick close to Sweetie Belle. Her closeness helped chase away my own fears.

A lone howl called a bit off. I jumped at the sudden noises and the rest of the group paused.

“Don't worry, Lilac. That was pretty far off,” Scootaloo stated. “Besides that being the first one we have heard is weird normally they are a little more noisy.”

“Yeah, that was far off enough to not worry,” Apple Bloom stated. “Though no point in delaying, just in case.”

We redoubled our pace towards the hill that was starting to come into view now. After another twenty minutes Scootaloo climbed up a tree to get a better view at our progress. The many vines and ivy making climbing the trees trivial. The birds were still at it, in their unique songs. Scootaloo came tumbling down the tree with a loud thud as she landed on her hooves.

“We are about half way there,” Scootaloo stated. “Maybe another twenty to thirty minutes from here. Oh and you can see the Castle from here.”

“Well of course you can see Twilight's castle from here,” I stated.

“No silly not that castle, the Castle of the Twin Sisters,” Sweetie Belle corrected.

“Oh, yeah I forgot that was out here,” I said. “Well it is good to know we are making progress.”

“Yeah, come on girls we are this close to finding out what our cutie marks are supposed to be,” Apple bloom stated enthusiastically. She started back down our way towards the hill. “I wonder how that tea is gonna taste.”

“I bet it tastes like mint,” Scootaloo stated. “That's the best tea.”

We continued to make progress, only having to backtrack around one cliff, that was just a little to deep to want to climb into and up the other side. Thankfully our detour didn't last too long and soon we were on our way again. The trees had been growing more varied as we went, becoming more alive with color and a bit less demonic in appearance. At the base of the hill we found an old staircase leading upwards, laid into the side of the hill.

“I wonder why this is out here?” I asked.

“Maybe part of the old castle grounds,” Sweetie Belle stated.

“I bet there is some sort of treasure up here,” Scootaloo said. “Well beyond the flower.”

“Maybe they just had a watch tower up here,” Apple Bloom commented.

“Eh it is nice to have an easy way up though,” I stated.

“Yeah,” the trio said in unison.

Our trip up the hill took more time that I was expecting as the stair way meandered back and forth across the rocky hill. A number of flowers were doting the rocky outcrops. It made this part of the forest strangely beautiful. Even the trees had lost their menacing qualities.

The bird calls seemed more varied here, and I spotted a little bright red breasted robin as we passed. We stopped and watched as a deer passed us slowly hopping away into the brush. A strange peace came over the group as we walked.

Finally coming to the top of the hill, the ruins of a tower sat scattered around. On top of a large stone block stood a single white blossom which glowed in the sun. It seemed to be shaped similar to a rose, though no thorns could be found on its stem.

“That's it,” Sweetie Belle stated excitedly. “We found it girls.”

“Hurrah,” the trio yelled in unison. “Cutie mark crusaders are go.”

With help from the three of us Sweetie Belle scramble on top of the giant block of stone. Picking the flower, she carefully placed it into a jar and stored it in her bag.

The sun was inching towards the horizon as we gathered for a small snack before heading back home. The castle Scootaloo had mention before was easily spotted between the trees that doted the top of the hill. The snack consisted of some granola bars and dried fruit. With our stomachs pacified we packed our bags and started to head out.

“We are gonna be in trouble,” I said. “No way we are gonna get back in time now.”

“Yeah this was a bit further than I thought it was gonna be,” said Apple Bloom.

“But it will be worth it if this tea works,” Scootaloo proclaimed.

“Hey girls, be quite for a minute,” Sweetie Belle said sternly. “Do you hear that?”

Listening for a moment, I could hear what ever she had heard. In fact it was strangely quiet. I stated, “We need to leave now. Somethings wrong.”

“Yeah. Where are the birds?” asked Apple Bloom.

“I don't want to know what scared them away,” Scootaloo countered. “Lets not find out.”

We started our rushed descent down the stony stairs. Some howls could be heard but they were much closer now than they had been the previous times. We made it down the hill in no time flat. The others started running down the path we had come.

Noticing another path, I called out, “Hey there is a path here it might be quicker to go this way.”

The others rushed over to where I had pointed. A stone path had once lead away from the stairs, seemingly in the direction of the castle. Despite its over grown state it seemed like a better bet than pushing our way through the brush in the way we had come.

“Yeah lets try this,” Apple Bloom stated. “At least we wont' get as caught up in the undergrowth if we have to fight.”

With nothing left to say we took off down the overgrown path. Our hooves causing a slight racket as we thundered down the stones. What ever was out there definitely knew we were here now. Reaching out with my magic I grabbed onto any branches hanging above the path. My grip was strong enough that several branches broke flying along with us in a amber glow. I dropped the group of them behind us. Hopefully that would delay our pursuers.

Several times I piled debris on our trail as we speed down the winding path towards the castle ruins. My attempts were for not, for before too long timberwolves could be seen in the distance dashing down the path.

“Hurry girls,” I hollered. “Maybe we can take refuge in the castle.”

“Yeah,” Apple Bloom yelled. “We can make it there.”

Sweetie Belle started flinging flares into the air, which exploded over the tree line. Her concentration on her spell work made her loose sight on the path and she tripped over a upturned stone brick. She yelped in panic as she tumbled down the path, head over rump. Picking herself up, Sweetie Belle started to limp after us. Her back hoof was bent at a weird angle.

Seeing the trouble she was in Apple Bloom rushed to put herself between the oncoming wolves as Scootaloo and myself helped Sweetie Belle move faster. The yips and howls of the wolves grew louder as the closed the distance between us. A rickety rope bridge came into view a couple hundred feet down the path as we rounded a bend. Hope fluttered as we neared salvation but the sounds of the wolves came down upon us.

A large monster of a wolf, comprised of tree branches and some evil smoke jumped out of the brush to our right. Apple Bloom, quick on her feet, planted a thunderous kick to the side of its head. With it's head flung to the air, the wolf collapsed into a pile of sticks.

As soon as one had fallen another wolf jumped from the other side of the path. Scootaloo pushed us three out of the way of it's claws, though she herself was a smite to bit slow and got a large gash on her hindquarters for her heroism. Apple Bloom again came to her friend's aid and sent another buck into the wolves head.

Three more appeared out of the brush though they stood back circling us as we huddled together in a tight bunch. The two piles of twigs started to shake and soon enough the two wounded wolves pulled themselves back together. With two more arrivals, seven wolves circled us, waiting for a moment to strike.

“Look I am gonna rush them,” I commanded. “When I do I want you three to make a break for it. I don't want you looking back just run.”

“No, I can't leave you,” Sweetie Belle said her voice cracking with pain and sorrow. “We will get out of this together.”

“Okay,” Scootaloo stated. “As soon as you do we will.”

The wolves looked at us hungrily. Their glowing eyes brought images of the toothed maw monster of my nightmares. I wouldn't let them get my friends, but I wasn't strong enough to hold them off. We needed help. Sweetie Belle cast another flare into the sky, but help wouldn't get here in time. Reaching for my magic, I called for help. Something answered. Magic kept pouring from me. Spreading into the ground, I could feel my magic awaken something in the earth. In my mind a saw the arms of a knight smashing the timberwolves to bits and being our bulwark.

A large hand reached out of the ground crushing a wolf in its grasp. The hand turned into a arm as a large earthen giant pulled itself out of the ground leaving a crater in its place. Amber eyes looked out of the giants face as it batted at the wolves around it.

The wolves jumped the large beast as it fought them. Help had come and I felt drained. My vision started to blur. Some one grabbed me as the world went black.

Sometime later I awoke, a large shadow blocked the sky from my view. Shaking my head to clear the blur from my vision I beheld a large earthen shape staring down over me. Large glowing amber orbs looked at me. I could almost make a sense of fear in those eyes. Lifting my head I looked for Sweetie Belle and the others. Something struck me as I looked out over the path where the fight had taken place, I was several feet up in the air.

Large hands held me, cupped like one would hold a fragile chick. As I stirred the hands lowwered me towards the ground gentle placing me on the path. The Cutie Mark Crusaders sat in a row, awe shone in their eyes.

“Congratulations, Lilac,” Apple Bloom stated excitedly.

“Yeah, good job,” Sweetie Belle chirped.

“That is so awesome,” Scootaloo commented.

“Huh? What?” I asked confused by the situation. Cough. I moved my head back and forth looking for something out of the ordinary, well save for the giant at my back. Shaking my head I laughed at my pointless search, much was extraordinary right now. We weren't wolf chow. I coughed, and my head felt light.

“You got your cutie mark,” Sweetie Belle explained. “Which I think means something about life and painting. Not certain how.”

Looking back at my flank, I noticed the image now emblazoned there. It was a paint brush that its end was blossoming into an interesting flower, which was sorta rose like. The flower was a vibrant emerald green. A light green star back lit the paintbrush.

“I don't get it,” I said. “What is it supposed to mean?”

“Eh, I don't know,” Scootaloo stated. “Still really awesome.”

“Yeah, you made a giant out of earth,” Apple Bloom said. “That is so cool.”

“As much as I like the praise, we need to get going before the wolves come back,” I said. A storm seemed to be brewing and the sky had darkened into a slate gray. I pushed myself up on weak hooves. I attempted to hack up a lung to no avail. “Besides I bet our families are worried by now.”

“Yeah I bet they are,” Apple Bloom said. “Sweetie keep sending up your flares, we don't know how long till the wolves come. While that giant made short work of them, I don't think Lilac can make another if they decide to attack us again. Also Lilac your not sounding so good.”

“Will do,” Sweetie Belle said. Her horn glow once more as a flare shot into the air.

Our pace down the path was slow with both Sweetie Belle and myself needing assistance. Only ten feet down our path a large thud and a shaking of the ground caused us to jump. Behind us the giant had taken a step to follow us. It's eyes stayed glued on me. Ignoring our would be protector we hobbled down the path, periodically sending up flares.

Stopping at the bridge a dilemma appeared. The giant didn't seem to be going anywhere but with us, but the bridge would not hold it's weight. Did we leave our protector behind and continue into the castle alone or wait here for rescue from town.

“Let's wait,” I stated. “It isn't gonna be long with that storm brewing for someone to see us. There has to be weather ponies on duty near the Everfree border, they will see our flares and send help. At least staying here he” -I motioned at the giant- “will keep any wolves at bay.”

“Sounds good to me,” Apple Bloom said. She winced in pain as she sat down. The wound on her flank looked particularly nasty though the bleeding had stopped. Scootaloo started to try to clean the wound best she could with the first aid kit we had brought with.

The howls of the wolves started up and the forest grew deathly silent save for the wind. In between sending up flares I willed a light into existence. The flares and the light drained me nearly dry, making me feel very weak. I was wracked by more coughs. Small red flecks stained my withers afterwards.

Twenty minutes later, a cyan blur thundered into our makeshift camp. With a sonic boom Rainbow Dash dealt a mighty blow to the giant. The lumbering arms of the giant started to bat at Rainbow Dash to no avail. It's target being much to agile and fast to be hit.

“Stop,” I yelled at the two of them. “Don't hurt him.”

The giant became perfectly motionless. It's amber gaze fell back onto me. Rainbow Dash hovered in the air well out of arms reach.

“Wait, what is that thing?” Rainbow Dashed asked. Confusion filled her eyes. “Why is it listening to you Lilac?”

“Because Lilac made it,” Scootaloo beamed up at her idol.

“Yeah, that thing saved us,” Apple Bloom stated.

Lowering her guard, Rainbow Dash landed next to us. She asked, “What happened to you guys? You looked horrible.”

“We got attacked by timberwolves, but Lilac saved us by calling this giant out of the ground to fight them off for us,” Scootaloo chirped. “You should have seen it. It was like swoosh and bam the wolf just got splattered. Then another wolf jumped on it's back but the giant just grabbed the wolf and slammed it into another one sending them both flying.”

“Yeah, Yeah, kid, you can tell me later when we get you all to Ponyville,” Rainbow Dashed stated. She pulled a flare out of her saddle bags and sent it off into the sky. A much larger flash filled the sky.

A large pop and flash filled the air, and Twilight appeared on the path. Worry filled her eyes, and her hair was quite frazzled. More coughing left my mouth. She rushed over to me and scooped me up into a hug. The warmth of her hug felt so good after our frantic flight. For a good minute she just hugged me.

Setting me back down, I could tell we were about to get it, her eyes had shifted from worried and happy to anger and worry. Twilight opened her mouth but then closed it with out saying anything. Shaking her head, she said, “I am very angry with you girls. But here isn't the place to deal with that. I am going to take us all to the Hospital and I will explain to you girls why this was a bad idea there.”

One loud pop, twisting of our very being and a large flash, we found ourselves in the lobby of Ponyville General.