• Published 1st Jul 2015
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Broken then Healed 2 - Tohshi

Despite still being plagued by nightmares, Lilac has adapt well and spends their time in the idyllic Ponyvile. When pains of the past resurface, Lilac has to help shoulder those pains, and help heal that which was broken.

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Part 1: Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Life had been busy as of recent. Our house was overrun with decorations in piles, some organized, some not. The pale green and dark purple themes ran through all of them. I sat at the kitchen table the only place safe from the encroaching wedding supplies. Instead my homework was strewn across the table. Twilight had seen fit to give me two weeks worth of work right before the wedding, and I was just now getting around to finishing the last of them. Twilight would chide me for leaving such an important task till the last minute but the pressure seemed to pull out better results.

The particular essay that Twilight had me writing was about the my original home town. Twilight felt that the best way for me to work on my writing skills, outside of writing reports for other subjects, was to describe my old world. The first one of them which had been on family structure had been a bit painful to write for me, but now on the third one. the pain of having lost my old life was but just a dull ache far in the back of my mind.

Lyra and Bon Bon were both out and about. Lyra had been called to The Carousel Boutique for her dress fitting. Bon Bon had done hers weeks ago, though needed a second one done tomorrow. Lyra on the other hand had spent as much time as possible avoiding the thing. Rarity had finally forced the issue and Lyra had relented.

Bon Bon was at the doctors. The doctor insisted on one last check up before the wedding to make sure the baby inside of her was doing fine. After the wedding, both Lyra and Bon Bon were headed off for a week in Manehattan, for their honeymoon. So far, Bon Bon's pregnacy had been fairly normal. or so I had been told. My personal experience with pony pregnancy was fairly limited.

My mind had wandered off to the coming events and I tried to focus back on my work. I only had two more pages to write and then I could call it done. Twilight had only assigned five pages but I preferred to go over that by a page or two so seven was my goal. Twilight was always happy that I put in the extra effort, and she seemed to give me a bit more lenience when it came to the other aspects of the assignment. I freshened the ink on my quill and got back to the grindstone.

A few hours later, Bon Bon returned home. She stood in the door way that separated the large living room from the dining room that I sat in. Her smile was infectious and happiness radiated out of her. Her beige fur seemed slightly ruffled, and her dark purple mane with its bright pink stripe was somewhat dishevled. Bon Bon said, “I'm back. How goes the homework?”

“Well,” I said. “I just have to finish reading this chapter of my history book and finish taking notes on it. Then I will be done for the next week. How was the doctor?”

Bon Bon meandered over to couch, which she laid down on. She said, “It went well. I have good news but why don't we wait till Lyra gets back. She is going to be very disappointed she wasn't at the appointment as it is anyway.”

“KK,” I said quietly. I could feel the nervous shakes of excitement flowing outwards through my body. After a few minutes of fruitlessly trying to continue my work I gave up. The inter-workings of the Equestrian-Minotar Peace accords were nowhere near enough engaging to get my mind back on track. A short prance later and I snuggled up next to Bon Bon.

“Did you get all your work done?” Bon Bon asked quietly. She nuzzled my head affectionately.

“Not yet. The Equestrain-Minotar peace treaty is a bit dry,” I replied quickly. “I don't have much to finish, so I can easily get it done after dinner. Are you cooking today?”

“Tired of takeout?” Bon Bon asked, as she smiled at me with mirth in her eyes. “You could cook us dinner. I trust you to not burn down the house.”

“I don't mind. Do we have the materials for spaghetti?” I asked excitedly.

“We just had spaghetti. Why don't I show you how to make something new?” Bon Bon asked gently.

I hopped off the couch and pranced joyfully in front of it. I asked, unable to hide the joy in my voice, “Please?”

Bon Bon giggled as she slowly got off the couch. We headed into the kitchen, and Bon Bon retrieved one of her cook books. This one was well worn and looked older than I was. Bon Bon set the book on the counter. She said, “Lilac, bring your stepladder over here so you can see too.”

I levitated my stepladder over to us from out of it storage next to the refrigerator. Bon Bon had opened the book to the table of contents. There were many sections each with at least ten different recipes. Bon Bon flipped over to the salad section.

“Why don't you pick one out of these?” Bon Bon asked gently.

I flipped through the salad section and settled on what looked like a interesting salad. Bon Bon directed and demonstrated for me how to chop the ingredients and how to prepare the marinade for the tofu, which would be fried right after Lyra returned. After my preparations were complete I returned to my note taking waiting patiently for Lyra to come home.

My vigil was interrupted by Lyra as she announced, “I'm back. And I got us pizza for dinner.”

My heart sank. I enjoyed pizza but the thought of all my hard work on dinner being wasted hurt. I gathered my now finished homework and semi-neatly placed it into my saddlebags.

“Not quite the reaction I expected. Is everything alright?” asked Lyra. Her confusion shone through her eyes as she shifted her gaze back and forth between Bon Bon and me.

“Lilac has already made us diner, well most of it. We were waiting on you to come home to cook the hot parts,” Bon Bon explained quietly.

“Oh,” Lyra said. “Well I guess now we have pizza for breakfast.”

My heart soared once more. I pranced past Lyra smiling at her as I went. With my bag deposited next to the door in my room, I returned to the kitchen. I had both the frying pan and marinaded tofu ready when Bon Bon entered the room to supervise the last bit of making dinner. Ten short minutes later, we were all seated, enjoying a salad.

“How was the doctor's appointment?” Lyra asked. She took another bite of her salad as she stared quietly at Bon Bon.

A bite of Bon Bon's salad sitting on her fork for an awkward moment. Bon Bon said slowly, “Everything is fine, just a slight bit of unexpected news.”

“Unexpected?” Lyra interrupted. Worry had wormed its way into Lyra's head.

“Don't worry. The babies are fine,” Bon Bon said gently.

“Babies,” I interrupted. A panicked excitement ran up my back, causing shivers to spread through out me.

A small clank rang through the room as Lyra's fork dropped from her hoof. It bounced once before Lyra regained her composure.

“Yes, we are having twins,” Bon Bon said. Her smile radiated happiness into the room.

“I...I...” Lyra stammered. Her face seemed frozen for a second as the information processed. Happy tears ran down her checks. “Well this is going to be an interesting year.”

Bon Bon giggled gently. She said, “Hasn't been one already? The doctor said I should expect to be put on bed rest in my last trimester. That and there was an increased likelihood of them being early.”

“Now I feel especially bad about having to miss today's appointment,” Lyra said. Her disappointment dissipated as she stared happily at Bon Bon.

“If you hadn't put off your fitting, for your dress, for so long you could have come,” Bon Bon said. Annoyance tinged her voice.

“I know,” Lyra said dejectedly. “I promise to never miss another one.”

“I will hold you to that,” Bon Bon said.

The rest of dinner passed with much talk about the doctor's instructions. Afterwards Lyra took care of the dishes, much to both my surprise and Bon Bon's. The three of us relaxed on the couch. Soon enough the couch wouldn't be big enough for all of us, with two more bodies to add to the chain. As it was though the three of us could snuggle up close to each other. After a little while grogginess reared its ugly head, and I was ushered off to bed. The next two days would be quite busy, so I didn't complain much.

I woke in the morning feeling under rested. I couldn't remember any of them but I could tell I had been plagued with nightmares again. I had hoped that after four months they would have stopped or at least became less frequent.

I stretched as I got out of bed, and headed off to the bathroom to complete my morning ritual, with the addition of a quick bath. Getting my hair to do as I wished took far longer today, as the unruly clumps on my head seemed particularly vindictive today. After a good ten minutes I gave up in a grunt of frustration.

Bon Bon was already up as was usual, and similarly so Lyra seemed to still be asleep. Bon Bon was in the process of warming the pizza in the oven and smiled as I came in. I could see the concern in her eyes as she looked me over.

“More nightmares last night?” Bon Bon inquired gently. She walked over and scooped me up into a hug.

I nodded. Her warm embrace always helped to chase away the lingering anxeity caused by my nightly terrors. A ding from the egg timer on the counter signaled Bon Bon's release of me. She quickly pulled the pizza from the oven.

Carrying a plate over to me, Bon Bon said, “When your done with breakfast why don't you head over to Twilight's? That way you two can get your school work out of the way before everypony shows up for the dress rehearsal.”

“Okay,” I replied. The rewarmed pizza filled me up with just one slice. Bon Bon had left the room to wake Lyra while I washed my plate. I had made it to the door, saddlebags in tow, when Lyra lazily shuffled down the hallway. “Bye. See you in a couple hours.”

Cool crisp breeze of a fall morning greeted me as I stepped out the door. The quick walk helped get my juices flowing and half way there I burst out into a run. The gate to the castle lay already open for me.

“Morning Shining Spear, Cloudbreaker,” I said joyfully to the two guards posted at the castle gate. As usual neither of them made any indication that they heard me, not that I minded. It was after all their job to remain stoic at all times.

The gate clicked behind me as I walked into the large entry hall. Twilight's desk had been removed and in its place a stage had been set up. Much of the main hallway had been filled with chairs. A number of draperies had been set up hiding the bookcases from sight and a backdrop hide the back half of the room. From the thirty foot ceiling a set of large banners sat over each pod of chairs, one with Lyra's cutie mark on it and one with Bon Bon's.

I rushed up one of the two staircases that slowly spiraled up into the second floor. Twilight's throne room was much more homey with its new curtains down. Rarity had set them up to block the archways so as to make the Throne room into a makeshift dressing room for Lyra. I walked past the throne room into the circular hallway that surrounded it and headed to a specific door amongst the twelve. Twilight had set that room aside as a classroom, mostly so we would not be interrupted by those visiting the castle for the Library.

Twilight sat at her desk in the medium sized room, sipping from a cup of coffee. Her desk sat at one end of the room. A large table dominated much of one half of the room which had six chairs near it nicely stacked to the side. On the opposite wall two easels were set up one for painting, which had a half way finished piece. Twilight had requested that I paint a picture of each of my relatives from my old world. I had saved Melody for last and something had felt off about the painting so I had let it rest, for a full week. To the side of the easels a number of my paintings were displayed. My first mom's face, my dad, Annabelle who was Melody's sister, Melody's mom, and a few others.

Twilight lazily fiddled with her dark purple hair as she continued to read from her newspaper. I walked quietly over to the lavender unicorn, and jumped her with a hug. The slightly startled Twilight jumped ever so little in her seat.

“Good morning,” I said. Satisfaction crept through me as a basked in my embrace of Twilight.

“Good morning,” Twilight said. She returned my embrace as she folded the newspaper up in her magic. “Did you get all your homework done?”

“Yes,” I stated enthusiastically. Twilight's promise of a week without school had been more than enough enticement to make sure I finished everything in time. Even if it was finished last minute.

I emptied my saddlebags of their contents and presented my stack of homework to Twilight. Twilight scrutinized each piece of my homework, slowly flipping though them. After a few minutes she smiled at me. Twilight said, “Well everything is in order. Have you had breakfast yet? We still have an hour or two till Rarity shows up.”

“Yeah we had pizza for breakfast. Lyra brought home pizza for dinner last night but I had already made us a salad. So instead we had pizza for breakfast,” I explained excitedly. I felt wired, and the coming days events did little to help with that.

Twilight giggled slightly. Twilight said, “Well I haven't yet, so you can join me or if you would rather you could paint for a little while.”

“Ooo, I'll do that,” I said as I rushed off to the dresser where all of my painting supplies were kept.

I levitated both my stool and stand into place and then carefully selected my pallet. I wanted to paint another picture of my new family, though this time with two additions. I set to work creating the image that burned in my head. I started with a small sketch and then slowly built from there. If one thing had improved since I started it was my painting skills. Not only was I much faster if I wanted to be anymore but I could add allot more style to my paintings now. I hadn't quite decided what sort of styles I liked the best but I always tried to add a bit of abstractness to each one.

I was only a quarter of the way done when Twilight interrupted me. Twilight said, “Rarity is here. Lets go get you all dressed up for the day.”

I nodded, and followed Twilight as she lead me to the largest bathroom on the floor. Rarity had converted it to a temporary spa. The white unicorn finished putting the dresses on the preset rack when we entered. As usual her dark mane was perfection, though she had added some sparkle to it which help further that.

A small grin slide into place on her face. Rarity said eloquently, “Good thing I was early, you need a bath.”

My head fell slightly disappointed that my earlier efforts were a waste. Rarity was right though as I surveyed my forelegs, which were covered in flecks of paint and dust.

“I can't say I don't understand wanting to get your art out, honey. But it probably would have been best if you had stuck to drawing this morning. Oh well,” Rarity exclaimed as she started the bath with her magic. “Go hop in. I want to make sure you are squeaky clean before I get you into your dress.”

I slowly made my way into the bath. The evil contraption was neatly hanging from the end of the rack. While I had to admit it was quite cute, I hadn't yet gotten used to wearing a dress, or for that mater much of anything. Sending splashes onto the tub walls I slumped into a seated position. The tub quickly filled up to my withers and its warmth washed away some of the tension that had been building in my neck. Rarity attacked the grim on my legs with abandon and soon enough I was deemed clean.

“Now do try to stay that way,” Rarity chided. She walked over to her stool that she had set up in front of a mirror. “Dear please come stand on the stool while I get your dress on.”

I slunk into position and with the best pouty face I could muster stood still. My efforts were wasted as Rarity was making some last minute adjustments on my emerald green dress. The dress was thankfully fairly simple, though still elegant. Not that one could ever say that anything Rarity made was inelegant. I did like the bright colors of the dress but I would have preferred something that wouldn't contrast as much. Deciding that the dress was ready Rarity levitated it over my head. I tried to move with it to help it go on but only succeded in getting more tangled.

“This would go quicker if you would hold still, Dear,” Rarity said calmly. I did so and she slipped the dress around my head. “Now lift your front hooves one at a time Dear.”

Doing as I was told the dress fell completely on to me. It was just long enough to cover my rump and then a slight bit down my back legs. Using her magic she gently pulled my tail through a hole in the back of the dress. My nearly white hair clashed brilliantly with the deep emerald of the dress. Rarity then took a long slip of the silky fabric and tied a bow into my mane. After a few more minutes of her fussing with my hair Rarity declared me ready.

“Please try not to rough house. I know you are typically good about that but it would be a shame if you new dress were to be damaged,” Rarity said. I could detect the hint of a threat in her voice.

“I will be good,” I said quietly. I slowly descended from the stool.

“Tell Twilight she is next please,” Rarity said. She had returned to fiddling with some of the accessories she had prepared.

I stepped out of the dressing room into the hallway. Twilight had set up some chairs next to the door and was currently reading the newspaper in one of them. I said, “You're next.”

Twilight set her paper aside, neatly folded. She looked over me head to hoof. A growing smile spread across her face. Twilight said, “You are so adorable. Rarity really out did herself with the dresses. I like the way your hair is.”

I blushed, and tried desperately to hide my face by staring at the floor. Twilight gave me a gentle hug, doing her upmost to not mess with my dress.

“Spike is downstairs finishing putting up some decorations. Why don't you go hang out with him?” Twilight suggested. She then disappeared into Rarity's domain.

I slowly headed downstairs. The dress was a bit more restrictive than I was used to but to Rarity's credit it was much less so that I had thought it would be. I found Spike behind the stage's backdrop downstairs. He was putting the finishing touches onto the tables that had been set up. Most of them had a small vase in the center of each with a slightly glowing lotus floating in them. The castle seemingly on request had bloomed just the other day providing a number of the magical flowers which were being used to decorate much of the room.

Spike stifled a small giggle as I walked into view. Spike said, “Well don't you just look adorable.”

A harsh sigh escaped my head. I replied, “Don't worry Spike. Rarity has one for you too.”

“Yeah, but mine is handsome,” Spike said proudly. “Can't be the ring bearer if you don't have a spiffy suit.”

I sighed again. I had wanted to be the ring bearer, not the flower filly which was the role I was stuck in. I did have to admit though the little purple dragon would look quite adorable in a suit. If I hadn't been stuck with the alternative I probably would have picked Spike to be the ring bearer too. That and the little guy was quite excited to have a role in the wedding.

“Can I help you? I can't go back to painting now that I have my dress on,” I asked.

“If you want,” Spike responded as he stood tip toe on a chair to perfectly align a vase to the middle of a table. “Can you go place the rest on their tables? Don't worry about lining them up right I will get that.”

I nodded and set off dragging the cart with the remaining vases on it behind me. Telekenisis had made adapting to pony life much easier. Anymore I found it hard to imagine life without it. I finished before Spike had finished with one table so I helped him with the placement of the vases.

Lyra and Bon Bon's voices lofted through the room. I froze, part of me wanting to hide so that they couldn't see me in the dress and an equal part wanting to rush over there to show off. Deciding on the later I hurried, though not too much so, out to great them.

Lyra had a large bundle of decorations in her magical grip and Bon Bon was walking slowly next to her. A small yipe escaped from Bon Bon's mouth, and her face scrunched up in a slight bit of pain.

“Are you alright?” Lyra asked. Concern encased her voice.

“Its fine, just one of them kicked me,” Bon Bon explained still wincing with pain. “They have been quite active this morning.”

I closed the gap between us and slam-hugged Bon Bon. Her pain had pierced me, and I did my best to keep tears from running down my checks.

“Ooff, woah there,” Bon Bon said. “I'm fine. You should be a bit more gentle, don't want to mess up your dress.”

Lyra rubbed my back gently. She peeled me from Bon Bon and set me down a few feet back with her magic. Lyra said, “Well aren't you just the cutest.”

I rolled my eyes, and tried to ignore the blush that ran across my face. I could feel both of their gazes wash over me as I stared intently on the ceiling. There were a couple of enormous lotus which hung from the ceiling like chandeliers.

“You look very cute,” Bon Bon said gently. “Is everyone else upstairs?”

“Rarity and Twilight are upstairs. Spike is down here with me. We're setting up some decorations,” I said cheerfully. My embarrassment faded as the subject changed. “Where are those going?”

“Over the curtains in this room,” Lyra explained. She took a streamer from her bundle and demonstrated with the nearest curtain. “Bon Bon why don't you go up first? I'll stay here and get these set up then come up.”

“Okay,” Bon Bon replied. Slowly she climbed up the stairs and out of view.

I helped Lyra put up the streamers as Spike finished with the tables. With the two of us the curtains were finished in a few short minutes. I love telekinesis. Lyra then spread out the rest of the decorations on a table and we divide them up amongst the tables. Spike had finished with the last vase and directed us with the remaining decorations. Twilight's organization skills had defiantly rubbed off on him and we quickly finished.

Lyra excused herself off to the dressing room and Spike lead me off to his room. He had gotten a new set of comics. It was nice to read something a bit more exciting and Spike seemed to enjoy having someone to chat with about them.

“This weeks Power Ponies was particularly good,” Spike stated enthusiastically. “I think this has been the best arc the comic has had in a long while. I can't wait till next week the epic conclusion is due out next week.”

“How was Pony Detective this week?” I asked. I preferred the slightly more gritty comic.

“Eh, still in the Faceless Murderer arc,” Spike said. “I wish the Clowner was in this arc. He is a much better villain than Owlman.”

“I have to agree, but I find this arc to be plenty satisfying,” I retorted. “After all if every arc was a Clowner, arc we might get tired of him.”

“Eh I guess,” Spike said.

Spike's room was probably the messiest room in the entire castle. He had a large bookshelf overflowing with comics, and a pile of unsorted ones laying next to the shelf. I settled down in one of the two bean bags that sat next to the shelf and picked up the Pony Detective comic from the pile. Spike landed in his own bean bag and grabbed a comic from a second more organized pile next to that one.

The next hour or two was spent engaged in the amazing tales of action and suspense found with in the comics. From the heroic adventures of the Dread Pirate Withers, to the dark and gritty findings of Sheatlock Pony, Detective Extraordinarae.

Twilight entered the room sometime later. She had her dress a simple lighter green dress, which was of similar design to my own dress. Twilight's hair was held back by a green hair band and the dress fit her well.

“Everypony is here now,” Twilight stated. “So lets go get to practicing.”

Much of the rest of the day was spent going through the motions of the wedding and making sure that everypony knew their role. Thankfully my part was quick and other than a short walk I simply had to stand still for most of it. Which was by far the hardest part of it. We took a break after lunch before Twilight insisted that we go through the whole thing again. After the fifth run through We all were excused and Rarity helped us out of our dresses. For the rest of the day Lyra and Bon Bon directed those of us who had stayed after the rehearsal in making sure all of the decorations were correctly placed. By the time dinner rolled around I was ready to collapse and Sleep found me shortly there after.