• Published 1st Jul 2015
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Broken then Healed 2 - Tohshi

Despite still being plagued by nightmares, Lilac has adapt well and spends their time in the idyllic Ponyvile. When pains of the past resurface, Lilac has to help shoulder those pains, and help heal that which was broken.

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Part 1: Chapter 5

Chapter 5
The world twisted as I tried to regain my composure. Something was off, teleportation didn't make me sick anymore. The others around me were also trying to regain their composure with Sweetie Belle having already lost her snack to Mr floor.

“Now I want you four to explain why you were out in the Everfree this late at night,” Twilight commanded. “I want the truth so no hiding things alright.”

“Well,” Apple Bloom started. “We were looking for this-”

A cacophony of coughing interrupted Apple Bloom's explanation. The fit last longer than usual and the world darkened a bit for it before it subsided. I spat out that which had came out, red smeared my hoof. I started to feel the world spin once more.

“Lilac,” someone shouted before my world grew black.

Pain was what woke me. Everything hurt. My eye lids refused to open and a slight panic started to come over me. Faster and faster my breathe came as I tried to move anything and found nothing responsive.

“Lilac, it's alright,” Twilight's voice said. “It's alright, your safe now.”

I let out a whimper, the most amount of noise I could and it still sent jagged streaks of paint through my boddy. The pain caused a coughing fit, which further exacerbated the pain. A warm hoof slowly brushed my head.

“Sssh,” Twilight's voice said. “It's alright. I'm here for you.”

We sat there for a while Twilight's hoof eventually helping me sleep. Dreams swept me away from my pain. For a while I floated down a river with Melody on a giant cherry serving as our makeshift raft. the pleasant trip was interrupted when Melody morphed into the toothy monster of my dreams. Who ate me. As I fell into the infinite void of his throat a light slowly grew till my eyes fluttered open.

My head felt foggy and a dull ache filled myself. Slowly I shifted my head to the other direction. Sleeping on a cot was both Bon Bon and Lyra and taking up the bench Twilight, as the three of them slept. Slowly the ache started to become more and more intense, burning me up. A whimper of pain soon became a low moan. Tears ran down my check as a let out a cry of pain. Pain which felt like being stabbed over and over.

A rustling to my side and some noise was made. I couldn't tell what was happening as my head was scrambled. Slowly the pain died down, till it was manageable. Twilight stood to my right, Bon Bon and Lyra to my left.

Rubbing her hoof across my head, Bon Bon said, “There, there, that should help take the bite off of it.”

“Hi honey,” Lyra said. “How you hanging in there?”

“Not well,” I mumbled. “What's wrong?”

“You over exerted yourself on magic,” Twilight explained. “Which in a normal unicorn would be exhausting, possibly for days, but for you it can be life threatening.”

“Why?” I asked in hushed tones.

“Because of how we saved you,” Lyra said. “Remember Sombra's spell? One of the side effects is it ties your life force with your magic supply. Run your magic low, run your life low.”

“Will I recover?” I asked.

“In time,” Bon Bon replied. “It is just gonna take a bit of time okay, honey.”

“Sorry for messing up your honeymoon,” I mumbled. Tears wet my checks again and a quiver took my chin. “I'm sorry. Sorry.”

“Ssssh. It's fine,” Lyra said gently. “It's fine. Don't worry about it. Just try to get some rest, okay?”

“'Kay,” I mumbled. I closed my eyes and tried to drift off to slumber. Sleep came slowly thoughts

“How close was it?” Lyra asked.

“Very. If we had been even twenty minutes later in finding them...” Twilight said. I could her her sob.

“It's alright you did your best,” Bon Bon said.

Sleep finally found me and the rest of the world drifted away. Again I dreamed of unusual circumstances though this time a midnight blue guardian kept the monster away. Blurs of odd ideas melded together and as I slowly awoke the night's dreams melted into a weird soup of fantasy.

The light of dawn lit the room from the eastern window. Twilight was reading a book on the bench next to the door, and Lyra and Bon Bon rested in the cot pushed up against the south wall. A dull ache persisted at the back of my head and my whole body felt fluffy and light. Two intravenous drips stretched out of my right limb.

“Twilight,” I mumbled, which was little more than a whisper. Twilight didn't notice at first. “Twilight.”

Diverting her attention from the book, Twilight gazed over in my direction. A tearful smile over came her face. Crossing the room, she slowly brushed my hair to the side with her hoof.

“Feeling any better?” She asked in a hushed voice.

I gently nodded. I asked still whispering, “Can I have some water? Mouth is dry?”

Sadness shone through her eyes. A small globule of liquid floated in a magenta glow, landing in my open mouth. Feeling refreshed, a weak smile stretched across my face. It took much more effort than it should have to do even the simplest of movement. I figured it must be the pain medication, because the pain was being kept at bay.

“How long was I out?” I asked.

“Just over a day,” Twilight explained. “After you were out of immediate danger, I just went and collected Lyra and Bon Bon. Manehattan is too far away for them to have gotten here by train, so I just helped.”

That far, she teleported that far. I knew teleporting to Canterlot took a decent bit out of her but to go that far and back. I asked, “How? You mentioned Canterlot being too much of an expenditure?”

“Only for causal visits,” Twilight explained. “Besides I have some emergency pools of magic I can tap into when I need to.”

A gentle cough escaped me which made my throat sear in pain. After swallowing to subside the pain, I leaned against Twilight's foreleg as she tried to comfort me.

“Sorry, for getting hurt,” I mumbled.

“Don't worry about that now,” She said softly. “This just means I have to teach you somethings earlier than I had planned. You need to know how to draw on the ambient mana in the air and earth.”

“You said not many can do that,” I mumbled. “Said it was really hard to do.”

“I have faith that you can figure it out,” She said trying to sound confident but I could tell she wasn't.

“I will do it,” I said.

“How is Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle?” I asked.

“They are fine. Scootaloo will be up and at it by tomorrow and Sweetie Belle is going to have to take it easy for a while but should recover completely,” Twilight explained. “But you need to rest okay, so don't worry about them okay.”

“'kay,” I said.

Sleep didn't come, despite wanting it. A strange restlessness filled my and kept me from drifting away. I watched the morning clouds be cleared away. Rainbow Dash's cyan blur making short work of the clouds hanging over Ponyville, or at least what part of it my window let me see. She worked faster than usual, I figured this meant she was either worried about something or showing off.

Twilight had returned to her book on the bench. It was entitled: Trans-dimensional: Collected Notes of Starswirl The Bearded. Twilight loved to talk about Starswirl, and after seeing the number of books he alone authored, I had to admit that the pony knew his stuff.

Bon Bon slowly stirred on the cot, woken by the brightening of the room by the daylight. I could see the weariness in her face, as she looked over at me. Her eyes lit up as she saw me. Gently she lowered herself off the cot, careful to not disturb Lyra.

“Morning,” She whispered in my ear as she gave me a big hug. “I was so worried about you. I thought...-” tears interrupted her speech “-thought you were going to die. You need to be more careful.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled. “I will be.”

“Good,” Bon Bon whispered gently. Her voice took a more sharp turn. “Because if you ever worry me like that again, so help me...”

“I won't,” I said.

The room suddenly became dark as some large form blocked the window. Glancing over that direction, a large pair of amber spots could be seen looking into the room. Bon Bon protectively covered me with her body.

Twilight jumped from the bench, her horn aglow as she prepared to blast the large visitor. A large magenta wall separated us from the window.

“Wait,” I said as loud as I could the strain causing pain to jeer through my body. “He won't hurt us.”

Twilight looked to me and then to the giant a few times before lowering her magic. The magical wall dissipated with a small pop. Lyra had woken during the tense moment, was staring at the suspicious giant.

“What is that thing?” Lyra asked.

“A giant that saved us from the wolves,” I stated. I erupted into coughs and it took several moments for me to continue. “I called it from the ground to save us.”

“Then it's no foe,” Lyra said. She got up and helped Bon Bon right herself. “No need to worry then, it's just checking up on you. Though one of us may need to go tell the town that. I can't imagine it getting too warm of a welcome, save from Pinkie.”

Twilight's horn glowed as she stared at the giant, her eyes were extremely focused. The glow form her horn faded and she said, “You made a golem. No wonder you used so much magic. That spell is permanent.”

“A golem?” Bon Bon asked.

“It's a magically created construct and automaton, whose enchantment is self feeding,” Lyra explained. “Basically it's an artificially created life like servant or protector.”

“It's a rare talent,” Twilight mentioned. “Congratulations, Lilac, I am proud of you and your cutie mark.”

“Wait, she got her cutie mark,” Lyra said excitedly. “Oooo. Let me see.”

As Lyra pulled up my blanket to stare intently at my flank, the door opened and Spike rushed in. He shook his head at the odd sight. Spike said, “Here you go Twilight. Mail from the Princess.”

“Thank you Spike. I am so grateful that your around,” Twilight said affectionately. “Especially when things get a little out of hand. So lets see what Celestia has to say: Dear Twilight. I am sorry to do this especially after your last letter explained poor Lilac's situation, but a problem has arisen that requires your expertise, along with the other Elements. Queen Chrysalis surrendered herself to me this morning in an unexpected turn of events and I need your help in resolving this conflict. Your Mentor and Friend, Princess Celestia.”

Everyone in the room, save myself had gone pale and were at strict attention. I asked, “What? Why is everyone so shocked? Who is Queen Chrysalis?”

“The changeling queen,” Twilight answered. “She invaded Canterlot and has attacked the Elements and myself several times.”

“So why would she surrender?” Lyra asked. “This must be a trap.”

“If it is, my friends and I shall meet it head on,” Twilight stated. “Nothing can stop the magic of friendship. I am sorry that I have to leave, but whence this mess is all sorted out I will be back. Love you, Lilac.”

Pop. The flash faded leaving us down one Twilight. Lyra went back to staring at my flank, and Bon Bon spared a moments time to look as well. I was blushing thoroughly by the time they were done viewing my mark of accomplishment.

“That is very special cutie mark,” Bon Bon said. “It fits you. A splash of life.”

“Hmm, I wonder what Pinkie will do for your cute-ceañera,” mussed Lyra. “That is gonna be an interesting one to see.”

The restlessness had drained away, and in its place a peace, that mirrored the strange peace in my hospital room, spread through me. I started to drift away into slumber land. Welcome rest felt so good.

A low grumble of my stomach woke me some time later. Bright lines of light seeped past my earthen protector, and I guessed it must be near mid day. Lyra was lazily spread across the cot, reading a book engulfed in her amber magic.

“Where's Bon Bon?” I asked. The dull ache had died down and was barely present.

Smiling as she looked up from her book, Lyra responded, “She just went to run some errands. Wanted to pick up some fresh flowers for the house when you get released.”

“How long am I in for?” I asked sarcastically. “Maybe they will give me a frequent visitor card like the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Not that I hope this keeps happening. Wait, I almost forgot, how is Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle?”

“Don't know,” Lyra replied. “Why don't you ask the nurse when she comes to check in on you? On both accounts.”

“Is there any chance I can have lunch now?” I asked. “I can't remember the last thing I ate.”

“I'll go check,” Lyra said. “Just don't go and hurt yourself again while I am gone.”

I stuck my tongue out at her, and she playfully returned the gesture. I said, “I promise not to.”

“Be right back,” Lyra stated, as she closed the door behind her.

I turned my attention towards my silent earthen guardian. He just seemed to be staring, though I thought I could see small strands of multicolored paper hanging from his head. I briefly wondered why till the pink demon popped into mind. His compact rocky surface showed no signs of his fight with the wolves and really outside of the glowing orbs of magic that made his eyes, there were little to distinguish his face from a boulder. A bit of guilt plagued me, I had created him, but he had no personality in his appearance. Next time if there ever was a next time I would make sure to add some flourish to him.

The door creaked open and a tuff of purple hair preceded the small scuffling of hooves in the room. Slowly Scootaloo peaked her head over the foot of my bed. Her face lit up when she saw me

“Hi, Lilac,” Scootaloo said. “Be right back.”

She sneaked back to the door and seemed to be waving her friends over. Soon three shapes bumbled into my room. Coming around to the side the trio came into view. Their faces were a strange mix of guilt and happiness. Sweetie Belle started to tear up. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stood against my bed, but Sweetie standing closest didn't. The broken back leg was wrapped in a large cast.

“Sorry,” Apple Bloom said dejectedly. “You almost died and that was our fault.”

“Sorry,” Scootaloo said quietly. She winced and shifted her weight to the other leg. “We promise not to drag you into so much trouble again.”

“Sorry,” Sweetie Belle said between quiet sobs. “Sorry.”

“It's fine,” I mumbled. “This is as much my fault as yours.”

“Still, we're mighty sorry,” Apple Bloom said. “We're gonna give you the flower we found, maybe you can come up with something cool with it's powers.”

“Well, I appreciate the offer,” I said. “I can't-”

Scootaloo interrupted, “Nope, we aren't taking no for an answer. The flower is yours.”

“Fine,” I muttered.

The door swung open and the Cutie Mark Crusaders froze, shock and guilt mixed in the eternal face of having been caught in the act. Nurse Snowheart and Lyra walked into the room. Lyra smiled at the trio, but Nurse Snowheart's visage was not pleased. Lyra had bought with her a tray of food.

“I told you girls to stay in bed,” Nurse Snowheart chided. “Apple Bloom don't make me kick you out for the day.”

“Sorry, Nurse Snowheart,” the trio said in unison. “We just needed to check up on Lilac.”

“I will forgive you this time,” Nurse Snowheart said. “But no more meandering about okay, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle need their rest. Now back to your beds.”

“Yes, Nurse Snowheart,” the trio chanted. The three of them and the nurse left the room. “Bye, Lilac.”

“I got you some good stuff,” Lyra bragged. “There's this awesome applesauce, a Mooncatus stir-fry and some dragon carrots.”

“Errgh,” I groaned. “I hate the way those carrots make me feel. I always get so jittery for hours afterwards.”

“Doctor's orders,” Lilac explained. “But I also got you a dessert, but only if you eat the rest of your lunch first.”

“When has that been a problem?” I asked in a deadpan. Not once had Lyra or Bon Bon had any trouble from me about food. “I will eat them, doesn't mean I have to like it.”

“Fair enough,” Lyra said. “Besides the only way I convinced the nurse to give you a dessert was by saying I had to bribe you. So act the part.”

I giggled at her slyness. I said, “Okay, one fussy eater coming up.”

The nurse returned after I a few minutes. I had devoured as many of the cooked carrots as I could, just to make it easier to act like I was being spoiled. The nurse looked at my plate suspiciously and then to Lyra, and back. I figured the less I had to eat in front of the nurse the less I had to act.

“So, How are you feeling today, Lilac?” The nurse asked.

“Alright I guess,” I said between bites. “I am a bit sore, well okay allot sore. And I am pretty tired.”

“That is to be expected,” Nurse Snowheart said. “You are looking much better, and if you are only sore at this point we can release you later today, into strict bed rest. With that said no magic for the next two days, just to be safe. You have recovered in miraculous pace, thanks in part to Princess Twilight Sparkle, but you still need to rest your magic.”

“Will do,” I said.

“I'll make sure she stays in bed,” Lyra said. “Bon Bon and I are both free for the rest of the week so it shouldn't be any problem to take care of her.”

“Good to hear,” Nurse Snowheart said. “We are gonna want to see her back in in four to five days. The doctor wants to run some tests, make sure everything healed right.”

“'Kay,” I said still shoveling food down my gullet.

“Anything else we should know?” Lyra asked.

“Not really, though you may want to ask Twilight that,” Nurse Snowheart stated. “We had never seen a case like this before.”

“Lilac is a special little filly,” Lyra said through a strained smile.

“I will be back in an hour or so with paper work then you can go,” Nurse Snowheart explained as she left the room.

“I don't think she cared about the dessert,” I stated. I licked the last remnants of the chocolate pudding from my spoon. “Though good find on that pudding.”

“I try my best,” Lyra stated.

“So sorry,” I said. “I didn't mean for things to go so bad.”

“It's fine,” Lyra said. “We all make mistakes. Just have to learn from them is all.”

“Will do,” I said.”

The next hour was one of the more boring ones I had spent in the hospital. Lyra had returned to her book and I had little to do but try to sleep and count the ceiling tiles. Even my go to entertainment, the window, was blocked by my vigilant earthen protector.

Eventually freedom was mine and the nurse lead us out of the room, me riding on Lyra's back. We left the hospital and took a pleasant walk home. The only interference in the peace that settled our walk was the thud thud of the golem following us. I really needed to figure out how to tell it to stop following me around like a puppy. Twilight would hopefully have an answer for that. Though I guess it was a small price to pay for not being wolf meat.

The mail and four newspapers sat on our porch. Confusion set in as I tried to figure out what day it was. I asked, “Lyra what day is it?

“Thursday,” Lyra answered. “You were out pretty much all day yesterday. Only woke up the one time in the morning.”

“Oh,” I said. A bit of sadness filled me, I had lost an entire day to this stunt. “I thought it was Wednesday.”

“It's alright, after that first time I think the doctor had upped your pain meds,” Lyra explained. “To help you rest.”

“Still feels weird,” I said. “So how was Manehattan?”

“Eh, boring for the most part,” Lyra said. “I mean it was nice to have some alone time with Bon Bon, really haven't had that much fun since...”

“It's fine,” I said. “I know that you weren't expecting to have a child so quickly.”

“I don't regret it one bit, honey,” Lyra said lovingly. “But time for you to take a nap.”

Lyra levitated me into my bed, which was until that point far too well made, and I hugged her as she planted a little kiss on my check.

“Sleep well,” Lyra whispered.

“You too,” I replied.

Closing my eyes I drifted off into dream land. My dreams were far saner than the ones over the previous days, and thankfully pleasant as well. Picnics and tea parties, one with my golem. He had a cute little, well not so little, dress on and had a large sun hat.

The sun had nearly set when I woke again. I slowly wandered into the living room. Bon Bon and Lyra were snuggled up with some glasses of wine on the couch. They smiled at me when I meandered up, and climbed up next to Bon Bon on the couch.

“Sleep well?” Bon Bon asked. I simply nodded my answer. It felt good to have them back, I didn't realize how much one could miss somepony in four days, but I was glad to have them home. The only thing that would have made this more perfect was if Twilight was here too.