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The real villains were the friends we made along the way.



I have just fallen victim to an accident involving dimension travel. Now I am a pony, living a life similar, yet vastly different from my old one. I'm being thrown into adventures, though they may be just ordinary days. It's crazy when you think about it. Between meeting old and new friends, figuring out what happened to send me here, and uncovering a hidden secret involving the ponies of this realm, I've got my hooves full.

I just want to go home. Someone, please help me.

Written, proofread, edited, and cover by myself.

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 683 )

Shisno, if I am not mistaken that is what Gary/gamma calls humans in red vs blue.
This right here is the kind of story I love reading keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

2309895 No problem and I will continue to track watch *cough*stalk*cough* you.:pinkiecrazy: Unless you totally fuck up the story I won't go anywhere.

2309915 It depends on your definition of "fuck up" as I clearly stated, everything is a matter of opinion to me. I try to keep the shisnos happy though.:yay:

And so, to start of this tale of mystery and intrigue
Comes a little rhyme, that may cause fatigue
For there's no real purpose other than to eat up some time
Which might not be so bad if you think it is fine
So far this story has me on the edge of my seat
The character's funny, and the ending is sweat
But can you keep it up, can the show go on
Or will it whittle away until all likability is gone
Only one way to find out, so until the next chapter is free
Good luck to you, Gamer, says Samaru163. :twilightsmile:

2310307 You have given me the most interesting comment I've ever recieved. That makes me want to go back and finish the stories I have on Fanfiction, as it has been at least a year since a couple of them have been updated. But this character is ME, in every sense of the term but the obvious. It isn't based on my personality, it IS my personality. Sorry I couldn't reply to you in poem form.

2310865 Well then, you're a lovable, if not very clinical character. :rainbowwild:

Also, don't sweat not being able to reply in poem form. Maybe you'll surprise me by the time this is over. :ajsmug:

2310882 I wouldn't say I'm THAT clinical... I just have an eye for detail, though it can be hard for me to put it into words sometimes. I always try my best to deal with what I'm given though, and with me, you're always surprised. :pinkiegasp:

I do, though, ask myself how he didn't noticed when he, or she, was on the toilet...

2312061 A: I tangented to distract myself.
B: I always sit anyways. Don't question it.

2309929 I'm not saying it but I really hate the word shisno. :ajbemused:

2312190 Oh, sorry... Well, I hope you still like the story

2312298 I don't think you could get me to stop reading unless you did a shitty job of writing this story and even then I don't think I would stop reading.

2312575 I'm glad I have you interested.

2312651 And I'm glad you've interested me I've been looking for a new story to read.

Hmm, I'm conflicted by this chapter. On one hand, seeing the characters learn the mechanics of their new body - especially if gender bent (no not like that.:ajbemused:) are among my favorite parts of the genera. And I do like how you portrayed it, but I don't know what to think of the world he's in. Then again, that might be a good thing since it keeps me guessing as to what will happen next. :applejackunsure:

2312950 That's the thing about alternate universes. They can be so unpredictable. Let's be grateful it isn't a dangerous universe. It gives our friend time to get aquainted with everything, though still not at the pace she wants.

2313009 Aw, but where's the fun in that? :pinkiecrazy:

2313036 Exactly. There are lots of things going on under the hood. Some good :pinkiehappy:, some bad :pinkiesad2:, and some absolutely crazy :pinkiecrazy:! This universe has more to throw though, so stick around!

2313063 I never said I was going anywhere. :ajsmug:

2313075 Right, and that's not just because I glued you to your seat. :pinkiecrazy:

2314190 No, it's because I want to see how you'll react to being turned into a cat. :rainbowwild:

Another good chapter and I agree with samaru163 the part where the character is learning about his new body is one of the best parts.

2314585 I can't delve to deep into detail. My mind doesn't work like that. My vocabulary isn't that big, and I struggle to get thoughts across. However, being a teenager, I can get away with it sometimes. This story expresses what would be my every thought, unless I'm just carving up blanks, or I feel the pace is too slow. But getting to know the new body, and any emotional or mental changes will make things difficult for both of us. Not to mention our friend Sunshine has no current plan, and that is bad for her. It exposes her to mental breakdown. But, friends do come from unexpected places.

Also, I want a cover for this story badly, but have no idea how to make one or who would be nice enough for me to ask.

2314729 I'm sorry to say that I couldn't help you with getting a cover since I don't know how to either.

2314767 I do have a little expeience in PiRL pictures (see avatar) but I'd be dealing with a custom pony here. Not to mention a custom cutie mark, which I have no idea how to draw. I have no experience in OC art, though... I do know someone who does.

Comment posted by aganon6 deleted Mar 25th, 2013

2314824 I have a friend or two that should be able to draw it.

2314840 See, you do have an idea. I don't want pictures regarding Sunshine's every action, just one or two. I think I went into enough detail on her looks, didn't I?

2314860 yes I have a basic picture of what she looks like but any detail about her will help. Also if you want me to get a picture you are going to have to tell me what kind of pose you want and things like that.

Oh and can you go into a bit more detail about her cutie mark?

2314893 Well she's yellow. her mane and tail is styled like Rainbow Dash's, but a bit more even around the edges. Probably a bit of Twilight's mane/tail style around the edges. Her mane/tail is a dark cyan color with two pink stripes Her eyes have the same dark cyan color, and her eyes are the same style as Pinkie Pie. Her cutie mark is a sun with a few rays of pale yellow sunshine coming from it. She is also a pegasus. Is that enough detail? As for a pose... a surprised pose would be good. Oh, and if I could get a simple background, like one would do for a pony vector, I can handle the background.

2314963 I'm not sure how much cutie mark details you want... :applejackunsure:

2315058 Ok one last question, do you want it drawn or made on a computer?

2315103 well, computer made has a higher level of quality (unless its made using MS paint) but beggars can't be choosers, only suggestioners. If possible, computer.

2315114 alright I will get it done as soon as I can.

2315124 Thank you. No pressure. I'm not in a superdy duperdy hurry. :pinkiesmile:

2315131 By plain background, would a white one work?

2315256 yeah, a white one would be preferable. by the way, how do you plan on getting this picture to me once its done?

2315285 Probley send you a link or something, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there for now I am just trying to find a picture that matches your discription to make the cutie mark.

But I do have to say sunshine is taking this very calmly.

2315319 good luck finding one. I think your best bet is to find a preexisting sun and modify it slightly.

2315322 I often tend to overthink and yet underthink things, and not think things through, so Sunshine may just be "winging it" in order to stay calm and rational. Once things hit closer to home, she'll start feeling the effects. Maybe after something to eat though... :raritywink:

2315379 Well that's up to you, it's your story. Ok I finished sunshine and am trying to send it to you.

2315394 how'd ya finish so fast? It would take me hours to make something like that... unless you used paint... :trixieshiftright:

2315394 Ah, I see now. Makes perfect sense...

2315488 Got to head to bed so I should be able to send it to you some time tomorrow. :ajsleepy:

2315488 Actually the avatar I have is sunshine so you can look at it if you like or copy paste or something.

2315528 do you have a cutie mark on there? I cant see it. the picture is too small.

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