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Hey I write things. Like litterally all the time. Sometimes it is pony related and that ends up here. Funny how things change this used to be a sometimes thing but now its all the time.


Persephone has never had an easy life. Chased from her childhood home she was forced onto the streets by a society that doesn't understand her. Stealing to survive she runs into more trouble than she should have taking a sandwich. In the ensuing chase she stumbles through a rift in space and time. Flung through the places between worlds she is changed till she finally comes to land in Equestria. There she will have to learn how to cope with the changes to her life.

Set prior to season 3 about two weeks after the invasion.

Violence tag for minor fighting and Death tag for nameless NPC that get killed.
Cover art done by a friend IRL. He is really awesome so if you wish to pass on comments I will be glad to do so.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 22 )

So is she a centaur like Tirek now?

yes and no. She is a centuar but not one like Tirek. She is a deer centuar and unique in species while Tirek is not. She has magic but not the same as his and the next chapter deals with part of that.

Oh yes she is inspired by them.

Very interesting, can't wait for more

working on that now. Figure at least one chapter a month is a decent rate. though I may do more here and there. I also am working on original work so this is really just an exercise in multitasking mostly. Still a good 1k words into the redone version of chapter 2 which I am liking much better so far so should have it up tomarrow or so.

“Smart little one,” said Shining Armor. “She knew you were in pain before. I think she may be empathetic as she has been noticing the change in guard.”

Do you mean empathic? :rainbowhuh:

How do I know you won't cancel this story like those other three stories you wrote?

Yes that is what I mean.

My promise to not do that. This one I want to finish where ever that takes me before the end of the year.

So I checked and that is the right spelling

Does this mean P-phone’s part timelord from having two hearts?

I forgot about Grogar being a necromancer. You can only seal a dangerous villain so many times, though.

No as much fun as that would be they aren't part time lord. No they are just a fusion of two forms that happens to duplicate much of the organs. Two set of lungs, two hearts, two sets of kidneys and so on. Only one brain though. I don't want to deal with timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff so yeah no time powers in my stories.

Grogar is infact a powerful necromancer. I hope you are satisfied where this will end. Not that I know quite where that is at this point but yeah. Kinda just make this up as I go.

so the filly's immortal soul was used to make a ghost
So does that mean when she was destroyed, her soul no longer exists?

Yes, Grogar burnt it to make the explosion. The rest of her village got eaten so there is a number of souls down the drain. Poor city. Grogar is truly as evil as I hope I made him seem.

Yes, though, I had read it multiple times, because the pacing made it feel a bit awkward, but the point got across eventually

I have a soft spot for foals, and that right there leaves me in a state of dread, at least shes free now.. but that is not saying much

Hopefully there will be enough of foal/baby in the next few chapters to make the thing feel less horrid. Still The Goat is still free and will be for a while yet at least chapter wise. I mean we are only on one and a half days so far in book...kinda a small amount of time...I keep days long. I hope I don't have too many characters running around this time but I need to introduce a couple more still.

“We should talk more later,” said Luna. “I have enough for a formal investigation. If you will excuse me I have a number of things to attend to and now that you have an assistant I feel comfortable leaving you to your devices. Silver Crest you have all the authority of a Senishal to aquire anything that Duchess Persephone Lunaris may need.

I do not envy whatever stallion is going to be on the receiving eng of Luna's judjment. Still don't feel sorry for him, though.

Thank you for the spelling error fix.

Yes Silver Crest's father is in for a world of hurt when Luna finishes her investigation.

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