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Your body is alien. Your instincts are alien. Your surroundings are dark, and damp. From murderous siblings to mysterious rituals of love; the life of a newly hatched changeling queen is confusing and dangerous. Chrysalis does not even bother to tell you exactly what you are before she sends you into the world. Thrust directly into the fire; you must learn the way mother did, or not at all. Your instincts guide the way, but sometimes they are as much obstacles as anything else. Time ticks by, and you begin to wonder just who you really are. Are you Mint Leaf; adopted daughter of Lyra and Bon Bon? Or are you Chrysalis's spawn; heir to the changeling throne and yet to earn her name? To make matters even more confusing; old memories from a life before this one linger in the back of your head. They refuse to be forgotten.

You mustn't be caught. They will kill you if you are caught.

Mother said so.

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Mirror just wants to have some fun. She thinks moving to Manehattan is just the thing, lots of new ponies to meet, good food, great nightlife scene, random interdemensional portals opening in the middle of the street, the works!

At first she thinks it's a bit strange having a human embassy crop up a few blocks away from her apartment, but when she's one of the select few invited to be the first ponies to visit the planet Earth, it's hard to refuse.

When she does get to the other side however, she finds the roles have been reversed. She's the strange one, and even a little famous as the first extraterrestrial ever encountered by humanity.

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While the princesses of Equestria do a very good job keeping their land a peaceful and bright place, this does not mean that darker and more insidious forces do not exist.

In order to combat these powers, one must understand them, and Celestia has ensured that there is always at least one living pony in Canterlot who does. For the past several years that pony has been Pale Bones, aided by his assistant Scarlet Shade. They spend most of their time in a hidden archive beneath Canterlot's library, researching the dark underbelly of Equestria and the dangerous abilities its denizens wield.

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