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The Second Age of Sail, I often hear this era called. Personally, I think the very definition of irony should be that we would have to develop spaceflight, nuclear fusion and ways to reach worlds beyond our own just to circle back to using wind-powered vessels. Not that I really care how this old bird gets from port to port, the important thing is that the drinks are cheap and the work is good—in that specific order.

I'm a free mariner. My domain is wherever the wind blows, and my sovereign is none. If you can respect those rules... welcome aboard.

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So, here's my little misbegotten brainchild. I won't say it isn't inspired by many other (and much greater) fics, but I still think it's turned out fairly well so far. I might be a bit biased, though. A thousand thanks to PJAbrony for editorial services rendered, getting me awesome American merchandise and just being an all-around good guy.

I enjoy being tied to the bed and whipped constructive critique, so please be absolutely brutal about feedback. I can handle it, I promise. Before you comment, an admission: I have a problem with purple (*snigger*) prose. I know. I'm seeing a therapist about it.

Oh, and if you find any typos or just plain weird sentences, please let me know about that, too. English isn't my first (or second) language, so I often overlook things that seem obvious to the native speaker.

That is all, for now. Thanks so much for showing an interest in my story!

Wow, nice! Featured!

A small note (that I've moved here because of my obsession with layout standardisation):

The original formatting of the text differs little from what you see below. If you want to read the story in the form it was written, please follow the link below:
This way to delicious formatting.

god i'am really getting in to this:pinkiegasp:
thank you!:pinkiehappy:


Because Moar. :pinkiehappy::ajsmug::eeyup:

And it stops right before the good part. Damn =/


Sorry, I have a thing for cliffhangers. :trollestia:

Don't worry, though, I've still got a buffer of a few chapters unpublished. I'm basically editing myself, though, so it's taking a fair amount of time to get a chapter from the point where I vomit ten thousand adjectives onto the page to where it's trimmed down enough to be palatable.

i was thinking when pinkie pulled that cord that she was going to get her head blow off:pinkiegasp:
thanks for the chapter:pinkiehappy:

1538405 Thsi fic is awesome... for that I love you. You love clifhangers... clifhangers are my ach-nemesis.... I hate you. Now I'm confused :derpyderp1:

The only thing bad about this is I can't give more likes. :pinkiesad2:
Oh well. thanks for the chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Yay new chapter. I thing i'm strating to get used to the 3rd person - 1st person shift now. I hope this goes whell i want the two races to comunicate.


I'm glad you like it.


that was awesome hopes it gets even better!

That... was... AWESOME!!! I can't wait until computers are like that IRL...

1,610 views in total and only 29 likes?:rainbowhuh: come on guys!
also thanks for the chapter :pinkiehappy:

You have me intrigued! Looking forward to the next chapter.

Honestly, I suspect it's because getting through the first chapter is like rowing in syrup. It's more than a little clunky. :ajbemused:

Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the rest as well.

Fabulous, humans-meet-ponies without one of the parties acting like total douchebags.

Have a cookie.

Aaaand I'm still waiting for them to be able to takl properly with each other. Please tell me that will happen, pleaaase.

You need to cool off on the Pinkie craziness. Seriously, I know everyone on Fimfiction does it, but Pinkie isnt that spotlight stealing. It detracts from the rest of the story.


Pinkie is a kind of a dirty shortcut for not having to come up with a proper first contact situation. Guilty as charged.
I know what you mean, though, and I hadn't planned on it to be this Pinkie-heavy as the story progresses. It'll all work out better once the other characters get a little more flesh on their bones. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for the feedback!

EDIT: Pinkie is also best pony, so your argument is kinda invalid. But I forgive you.

Wow. My first thought is, how is this not ten times more popular than it is? I'm loving almost everything about this story. Realistic first contact, separate languages, ponies completely in character, humans acting like mature adults..

One criticism, I found it just a little hard to imagine what's happening during Twilight's interaction with the human team. Best I can come up up with is that at high enough sophistication, magic and science really aren't different at all. This would explain Twilight downloading stuff into her brain and apparently how the dream realm interacts with whatever hyperspace analogue you've made for their ship.

Anyway, watching this, would give more than 1 like if I could. Eagerly await later chapters.

O ho ho, I revel in your confusion and misery! :trollestia:
Fret not, all will be revealed in due time.

Well, kinda. The problem with writing science fiction is basically encapsulated in the Arthur C. Clarke quote in chapter 6, I think. Write too close to your own age and it's unrealistic, write too far out and it sounds silly.

Honestly, though, my primary motivation is just annoyance over "it's f****ing magic, dude" as a catch-all explanation for everything.

I'm... not quite happy with how this chapter turned out, but it's really about time this story started getting somewhere. Sorry for the delays, folks, and thanks for waiting. Real life's not an easy opponent. :eeyup:

Credit for The Sailor With the Ocean's Biggest Gun goes to PJAbrony (because I can't write english song lyrics for @"#¤.)

EDIT: So, I just watched the season 3 opening.


Okay, holograms are now canon. I can work with that.
Magic can do some pretty cool stuff.

...I need to up my game.

Also, /):rainbowkiss:(\ SO AWESOME

ok 2 things

1st that strange pony is going to mean trouble I'm sure of it
2nd Finaly they are cominicati.... FUCK YOU CLIFFHANGERS!!!

All in all an ejoyable chapter. keep up the good work

Woohoo, communication established!

And yes, Season 3 is looking promising.

The strange pony at the library is indeed strange, but not enough info to have an opinion. If she does something bad though, well.. Twilight is only a letter away from letting the Princess know anything. The new episodes do cement the whole illusion/hologram thing pretty nicely, and also the fact Twilight can pretty much replicate anything she sees once, apparently.

I kinda want to see the evil alien race come now, only for Luna to come by.
"Hey, is this your meteor shower?"

This chapter doesn't appear to have any comments yet, so I shall be the first.

Sincerely: Neat. This is interesting. I look forward to seeing more.
Suspiciously: Do I detect naughiness from certain ponies in the near future?

Informatively: I just made this comment in the voice of Elcor.


Delightedly: Great, I'm glad you like it.
Innocently: Naughty things? What things?

Informatively: You're now reading this in your mother's voice.

I like it although I'm a bit sad it didn't add anything much to the fic. Still thanks for the chapter. I ahll wait for the next one with interest.

Well, this one rocketed onto my favorites list pretty fast. I really like the way that both parties are amazed by the others "magic". Eagerly awaitng what happens next!

Still liking the story so far, keep up the good work :yay:

thanks for the update :pinkiehappy:

I have to admit, this is shaping up to be one of the better HiE fics that I have read on this site. I'm eagerly waiting for the next installment to your story here.:pinkiehappy:

Now this is what I was waiting for. Great conversation good exposition without being booring although the technical talk is a bit too much for my . brain. I'm one of those wierd guys who loves high tech thingamagiggers but has no idea what those wierd names mean. Do carry on.:pinkiehappy:

So Equestria vs the Space Pirates.

the ponies must have been shocked by the amount of wars the humans have had

This story is so awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:

There's not a lot of action going on right now, so I'm kind of misusing the "Adventure" tag at the moment. Sorry about that. I think I might have introduced a bit too many characters to present in any easy manner. :applejackunsure:

Things will explode later, I promise. But first there must be Science.

Don't really care about the lack of action, building up the various characters and interractions is really interresting. Much more interresting than randomly dropping blank characters directly into action.

1731433 I don't mind though to avoid those isues here's a tip: ad the tags as you write =P

...would you read a fic with only the "Human" tag? :ajbemused:


I typically give them a squiz. Call me obsessed with anything human in equestria related.


A "Dramatis Personae" might help, at least for the crew of the Trickster.


"I think I might have a proposal which might benefit all parts.”

I think you mean "all parties." :pinkiehappy: But any credit you lose from that error is more than offset by your correctly spelling "minuscule."

Fix'd. Thanks for pointing that out.

I don't do pre-readers. The cool kids have post-readers. :ajsmug:

Here is my evaluation of your story: I LOVE IT!!!:pinkiehappy: Your character interactions to the very involved and detailed history of your version of humanity is vastly intriguing and had me hooked from chapter one on. I truly enjoy the colorful mix of cultures you have going on in the story. I haven't seen a futuristic society this creative since the western/Chinese feel of Firefly. (would I be far off in guessing there was a little influence from the show?)

Keep up the excellent work as I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this.:twilightsmile:

:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: 5/5

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