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You're always stuck sitting next to someone for the whole flight...

Me? I got a pony with a fear of flying.

Cover art by KaoKay
YouTube Reading by AShadowOfCygnus

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Watta trip! :rainbowlaugh:

Lol them cavemen... I didn't know some of them were still around... :derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh:

And if you could, it'd be great if you'd click that 'Follow' button over there ;)

Oh alright, since you asked nicely.:raritywink:

Adorable little slice of life story. :twilightsmile:

:coolphoto: We must work ze magicks!
I just want to say, amazing work. I could see this becoming a full-blown story, with chapters and everything! :pinkiegasp:
It'd take a bit of thinking, but with you just thinking up this idea while sitting in a seat, I'm sure you could manage!

Wow. This was very well done! Most stories like this are usually very awkward to read, even if it is really good, but you made the conversation and interactions between them flow so naturally! :pinkiesmile:
Really hoping to see more of these types of stories from others and you, oh so talented author! :pinkiehappy:

4079047 Your thumb has been graciously accepted!
4079157 ikr!
4079174 Cavemen?
4079192 Why thank you!
4079396 I try :twilightsmile:
4079663 Thank you! But therein lies the problem. When do I get to sit around without distractions and just focus? :unsuresweetie:
4079691 You flatter me! And who knows? If my muse is willing...
4079809 :yay:

4079824 The very last word in the very last sentence of the story. :D

4080186 Wow. I forgot I even wrote that! :pinkiecrazy:

I was half expecting them to find out their respective relations knew each other. Very cute slice of life story. I liked the awkwardness and the genuine friendliness of them both.

...it was kind of awkward being hugged – in public – by a strange naked furry lady with hooves…

You, sir, have obviously never been to Arkansas.

Good vignette. I like that you let the characters speak for themselves instead of padding it with setting description and explication. Have a fave and an upvote.

4080407 Hmmmmmmmm... Well, glad you liked it!
4080476 :rainbowlaugh: LOLWUT?! And yeah, I'm glad you can appreciate that. That's exactly what I was going for. I kinda like narrating that way.

This seems to take place in the same MultiVerse as An Human For Ponies. Little does the narrator know that the mare next to him wants to eat him.

4080695 :rainbowhuh: I hadn't even thought about that.

I need to finish that god-awful story too.

Sweet Celestia's perky nipples!

Mr. author sir. Can you have my babies?

4080749 :rainbowlaugh: lol
If you're a girl.

Unfortunately I am a male. Curse having this awesome penis! Awesome story btw:heart:

Hah! This was cute!

Great little slice of life! I'd love to read more of these one offs from a shared universe where pony and people learn to coexist. Thanks for sharing it with us! :twilightsmile:

Why must one-shots be so good and never more of it to be had??? :raritycry:

Makes me wonder though. Are unicorns required to not use their horns when the aircraft has left the gate? :facehoof:
I understand we can use our wifi during flight after the seatbelt sign is turned off but that's fairly recent.
If a pegasi can fly/hover the entire trip in the isle, can they get a reduced rate or not have to buy a seat at all? :rainbowhuh:
Hmm, would Spike have to get an infant booster seat or would the airline demand he go in a pet carrier with the cargo? :twilightoops:
Celestia would obviously get a private jet... :trollestia:
I could see RD forgoing an airline ticket and just trying to race the plane to the airport. :rainbowlaugh:
The first Equestria party at 30,000 feet! WOOHOO! WHEEE!!! :pinkiecrazy:
I could picture Rarity going off on the lack of fabulosity after one glance inside any plane. :raritywink:
Fluttershy might actually have horse tranquilizers... for herself. :fluttershyouch:

Huh. No mention of the disappeared Malaysian Airlines flight.

I loved it! Such a great story. <3 Reminds me of when I went on a plane sitting next to my snoring sister. :twilightoops:
And then when I thought this guy threw up... :pinkiesick:
And when my grandpa forced me to play suduko with him... :facehoof:

So what time of year did you visit our dusty patch of middle of buttfuck nowhere that is Arizona?


That was an enjoyable read, great job! :twilightsmile:

This was fun to read XD


Goddammit, Red, you never cease to amaze me.

Maybe someday I'll be as good as you...

I don't know why, but the amount of "uhs" in the captain's dialogue really made me laugh. I guess it's just one of those things that are so true to life it just happens to be hilarious!

4081062 :pinkiehappy:
4081283 Who knows? Maybe I'll write some more slices of life.
4081353 Much like anything good in life... and that is an interesting point. What would the FAA have to say about using magic in flight? It'd be funny if the airlines installed a 'no magic' light in addition to 'seat belts' and 'no smoking.' I guess it'd be a picture of a unicorn horn with a 'no' circle over it. lol
4081523 lol yeah, I wrote this before that happened.
4081647 Don't you just love travelling?
4081692 Feb 21ish. That weekend. Your god-forsaken desert actually seems like a nice place, but Chicago is just home, you know? And sunshine is nice and all, but I actually felt relieved when I walked out of O'Hare into 10 degree weather.
4082068 Thank you!

4083149 Better than walking out of Phoenix Gateway Airport into 120 degree summer bullshit.

Their should probably be a prologue to this story. (Probably stumbling onto each other and spending quality time :pinkiehappy:)

Very enjoyable story!

But it is a dry heat of 120 degrees!


Your god-forsaken desert actually seems like a nice place, but Chicago is just home, you know? And sunshine is nice and all, but I actually felt relieved when I walked out of O'Hare into 10 degree weather.

I know the feeling. Yeah it might feel nice but I would never want to live in the Southern boarder of the US. As Jake and Elwood said, Sweet Home, Chicago. Although I am glad that I don't live in the City of Chicago due to traffic being a nightmare (especially after Hawks, Bears, Cubs, Bulls, and White Sox games). Makes me glad that I usually take the Metra when I visit Chicago.

"This is your uh captain speaking. We've uh settled the uh weight issue, we were uh… having. But it uh seems they over fueled us just uh little bit. So we uh have to sit here and uh burn some of it off."

You know how authors urge each other to write dialogue as life with the boring bits taken out? :rainbowwild:



welcome, I look forward to seeing what else you produce. I love little slice of life'y stuff like this. :moustache:


I do believe that would be an 'epilogue.' :raritywink:

Well, I went to visit my bro in Phoenix and while I was in the air, I suddenly thought… what if I was sitting next to a pony?

Funny how those weird what ifs are such great inspiration.

I'm not sure I'd want to fly next to a pony. That would be really weird.

Not bad... BTW, I covered some similar territory in the second chapter of my story, The Golden Dawn. Which I still want to get back to work on, after I wrap up Black Angel.

Should have taken the train? The joke's on you, pony. Amtrak doesn't go to Phoenix.

Aw. Not so bad. Have a thumb. Though now I kinda wish you'd fleshed it out a bit.

I kinda wish this wasn't a one-shot, but I still liked it. Good job!

4082085 Glad you liked it!
4082515 :pinkiehappy: Oh, come now. I'm not all that.
4082817 LOL finally someone mentions that! Does that mean everyone else didn't even notice it? lol because like you said, it's so true to life :rainbowlaugh:
4083167 hehe, yeah I suppose.
4083258 Don't you mean epilogue?
4083286 Oh, yeah. I live on the far north border. It's nice here :twilightsmile:
4083291 But sometimes the boring bits are the funniest parts!
4083778 Would it be that kind of thing where you both avoid eye contact?
4083874 Shamless self-promotion?! GTFO! (jk, I do that shit all the time lol :rainbowwild:)
4084155 It doesn't? Like... there has to be some train route... right? :rainbowhuh:
4084378 Ty. But what do you mean? You wanted like a whole story?
4084674 Well that's good, means you liked it! Thanks.

Hm, I actually really liked this, it was definitely a different take on the "ponies on earth" idea. I could see a fun little series by you where humans meet ponies in random situations like on a train, bus, deli/meat market, hell even the horse races to shake things up. Good job man.

4084704 Union Pacific and BNSF freight trains both have yards there. There's also a commuter light rail that runs within city limits. The closest that long-distance passenger trains (i.e. Amtrak) come to Phoenix is the city of Maricopa, a few dozen miles south.

I was once stuck there for two days.


being hugged – in public – by a strange naked furry lady with hooves



Would it be that kind of thing where you both avoid eye contact?

I think it might be. I'm not normally a very outgoing guy to begin with, and not a frequent enough flier to know what the proper social etiquette is when I'm sitting next to a stranger. The fact that the stranger was a different species would be even more perplexing. There'd be about a thousand questions I'd want to ask (probably starting with "So, what's it like being a pony?"), but I'd be worried about offending her and then spending the rest of the flight in awkward silence. Maybe if she started the conversation, I dunno...

Could a pony even fit into an airplane bathroom? Or if she did, could she use it?

Amtrak does have connecting bus service to Phoenix, so it would be possible to take a train most of the way. It costs $346 (one way), and you have to arrange your own transportation from the Flagstaff train station to the Flagstaff bus station. I've actually Amtracked to Flagstaff before, but went to the Grand Canyon instead of Phoenix.

I got stuck for a lifetime (about 13 hours) in Kansas in the winter on Amtrak once. We hit a truck that was parked on the tracks. Nobody was in it, which was fortunate.

4085253 Thanks!
4085433 I have actually considered that... we shall see...
4085462 Wow. You know your shit.
4085511 lol?
4086325 I see. And I have no idea. Tbh, I don't even know if a pony could fit in a plane seat.
4086342 :rainbowhuh: Who the hell parked a truck on the train tracks?

Also, this story was inspired in part by a random person I met in the airport. We had a conversation to pass time and when we parted ways, neither of us knew the other's name. That's why if you notice, neither character has a name. Their relatives do, but not them.

4086342 There are Thruway buses from Flagstaff to Phoenix. Maricopa is much closer to Phoenix than Flagstaff but you have to get there yourself. I figured all this out during the 48-hour layover that I had in Maricopa.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, $346 one way ticket from where? If you get lucky, Amtrak has a lot of deals, like the $449 rail pass, which gets you eight times as much travel.

4086369 Yay for random airport conversations. I wrote a story loosely based on a trip I took rushing across the country to see my hospitalized grandmother. I didn't have time to talk to many people, but one woman heard my story and pushed me ahead in the standby line. I was the last one to get on the plane.

Amusing, and echoes some of the strange thoughts I have every day in regards to colorful sapient equinomorphs. :pinkiecrazy:

Nicely done, have a thumbs up and a fave.

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