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Pushed from their home by the jealous and monstrous Equestrians, the broken remnants of Humanity flee across the sea to the far north. Beset upon their arrival by countless new dangers and ensuing tribal division, the humans war amongst themselves for what little supplies are left until He came. Unifying Humanity, Magnus strives to craft a new and ensuing golden age for his flagging race.

In the lands of Equestria, the princesses are celebrated in every town and city of the nation. The defeat of the barbaric humans restored their ancestral lands to them and have ushered them into a new age of wealth and prosperity. But strange, new phenomena threaten this idyllic life. The princesses are at a loss and when ponies are asked what they think of these events they only answer with one word: "chaos."

*This story is a prequel to "Sins of the Mother" so I recommend reading that first to get some more context for aspects of this story.

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Heyo: that's Empy. Get your shit straight.

I see the Emprah!

Let me guess its Discord that is coming

Indeed you do bruva.

I have no qualms about admitting that I am a big fan of your fic and drew inspiration from it. I had the idea before I read your fic, but after reading yours I got more motivated to get my own story out. I have strived to avoid ripping anything off your fic in both stories and I hope that I have succeeded. I hope that you enjoy both stories and that you keep up the excellent work on your own.
Thought for the day: "Knowledge is power, guard it well."

And you as well my good sir. I really like your avatar pic by the way.

Yeah Discord is on the scene.

Lilith: * pony hiss * Those hypocrite Princesses think they did good! We only steal love to survive, but they murdered for land and greed! Now all I want to do is wish for their destruction! My Human, what do you think?

Me: They must die!

Lilith: I certainly agree, I am eager to see how Discord will make their lives miserable, as well as how the humans survive. Very good Duffman18! You've gotten me to cheer for a species outside of my own! Both of us are eager to see the net update, and I didn't even have to use a spell on him for this one to get him to hold my hoof. Please, keep them coming!

Can't wait for more. I'm going to laugh when discord explains to Celestia and luna that their war of extermination on the humans set him free.

Oh yeh Bronybro 117 I can't waite till Discord in his own twisted trickster way showe them how much guilty they are. Maybe he play a little game wiht there minds twisting it ,breaking it ,volitate it ,etc so they see ,see thet huge sins they commited. Maybe scare them and wiht thet turn them to the caring mother tipy from the absoluty tirany tipes they are in now. But it's not like the cary mother tipe Celestia and Luna will worth anithing while the present humanity knoking on there doors (when I say knocking I mean tearing down) and demmanding there rightouse revenge on them.

1880156 I'm not sure that it has.

Then again, if it is the case one wonders if the Princesses would have preferred having the humans around?

Lilith: Another good chapter! I am eager to see if Discord will show Celestia and Luna's error against the humans and shove their just deserts in their muzzles. My Human is anxious to see them tear their manes out in frustration. Several questions,

1. When will we see the humans develop their canons and rifles?
2. Will we find out more of the origins of Discord?
3. Will we eventually get to see Magnus soon or will the story leap years ahead to get to Magnus?

That's all we have for now. Both of us are looking forward to the update.

Excellent. I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves. In order:
1.Over time. they will start to arrive as Magnus arrives.
2.Yes. Discord will delight in monologuing about his origins to Celestia and Luna among other things.
3. the Story will have a time skip of sorts but Magnus will be seen before he's in charge of everything.

*Spot update*

By Magnus's long beard (if he has one) he have blessed us with another holy chapter. :pinkiegasp:

now let the reading of the divine writings begin :rainbowdetermined2:

Me: Thank you for the update! I was wondering when it would come out. Lilith won't stop complaining about the wait.

Lilith: Excuse me my human, but I will do the review.

Me: But you never let me do anything!

Lilith: We'll talk about this later. Duffman18, I am glad the update has finally come out! It was a surprise when I saw my favorites update and low and behold, the ancient histories of Magnus! A few thoughts and questions,

1. Now that Celestia and Luna have met Discord, can we look forward to more humiliating defeats?
2. Will the next few chapters include the humans having to tame the land with dragons and other obstacles?
3. Can we expect more in house bickering to last longer amongst the human tribes? I am eager to see how they develop the weapons they used against the Equestrian troops.
4. And this one is from my human, when can we expect to see Magnus!? I realize that this is a bit early and you are busy, but he won't shut up about it.

Me: I do not blab non stop about it!

Lilith: *sigh* *zaps him with changeling magic* What do you want to do right now?

Me: Obey and love you!

Liltih: dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/lolface_Queen_Chrysalis.png Thanks for the update Duffman18!

So what conection woud Discord have in this story? Did the near extinction of the human race caused this or the war....let me correct it the slaughtering pulled him to exsistance? Or he saw what happend to the humans and decided thet it's time for the maximum trolling? Or he simpely came here to have funy on the suffering of the ponies.
Oh oh oh coud Discord be the first part of the punishment of Celesti and Luna and the ponies for there arogance and crimes? Can't waite for more!

1. Oh my yes. Their embarrassing defeats are necessary to the plot.:trollestia:
2. Yes these encounters will be coming soon.
3. It will take time, but the in-house bickering is an important plot point. It will play a large part in . . .wait. Oh I see what you did there. almost got me to give away plot details. Well played Lilith, well played.
4. Unfortunately, it will be some time before Magnus appears. I have to break humanity down first and there are planned out events that must precede him.
If you have any other questions I will of course do my best to answer them either in the comments or over pm.

There is a plot reason for Discord's presence that will be revealed later on. Though I will say that there are elements of everything you said in the actual explanation.

2069628 Lilith: Thank you for the reply. My human and I always appreciate the time you take to respond. I don't have much to say other than we are eager to see the next update.

Me: But there were other questions I wanted to ask!

Lilith: Not now my little human!

Me: I'm not little Lilith

Lilith: Not where it counts! Thanks again for the human Duffman18! We are excited to see more Discord and the rise of the humans.

Hmmm I wonder where did Discord sended Luna and Celestia I woud like to know can't waite for next chapters but sadly I hawe to :pinkiesad2: .

I saw what you did there with Discord anyway great as always

*know, I
*the next chapter,
Hmmm, I wonder where Discord sent Luna and Celestia. I would like to know, I can't wait for the next chapter, but sadly I have to :pinkiesad2:.

Lilith: Excellent addiction to the historical records! I enjoyed seeing the Princess rip their manes out in frustration. The nerve they have to claim to be good and righteous while murdering the humans....*hisses*. While I have never met this Discord, I would have to thank him for the wonderful torture he has given the Equestrians as they so rightfully deserved.

As always some more questions,

1. Will we see any connection of the humans and Discord at all?
2. Will the Princess ever regret what they did?
3. Can we expect anything Major to the new human confederacy soon? Such as a first hurdle towards unity, or a new indigenous threat to the humans? You mentioned Dragons larger than the Equestrian Dragons.
4. Will an Emperor be chosen anytime soon?

That's all I can think of to ask, and my human, who calls himself SVD, is very eager for a new update. Again, thanks for sending him my way, I rarely have to use magic on him!

Thanks for the feedback. It took me forever to get this out. On to your questions:
1. Maybe, but they most likely won't meet or know anything about him.
2. Oh my, yes.
3. Yes. Though the dragons may be constantly harassing humans later, as I mentioned in Sins of the Mother, the Dragon Wars will most likely be the finale of this story.
4. No. The Confederacy will have a nominal high ruler, but the title of emperor is something that doesn't emerge until the arrival of Magnus.
No problem.

Thank you, though what specifically did I do with Discord that you noticed?

2176331 Lilith: *Changling sqeee* Thank you very much for responding fast! You have me hook on the history lessons! I'm especially eager to see more of my human's history and to see how the Princesses will regret their folly! We shall pay attention very closely.

Me: Yeah! More human stuff! Woohoo! * falls down like Derpy*

Lilith: *facehoof* Oh my goodnes! We shall wait and see.

2176337 The mayor thing... I think you got it from Looking For Group: http://www.lfgcomic.com/page/3/ Or is it just a coincidence?

That's exactly where I got it from. It just seemed to fit him so well. I'm glad someone was able to catch that.

“I AM THE CREEPING CHAOS, THE EVER SPREADING ROT WHICH BRINGS DOWN EMPIRES. I AM THE MAD KING OF ALL, THE HARBINGER OF CHANGE AND . . . the mayor of a little village up the coast, you should really visit sometime.”

Meanwhile in the depths of the Immaterium, four godlike beings just felt a chilling sensation run down their metaphorical spines...

Has this something to do with warhammer 40k?

2613503 The characters and the human race in the main story is look like the empire from warhammer well somewhat there are simillarities but it's problably around 40 % simmilarity in my opinion.

Not really. I used the cover image as a way to show what Magnus is to humanity in my stories. Also, I love warhammer and warhammer 40k so it's influenced how I've been showing humanity in these stories. So nothing directly to do with it, but it has been influenced by it. Though more the fantasy version than the 40k version.

Why does the like bottom only work once!? This is so good damnit

Lilith: Yes! An update! we have wait for awhile to see an update we are glad that you delivered! My human and I don't really have much to ask at all, other than when can we expect an update on the Sins of the Mother?

Me: Yeah, that stuff is really getting real!


Lilith: Anyway, I suspect that what the princesses see on the mountain are those stupid Elements of Harmony and that the reason they can't get to it s because they haven't really understand harmony to wield it....well that's what SVD thinks anyway. You don't have to confirm or deny it, I just want to see the of anticipation on his face.

Well I'm glad you enjoyed it and again, I'm sorry for the long wait. As for the next update . . . maybe. I'm obviously still working on it, but I'll start actually writing it after the brief interlude chapter for the Rise of Magnus is out, though I don't expect it to take too long to get that out. Sins of the Mother's story is pretty much laid out in my head right now, but writing it down and pacing it right will be the real work. So we'll see how long that takes, though hopefully not as long as this update took. As for the mountain . . . well I won't say anything specific but it should hopefully be made clear and explained satisfactorily in later updates. If there's anything else feel free to ask.

2617475 Lilith: Thank you for the reply. He's pretty sure he knows what it is, but I honestly don't know. Eager to see the next update. Take you time, we are very patient.

Lilith: An excellent insight into Human history! I wish to know more please and thank you for sharing it with us! Keep up the good work of wonderful historian!

Me: Get to part where they kill the dragons!

*zaps him with trance magic*

Lilith: Go back to the kitchen honey. Chores need to be done.

*shakes head* Me: Isn't that your job?

*uses more powerful magic*

Lilith: Dishes, do them now....an I'll reward you!

Me: *trance like tone* Dishes will be fun....must do them now.


Cant wait to see Magnus. Also its really nice to see you go so far for your story as to explain thepolitical systems and all that Stuff to us. You must put a lot of time and thoughts into this. Please keep going and can I only your story one time only!? Its not fair!

way to fast paced in my opinion.

Discord: hello, it's karma, bitches!

Yay, new chapter.

Yeah. Volksson wasn't trying to do much beyond saving his life. The Listener is something he basically made up/revived to help Maloghurst out.

Good to see an update. Can't wait for more.

Singing: "Karmas goona come collect their debt!"
Time to burn, swearword!

Discord x machina

An LFG reference in a mlp fic my day is complete

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